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  1. Baldur

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    I am in love. How have I never heard of this boat? Me want. Pant pant
  2. Baldur

    Coolboats to admire

    Not the typical boat we post here. But she is very well done, not one of those BS fake pirate ships. I could see myself living aboard something like this.
  3. Hi Baldur, I have been a fan of the Jersey Lilly since she was out on Boat Shed Phuket in 2016. I was wondering if you found out what happened to her, where is she now? Do you know the new owner? 



    1. Baldur


      I think that Helen did not buy her. She was moving from HK back to Aus. I am not sue where jersey lilly has gone.


    2. Psyiche


      Thanks for the reply!

      Have a good weekahead!

  4. He wasn't a good bowman. We lost him him on the first tack. I knew it wasn't going to go well by the pissed off look on his face when fran and I left him out of our discussion on tactics.
  5. Baldur

    Reviving an outboard

    Drain fuel from tank and carb. Add about 4x suggested dose of stabil to a quart of gas. Put gas in tank and turn engine over till the treated fuel fills the carb. Come back in two days, fill tank with fresh gas, no need to drain treated fuel Run for 20 minutes. I've had great success with this method on outboard and motorcycles that have sat for long periods.
  6. Baldur

    Jersey Lily

    Found some more current info. Someone has got her. But I know the price was negotiated down to at least 30k USD. Still seemed ridiculously high at that price.
  7. Baldur

    Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    Pensacola is looking great. I can do airfare and a boat for 4days for the price of airfare to BVI for our dates
  8. Baldur

    Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    As long as she can live I. That bikini we'll both be happy
  9. Baldur

    Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    I think she will want to swim. Will we be able till swim in pensacola in May?
  10. Baldur

    Bareboat charter in 2nd week of May

    Spoke with them. Very friendly and helpful. No shoulder season for then though. The Bene 331 would work well.
  11. So, been hanging out with a new girl. She is kind of a modern day hippie chick and totally a water baby. She knows nothing about boats, but she does love the ocean, beaches, and islands. We are stuck in the desert for now, so buying myself a boat is just not an option at this time. I've decided to give her a trial by fire (water really) if I can arrange it. I'd like to get a barboat charter for may 8-13 somewhere the airfare won't be ridiculous (from Phoenix) and I can find a reasonable boat preferably not far from the nearest airport. We are both pretty minimalist. I am 50, she is 40. She usually stays in hostels when she travels. I do that occasionally but generally go for budget style accommodations like the locals would use when I am overseas. I think even as small as 27ft would be fine, prib no bigger than 34 or 35 I'm just shy of 6ft and would like to have headroom In The galley. But I could hunch over a little for a short trip. Ive single-handed boats to 40 or so feet, but the object of this cruise is pleasure, not work On that note, a good size bunk in the master. Stove, pressure water, icebox, and a proper head are requirements. Oven, refer and hot water would be nice, bit negotiable. No need for AC or generator. Aaaand GO!
  12. Baldur

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Well because that is an alternative theory to the rest of the post. And, I think that even a clueless simpleton would have got into one of those places, as proven by rima's. And she actually does have at least basic sailing knowledge.
  13. Baldur

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Best post in the thread. I think that is a solid explanation for the whole thing. (Not the last paragraph)
  14. Baldur

    Spirit-33' s&s

    It says he was the 'draftsman'. Does that mean he actually designed it or just drew the lines the designer told him too, or something in between?