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  1. 420Friendly

    Craigslist Finds

    1988 Mader Flying Dutchman Almost bought this for my daughter but just found out she is moving out of state. Ask the owner to send you pics of sails, you will be pleased
  2. 420Friendly

    Replacing Lines/Sheets/Halyards: Question

    There’s nothing like reaching a project goal on budget. Job well done!
  3. 420Friendly

    Replacing Lines/Sheets/Halyards: Question

    The OEM pricing you are quoting sounds fairly reasonable to me. .. and they will send everything cut to length, correct diameter and so on. It’s a simple, fast and easy solution. Unless you are getting into ultra competitive racing and have specific performance standards that you are expecting from your lines.
  4. 420Friendly

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    HookEm I like to go out on the wire single handed. I’ve sailed FDs a lot. I learned to sail on a FD at 8 years old. That was 55 years ago. Since then I’ve owned a few FDs. I asked the question about stepping the mast of different boats because my last FD was a tough one. Maybe I’ll just dry dock this next boat and leave the mast up. JimC thanks for having my back. Just so you guys know. I haven’t smoked weed since college. I just used that handle to see how open minded the members here are. I guess not so much. It’s funny, every sailor I’ve met through the years, been racing crews with, competitors with, has been a generally nice guy or lady. That must mean that you wise asses are just poser wannabes. That must suck. Lol
  5. 420Friendly

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    Didn’t pull the trigger on the 470. Drove over 3 hours to find out the pics on CL were many years old. Boat was trashed. The stupid things some people do to boats. Unreal. Anyway, Looking at a FD on Thursday. This guy says the pics are current. Wish me luck.
  6. 420Friendly

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    I settled on a 470. Picking it up tomorrow. The mast looks fairly lightweight. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  7. 420Friendly

    solo mast stepping

    Thanks for the advice on stepping. I settled on a 470. Going to pick it up tomorrow.
  8. I want to buy a 13 to 20 ft racing dinghy. I’m looking for a 420, 470, FJ, FD, 505 or something similar that has a mast that can be stepped by one person. Any feedback will be much appreciated.
  9. 420Friendly

    solo mast stepping

    Can a 505 mast be stepped by one person? I’m thinking about getting an older 505 but not sure if I’ll be able to step the mast alone. 63 years old and still fairly strong but definitely not young anymore. I trailer sail throughout the Finger Lakes in upstate NY. Any suggestions of a good boat for my situation? Just sold a Daysailer 2 that had a hinged mast. Boat was too slow. Have owned FJ, FD, M Scow, Laser 2 and others.