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  1. Baldur

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    I love their look when I say with a completely straight face; We look for a 7-11 and anchor in the parking lot.
  2. Well, it gives the specific frequencies involved in ais and vhf interference and tell us how to determine, before we buy, which devices will not interfere. No trial and error or experimenting. And while the last two paragraphs plug hella, the article gives solid info.
  3. Wierd, I thought I had corrected that to say. Here is a list of standards so you can check if products are compliant.
  4. List of EMC test standards. So you can see if the lights meet the standard before you buy. List of devices built to international standards
  5. Stumbled across an interesting article that gives some great specifics on this subject.
  6. Seems that a few yards have been taken over by capital funds companies. Have any worked out? Fairline comes to mind. Didn't the family sell out to a fund company? Went belly up then bought back by the employees and made successful again. My memory could be failing me. I'll go find the article. You'd think I might remeber, i wrote the fucker.
  7. I got seasick once. On the way out the straits for Vic-Maui. After closing the bars out and spending another couple of hours with the cutest little blond from Ottawa I was just a bit hung. But still able to do my job on deck. Just after race rocks we tore a huge gash in the luff of the main and the skipper sent me below to get the repair kit. Opposing tide and wind coupled with being the newest crew member who didn't know where damn near anything was, meant that it took about 10 min to find it and I finally discovered what motion sickness was. Fed the fish for the first time in my life. I still like to claim it was just a hangover and not seasickness. Im sure it was a contributor, But Ive never had a hangover that made me feel like that. It really was hell. Dont know if I could go to sea if that happened every time. I wound up taking meclazine that day and the next and that was it. It was bad enough. I think if I had to suffer that everytime I would give it up. Dont know how you guys do it.
  8. Baldur

    New Al mast budget 36' full keel cruiser

    A good friend This last year bought a "kit" from Ballenger, 54'6" mast, splice, spreaders, mast head, mast base, $8,200. Did not include any shipping. There is a splice because he had to ship from Santa Cruz, CA to Guymas, MX. Islander Freeport 36. Ordered the standing giggling separately. Parts only. He is doing the labor himself. Ballenger was the OEM.
  9. Baldur

    A Ship in the Harbour is Safe....

    I would have to agree with that, Mad. Except for those personally known to me that were lost, or nearly lost, were very very active sailors.
  10. Baldur

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    We port tacked the start at swiftsure in 2010 on an older X-41. It.was a fair blow that morning, Over 20kts if I recall. The FIRST time our port approach REALLY surprised the fleet of about 24 boats. Remember to come in on port means we were over behind the navy ship that is the pin end of the start line. So they didn't see us coming until we were coming, fast. Talk about closing speed! Flopped over on starboard, took em up and there was such a clusterfuck of boats over early the committed made a general recall. The SECOND time, they must have known we were coming, but it wasn't much different. We only ducked a couple of boats, found a hole, flopped over, took am up. Freaked out the first boat upwind of us so much he crunched the boat above him. Talk about excitement. Some of the most intense moments on the water I've ever experienced. AND, the boat was relatively new to the owner. All the crew were experienced racers. But our only team time prior was a light wind weekend reggatta in Vancouver for most, not all, of our swiftsure crew. Our tactician sent out an email race synopsis the following week. He admitted, "My starting tactics were perhaps a bit aggressive for a new boat with a new crew." He did pull it off. 2x in a row! What's that fleet of 24' or 26' they race up on cow bay? Known for being very aggressive. Well, I guess the old guy was famous in that fleet. I know i would never have tried it under all those variables that morning. Wish I was still in the PNW so I could go out with that crew again. They were always a hoot. And we usually did well.
  11. .... But that is not what ships are made for. Well in my experience, the ships may be safe, but we aren't. I've lost 4 friends around boats; 3 in the harbour, and 1 close call. Only 1 at sea. Here is another (not personally known to me) loss in a marina. Why is the marina so dangerous? Is it because this is where we are complacent?
  12. Found it. .... And the bow art. I remembered some color in it. ... I find it disgusting. But I really don't like cats, they are evil.
  13. i hunted all for a pic but can't find one. Who remembers Catsass .. Cat Sass can't remember.the spelling. The cat that litxhpoled at swiftsure about 8-10 yrs ago. The spinnaker had a cat with his ass towards you and his tail up showing his red eye. I found it quite disgusting.
  14. Baldur

    Captain Licence Course

    I did the 80hr USCG 100T Masters course at seattle maritime training academy. Great program. You still have to prove sea time and recency on appropriate sizes vessels.
  15. Baldur

    new boat shoes.

    I like Circa skateboard shoes. But onmy on boats over 40' dont think they woukd work on a 36'