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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Well because that is an alternative theory to the rest of the post. And, I think that even a clueless simpleton would have got into one of those places, as proven by rima's. And she actually does have at least basic sailing knowledge.
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Best post in the thread. I think that is a solid explanation for the whole thing. (Not the last paragraph)
  3. Spirit-33' s&s

    It says he was the 'draftsman'. Does that mean he actually designed it or just drew the lines the designer told him too, or something in between?
  4. Ugly New Boats - is it just me?

    Working for the yacht dealer in HK it seemed that many of the more affluent owners are looking for an experience more like a class a motorho. I think the same thing holds true here. The ones that buy a sailboat are mostly just paying lip service to the statent "I'm a sailor"
  5. Snoop Trawler PNW

    I've admired this old trawler in Bellingham for years. Built in 1929 and fully refurbished in 2006. Still has the Washington Iron Works engine in her. She was designed for towing out the sailing boats in Bristol Bay before they were allowed to have engines. A friend of mine has one of those boats sitting in his backyard. https://northwestnavigation.com/the-motor-vessel-david-b/
  6. OUCH!

    All I know is what it says in The FB thread - failure of engine and skipper. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159454572535657&id=784525656.
  7. Shoes for big boat racing

    People keep speccing "white soles" you don't need white soles. You need non-marking soles. I've worn wetsuit booties for winter stuff in the PNW. When I bought them at the dive shop I went it ND rubbed them in the deck of his dive boat to be sure whether won't leave a mark many shoes with colored soles will be fine. The booties give good grip and are great for keeping you feet warm in wet conditions. But no arch support and for long distance stuff they may start to stink, bit great for rxes like round the county or southern straits. For fair weather races I prefer circa skatboard shoes.
  8. Suggested Waypoints for WA to SF to LA

    This is not even a really rough day on the Humboldt bay (eureka) BAR
  9. I am still looking. And. I am still considering dong this.
  10. Papers filed. I am going to Vancouver t sign off next week. Seriously considering this plan. Not just cause I'm heartbroken, but I've always wanted to do it. Wouldn't leave until next fall.
  11. Best Offshore Jokes

    I saw this bloke playing "Dancing Queen" on a digereedo. I thought, "That's ABBAriginal"
  12. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    On FB Shannon says the problem with the mainsail is the halyard. Shannon didn't expect it to last a week, and told rima's so, but it went more than double that.
  13. Brand new and totally ignorant

    We use sikaflex when remodel swimming pools. Drill a hole 6" deep, fill with Sika, knock in a piece of rebar. Then we cover it with Shotcrete and plaster before we fill the pool with thousands gallons (read many tons). The plaster will never crack (the steel will never move) If you look at the strength of shotcrete steel, , and Sika, you will find the Sika is stronger than concrete. So if you hooked a backhoe to the steel and yanked it out of the concrete you would wind up with a chunk of concrete on the end of the rebar. Moral of the story: never use Sika on anything that MAY ever have to come apart again. Very few uses on the boat. Same for 5200 I believe Edit - sorry not sikaflex we use sikadur 32. Same company, but this is is a waterproof structural epoxy. Different than sikaflex.