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  1. Baldur

    Boats with outboards

  2. Baldur

    A fond welcome to Woodruff the Troll You're an f'n saint... apparently
  3. Baldur

    Catalina 27

    Twin redheads, in Jail? WHAT FUN!
  4. So I'm heading to Philippines next month to spend a couple of months with the new girl. I have a new job I can work remote, so kind of a working vacation. I looked at Subic Bay Yacht Club calendar and they have no events listed. I'd like to find a competitive boat to get a few races in. Alternately, or in addition too, I'd like to find someone looking for some crew for casual racing or an afternoon or overnight cruise to take my girlfriend along and introduce her to sailing. I can supply my sailing CV and references for anyone interested? Any ideas where I should look?
  5. Baldur

    Catalina 27

    I'm in Raleigh right now. I wonder what she's up to? Looks like she might be a hoot.
  6. Baldur

    what are they?

    Bra wires for a Norse Giantess?
  7. Baldur

    which side are you on?

    There is also the possibility that he was transported to outer space by the Starship Enterprise and the crew doesnt want to appear cray cray when they say, "He just dematerialized right in front of our eyes." Who's next for Making Up Shit That Has No Supporting Evidence Whatsoever Anarchy?
  8. Baldur

    Charter Recommendations

    I wouldn't even hassle with crossing the border. Take a few extra days and do Victoria or Vancouver by car or on foot. Several options there. A week goes by quicker than you think. My itinerary would go something like this (and it has before) Sucia 2 days I like fox cove and explorng fox island to get away from the crowds. Walk around it at a mid or low tide. Skip sucia on July 4 weekend unless u like crowds. Always avoid anchoring along the N shore of echo bay as the USCG will often pull in around dark and run their gensets all night so they can use their radar to look over the island and watch the border. Jones island 1 day. Great fishing spot if u anchor towards the outside or hike to some of the rocky points on the island. I've caught salmon and ling casting buzzbombs from the NW point. Greening and rockfish in the cove. Stuart island 1 day Friday harbor 1 day refill water and eat at Herbs Tav. Showers at the top of the ramp and lots of socializing on the docks and in town. Spencer spit 1 day Roche harbor if you want restaurants or showers laundry. Or eagle harbour for something more off the beaten path and lots of hiking. Or james island for another small state park that takes up the whole island. (Small version of jokes) Back to the 'Ham. Eat at nikkkis Bella marina for an underappreciated waterfront venue.
  9. Baldur

    ToT PHRF pre race calculation

    I've noticed a several races, mostly light winds, where ToT formula finished the entire fleet in exact reverse order of PHRF rating. Now, we know that PHRF works best for average conditions. But on opposite ends of the spectrum, not so much. But no doubt if you are the showboat and winds are light - ToT in your friend.
  10. Baldur

    what is it?

    I don't understand how it could be a mold. How would u get it off the keel bulb?
  11. Baldur

    Opinions About Common Charter Boat Brands

    And here was Smackdaddys comment on this same subject not long ago, "Just took a quick look at the 2018 Vic-Maui fleet. Of the 9 total boats, there were 5 Benes and 1 Jeanneau. 67% of the fleet were these fragile deathtraps. Surely NONE of those boats made it to Maui. After all, it's not coastal out there. Let's take a look at the results... Well what do you know ALL of them did just fine except the Jeanneau - DNFd. Did it fall apart and sink as should be expected? No - mainsail furling problem. Hmm. Man, these real life stats and lucky SOBs just aren't being friendly to the chuckleheaded view of these boats. Heh. PS - Just saw the above. Salient and Kraken are both 40.7s. They seem to still be floating with keels attached. Impossible." - SmackDaddy
  12. Baldur

    Opinions About Common Charter Boat Brands

    Not this again..... That's the bamdwagon response. everyone claps for you when you say it. But the reality is that there are literally 10s of thousands of those boats been sold. And many 1000s have cruised the world's oceans. Look at the Bene 47.7 Kinetic. It been from BC to Aus and back. Competed in Sidney to Hobart and has one Vic Maui more than once. Just an example of how lightly built and unsuitable for Bluewater cruising modern production boats are. ROFLMAO after SMH
  13. Baldur

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Me too. I guess he likes Thai red curry with shrimp.
  14. Baldur

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    The problem with a pipcan pipe on an etchells is that if there is any wind the weed just blows away.
  15. Baldur

    Coast Guard Training HUGE Waves

    Training is not very useful if it is not realistic. How are they going to save someone's life in that if they have never been out in it? Seems like i am stating the obvious. BTW extreme conditions are common in that area and, therefore, training in those conditions is also common. Kind of Austocentric to think you have the monopoly on being "pretty familiar with extreme shit" at least that statement carries the implication that you are more familiar. I guarantee the instructors in this vid are intimately familiar with extreme shit. If your guys stay home when it is like this then they are not as prepared to deal with it when required as our guys are. But I'll bet your guys do train in it.