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  1. Ekkki

    New imoca boats

    So I conclude that you write anything as long as it discredits the IMOCA. And obviously you still haven't accepted the agreement between IMOCA/VO. I find this constant denigration of IMOCA for more or less dubious reasons to be boring.
  2. Ekkki

    New imoca boats

    Are you serious when you write that ?
  3. Ekkki

    New imoca boats

    Yes, even if the race is short, curious to see the result. http://defi-azimut.geovoile.com/2018/tracker/
  4. Ekkki

    New imoca boats

    Some information in this article : https://www.adonnante.com/45655-course-au-large-imoca-route-du-rhum-2018-prb-est-equipe-de-foils/ Translation by google trad : "Let's go for the "version 3.0" of PRB. Since launching in March 2010, Vincent Riou's monohull has continued to evolve. Latest innovation: the boat is now equipped with foils designed by the Argentine architect Juan Kouyoumdjian to replace the old straight fins. Last Friday was an important day in Vincent Riou's preparation program for the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe. It was the first time that the skipper sailed with a PRB equipped with both foils. Surrounded by part of his technical team, Vincent spent the whole day at sea in a wind of up to twenty knots. And this first navigation convinced the skipper of PRB: "We do not have big problems. I think we will not take a long time to start the boat. But it's true that it's a bit of a re-discovery, it's a new boat. Today, these foils are promising. The lights are all green. There is still a little DIY but the concept works great! It was in October 2015 that the first 60 'monohulls equipped with foils appeared at the start of a race. It was on the Transat Jacques Vabre and Brazil ... PRB, without foil, had won against these new foilers unreliable. Since then, the foil revolution has made its way into the IMOCA class. From now on, the gauge authorizes to regulate the incidence of the carrying plans. For Vincent, it has become obvious to equip his monohull in his turn to keep it up against the newer boats. Lessons have been learned by skippers and architects since the appearance of first generation foils, the appendages of PRB benefit from all this expertise. Vincent, passionate about technology, took a closer look at what can be done in IMOCA and other classes of boats to think about the foils of his 60 '. He knew exactly what he wanted for his boat which has already, in the past, proved its ability to go fast. "These foils, I wanted them to make a versatile boat. These are not foils that are made for very high speeds. These are foils made for more versatility than the foils that were designed in the past, those of the generation of the last Vendée Globe. They were really typical and that's what I did not want to go to "says the skipper who planned to spend a lot of time on the water before the departure on November 4 of the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe. PRB will take part tomorrow at the training course of the Pole Finistère Offshore Racing. Three days to gauge a lot of competitors for the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe. Vincent will then participate in the Azimut Trophy in Lorient from 21 to 23 September."
  5. ?? this post on Muriel's wedding... a curious point of view and personification of the races, but if you want the VOR to be a man, it's more a penniless aristocrat in pursuit of a dowry. And it's Dongfeng that won... no "medal hoodoo" ... The race has been won by a team with three permanent sailors fed with solo sailing, and they were not the only ones on this boat... I tend to agree with what you usually say but I don't know what you want to prove on this page... Bruno Dubois, Voiles et Voilier 3 April, after Brian Hancock on Sailing Anarchy : ...
  6. Ekkki

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Fun encounter during a visit to La Rochelle. On the Vieux Port, Erik Nigon (Vers un monde sans sida ) and his team were working on his boat before relaunching yesterday.
  7. Indeed, I think that I was mistaken in first approach on mutual interests. I thought it was an oportunity for the IMOCA but a necessity for the VOR as the two get closer. But it's probably wrong. Your remark reminded me that I had read that at the last IMOCA meeting in December 2017, they had to accept the fact that the search for a title sponsor for IMOCAs class was ultimately a failure. Despite the beautiful edition of the VG, it wasn't enough to move a sponsor. In fact, it's the two who need sponsors, new sponsors who are not yet engaged in sailing. Right now, there is still only 4 imoca under construction, it's little to supply the class with efficient boats. And if the VO65s are efficient, it's necessary not only to reduce the costs while attracting new sponsors, but how to attract them on old models of boats? Knowing that before the next edition, there will be another VG and in addition an America's Cup with foiling monohull. As it has already been said, to reduce its costs, the participants in the VOR would probably have been directed, at least for a while, on boats a little smaller, with fewer people on board. Suddenly instead of starting from 0, it's make sense to take advantage of the work already done by the IMOCA and to see with the class the compromises they are ready to accept. And the class still said they were ready to make concessions, which ones? In addition, the VORs teams can participate in the orientation of the class. Maybe there are also options we have not thought of yet. For exemple, can a crewed IMOCA be two-handed ? In this case, there would be a way to make them participate in races with the other IMOCAs. This is of course only a personal assumption, but I don't think they has yet buried the Barcelona World Race. Currently, there is a gap of ~10% between the performance of an IMOCA and that of a VO65. Would a heavier IMOCA handled by a crew be as good as a solo IMOCA? If this is the case, it may not be so bad to accept, for a time, a loss of performance. It remains to be seen if the best boats could have similar performances ... and that's obviously a big question.
  8. Curiously, I don't think the goal is to produce a better race but to save it. Why IMOCA? Because the organization of the race doesn't want to have to manage the boats any more, a bit like the VG maybe?
  9. Ekkki

    New imoca boats

    Because it's always so nice to see the arrivals of Armel and Alex.
  10. Jérémie Béyou :
  11. Hard no ? But there aren't only French people in IMOCA and the most interested aren't necessarily French . But don't worry, since there will be VO65s at the start of the race. Imagine, old VO65s (maybe women fully crewed..) beating new IMOCAs. You see what we offer !
  12. I have a little trouble understanding : The priority of current IMOCA owners is the VG. And they will do the intermediate races. We will see what Alex Thomson will do but if Yan Eliès or Paul Meilhat manage to build a new boat, it will compete with Beyou's Charal and probably won't be made for a VOR . Will they sell or rent after the VG ? And harm the class by depriving the fleet of its boats for short-handed racing ? There is what, 8 months between the end of the VG and the beginning of VOR, less ... Do you think this's possible they will be able to transform the boat and train with ? Or the new owners of the VOR will put money on the table to finance new boats? But may be that's also why the VO65s are still needed ...
  13. Ekkki

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Yes it's her. I had searched for the team she had sailed because I didn't remember it anymore and I was wrong finally.
  14. Ekkki

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Vestas is an american-danish team, with 3 Americans and no American woman. And only one Danish, a woman. One american woman sailed with TTOP. So 4 Americans and 1/2 American boat... no British, Australian or New Zealand boat. They should have been left these 3 nationalities on the docks while they represent 2/3 of the participants ? Don't make the race then? A lot of involvement on this forum to give his point of view on the race but for what actions for this race concretely? And where is it written that it's a competition of nations ? Moreover it's a curious way to denying the right to other countries to participate if they don't have the necessary number of sailor to form a team. There aren't so many countries that can field a competitive team of 7-9 sailors except the countries already established in ocean racing. Or what would be true for women wouldn't be true for nations? In any case, thank you for allowing France to be the country that can transmit its expertise to chinese sailors. This's the kind of detail that creates links and a culture that young chinese sailors will in turn transmit.
  15. Ekkki

    New imoca boats

    While watching the video of the Grand Prix Guyader posted by huey2, believing it was a video of this year, I just noticed a detail that I hadn't seen the first time. In fact it's a video from last year and we can see that Paul Meilhat has a "hybrid" foil on his boat SMA. Seemingly, after looking at the pictures of other races, this solution hasn't been validated. Having found nothing on the forum about these foils, I just found that : http://www.courseaularge.com/foil-hybride-a-lessai-sma.html