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  1. Baldur

    PNW Race Week 2021: Who's In?

    Slightly better chance of breeze in June than in July, I reckon.
  2. Baldur

    Cruising Sailboat Partnership

    I dont think it is quite as bug a deal as he implied. Who cares really? Yiu werent posting an ad maquerading as a post. No foul.
  3. Baldur

    Tanker hijack

    You are going to invent some more of your own fiction?
  4. Baldur

    best mag for sailing binos

    Nor will good light gathering capability.
  5. Baldur

    Obtaining paper charts

    So that led me down a rabbit hole looking for "charts that fulfill a vessel's requirement to carry a navigational chart published by the National Ocean Service in accordance with federal regulations." I have a STRONG belief in the necessity to have a hardcopy of the charts on hand, but was curious if echarts meet the minimum legal requirement. here is the most upto date info with direct links to the CFRs and federal register. Leads you to a PDF that directly addresses my question. I was quite surprised to see that we have now been allowed to carry only electronic charts for ..... wait ..... 18 YEARS now! Guess that makes me even more old fashioned than I thought.
  6. Baldur

    Obtaining paper charts

    Goto the source, go directly to the source. Use the original source. Sorry if I am repetitive, its Kind of a soapbox of mine. year%2C NOAA announced the privatization of chart,National Ocean Service in accordance with federal regulations. I highly suggest to download and print the Coast Pilot from the last link. If you have never used one- they give you a ton of info that you just dont really get by looking at a chart. That will be cheap as heck at a printshop.
  7. Baldur

    Nuclear Sailing

    When and where have windows in swimming pools been outlawed? Did several of them in the last 6 years in phx.
  8. Baldur

    Too far gone?

  9. Baldur

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Oh Baby, stop! I gotta catch my breath.
  10. The trailer n motor together are worth a big chunk of that money.
  11. On that note a san juan 24 would be number two on the list
  12. Baldur

    Fire - Hinckley Yard Stamford

    Curious to hear more about that last one...
  13. Baldur

    Well intentioned help

    That is evil if i ever heard it.....
  14. Baldur

    Well intentioned help

    Pretty sure the term is "evil"
  15. Baldur

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Is it legal? I dont get the question. Do you mean the title? Or? Well worth mocking. How long they been working on it? The interior looks like a funky 60 yo diner back in the foothils somewhere. Puke.