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  1. Wow, I'm blocked too. Must have been rather recently, though I havent posted on his page in a few years.
  2. Baldur

    Night Runner is on the market

    that works. the first link is dead. Dont know why I couldnt find her in the listings. Brain cramp I guess.
  3. Baldur

    Night Runner is on the market

    Did she sell already? The link for the listing is broke and I dont find her listed at swiftsure.
  4. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    Wow, stumbled across this right in my own back yard. Will be interesting to see if the numbers work. "This is the first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the US, representing a monumental step in the maritime industry’s transition to a sustainable future. The e-ferry is being developed to demonstrate a pathway to commercialization for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell marine technologies. The e-ferry will exhibit the viability of this marine technology for the commercial and regulatory community. ",Go%2DRound'%20project).
  5. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    Batteries batteries electric electric solar solar blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. B O R I N G z-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzz........zzzzzzz......zzzzz
  6. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    Most of the thread is now about batteries, which have little or nothing to do with hydrogen fuel cells. Thread drift often leads to interesting discussions. But there are tons of threads about batteries and traditional electic propulsion, and we are simply beating the proverbial dead horse here on that subject. Anyone have something of merit to add on the subject of hydrogen? Perhaps it is still in its infancy and we have discussed all relevent aspects. Is it a dead subject until further progress is made in this sector? That would be hard to beleive from this group.
  7. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    That would take forever.....
  8. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    Well, what ever date it does become common is now 50 years closer than it was then.
  9. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    Thats what they said about gasoline engines when they came out. Again, talking about future not now.
  10. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    The context of the thread is "future" you are talking about the present. The only thing that stays the same is change.
  11. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    When Benjamin Beneteau put the first auxiliary engine in a sail powered fishing boat all the women came out to meet the boat on its return, so they could destroy it. But the boat had already docked, unloaded and headed back out again before the ladies arrived. In my industry (IT) there is an axiom; The users are always resistant to change. And in this thread we see that applies in many different areas.
  12. Baldur

    The Future of Propulsion

    Classic thread drift. Brings up some intersting stuff. But the OP is about hydrogen fuel cell power. Toyota and yanmar will work in the areas they know best. They envision this system for irban commuter/mosquito fleet type of use. The technology will eventually be scaled up. I think, at some point in the future, it will bleed over to recreational boating of many types. The nagatives of hydrogen brought up here bear many parallels to early arguments against gasoline internal combustion engines; lack of infrastucture, danger of explosion etc.
  13. Equipped with some high-pressure hydrogen tanks taken from the Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car, Toyota's new zero-emission boat concept is built for "superior cruising range."
  14. Baldur

    delete wrong forum

    Delete wrong forum
  15. Baldur

    Best sunglass lens color / type for helmsman

    Wow, i never knew that. I have only bought polatized glasses for many years now. I have noticed glasses polarized at various angles, but never noticed any that had different polarization angles in each lens. Some you hold your head at this angle to see the instruments, others work at that angle. Guess Maui Jom will be my next pair.