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  1. Amphibious Archer

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    I've rebuilt our old evenrude. It's a 2 stroke. I highly recommend getting ethanol free gas. Our mower, chainsaw, weed eater, auger, pressure washer, all work well and start 2nd pull
  2. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    Hahaha. Not yet. Right now I want to quit smoking. Im planning a narcissistic trip away from my family, to seclude, write, adventure, with zero intoxicants. I've been scowering the map, and I have many options.
  3. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    I'm planning a disapearance. On the boat. I've been reading Webb Chile's
  4. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    That photo is magnificent....the word limitless comes to mind. I really appreciate the input. Im still plugging along. It's getting better with each rub. I need to replace the bow rail fittings, it's standing, but I hate the illusion of safety, any recommendations on who to order them from? Pfds? The boat was infested with wasps, many varieties. They seemed to enjoy the ride home from PA to NC. I cleaned them all out this winter.... new ones have moved into my mast. I'm trying to stay ahead of our numerous songbirds bombing the boat with berry infused splatter on my not finished top. Only bleach works on those. I still can't comprehend what you guys deal with in the water 24/7. Especially on a shoestring.
  5. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    I'm happy with this process. It won't show up in the pics and they're all in progress. Hunter 20. Getting her ready.
  6. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    Rip you motherfucker Bourdain. What a kick to the gut. Thank you guys. Earlier in the week I picked up a proper orbital. I'm going to take your advice and try again I picked up some courser compound. My next worry is that I'm so anal about it I'll be removing everything in the buffers way. Look out. I'll do a test tomorrow. This is really no big deal to me. I like that it's chalky. My feet don't slip even in the soap. So my sailing vocabulary is probably still in preschool... I'll make sure to take some pics..... what do you guys recommend for hosting pics?
  7. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    That's a great write up on the subject. Thank you. I've been working on on a small test area. I am a painter by trade so no stranger to this, but I'm not happy with the results so far. From my research this seems to be hotly debated and I am too much a newb to know how far gone the gel coat actually is. I remember coming across a post somewhere that emphatically said "you have to cut that sh!t". But again my ignorance is not knowing how far is too gone. It's drinking the wax, and with much effort it's still looks like crap. Thanks a bunch for the replies.
  8. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    Poli glow?
  9. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    Thanks for the words and advice Sloop. She's probably a mess to most people's standards but the fact that the outboard is running like a champ, the sails look seldom used, Johnson? Once the tires and rims get in, she's going in. I had to make a gin pole to deal with the mast. Solo. I think it's 32 ft. I'm not buying a loos gauge, but I got the forstay tightly. Only the back stay. The only blemishes I'm worried about is some hairline cracks in the cockpit, and I have no idea what a trailer could do. But.. Let's go sailing. Island girl?
  10. Amphibious Archer

    Brand spanking new

    Hey ya'll, I'm a long time lurker. We, my wife and I bought a boat last fall. I picked it up from some forlorn spot in Pennsylvania. It's not what I was looking for. It's a hunter 20. It's not the boat I was wanting, but I'm liking the sail camp blogs I come across. I haven't sailed in 20 years. My experience is a sunfish as a youth, a hunter 41 in San Francisco in my early 20s. I'm approaching 50. I've restored the trailer. Ive got lots of questions about restoring the top sides. The wife hates the white chalk on her ass. I'm shorty of words currently, but many of you keep a flame lit. Matthew