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  1. Baldur

    New nav gear thread - least power used

    No intention to derail the thread. I guess this is just my personal soapbox.
  2. Baldur

    New nav gear thread - least power used

    I've learned that it is important to read past the headlines...... "NOAA will still provide access to paper chart products based on ENC data, either through third-party vendors or through the NOAA Custom Chart system (now in prototype phase). The online NOAA Custom Chart (NCC) application lets users create their own paper charts with NOAA ENC data. The user can define the scale and size of custom-made nautical charts, then download them in a special PDF format." Paper charts will still be available for the foreseeable future. I've been stuck on a boat trying to outrun a gale into Eureka when we found we had no proper electronic or paper charts for this approach, nor inside the harbor. This vessel was having some electrical problems later traced to threads stripping off the attachments on the buss bar d/t electrolysis that was causing problems all over the boat. I would not have trusted ENC 100% for this approach in the dark with rising wind & swell into a harbour none of us had ever seen. As the navigator my stress level would have been greatly reduced with a proper set of paper charts - even if I had had the proper version in ENC. Electronics are great, but I still think any skipper is derelict if he doesnt have some reasonably updated paper chart aboard - and the knowledge/practice to put it to practical use. Electronics or paper or what have you - THE PRUDENT NAVIGATOR NEVER RELIES ON A SINGLE METHOD OF NAVIGATION!!!! Even with great electronics you still need to maintain situational awareness, and paper helps a lot with that. I've got several more 1st hand stories of navigation problems caused by a skipper having his head in the electronics instead of looking around and using common sense. To the OP - I think it is a waste of money to get more electronics just because they draw less amps unless and until you have a basic competency with paper/watch/compass
  3. Baldur

    New nav gear thread - least power used

    0.0 Amps. Takes a little practice.
  4. Baldur

    North Puget Sound sailors beware

    That's the problem, to many people rely on electronics and forget the basics. Maintain a proper lookout (which includes electronics and eyeballs) and keep your speed appropriate for conditions. That's the law and no technology will ever change that. If you on the water in the PNW and you are not keeping your eyes peeled for logs 365dx24h then you will, eventually, eat one. And maybe still.
  5. I think the whole thing is kind of a moot point. I mean - how much money do you ever see any of those funds take in? A few hundred? Maybe hit a grand? If I'm wrong, show me one that has earned the recipient enough to actually help race his boat. Much ado over nothing.
  6. Baldur

    Classy women sailing

    OMG, I know, right! A woman who speaks up, gets angry and lectures men!!?!!?!? What happened to the good old days when we could have just stoned her to death? Women should STFU and do as they are told. Oh, and dress sexy too. Is that your message?
  7. Baldur


  8. Baldur

    Spreader ends

    My experience with Muriatic acid and aluminum is that the aluminum is visibly corroded/blackened (maybe it is just superficial - not sure - but looks ugly) after any contact with the acid at all. Like permanently
  9. Baldur

    Spreader ends

    Better test a bit of muriatic on a piece of Aluminium first.
  10. Baldur

    Atomic 4

    Are there any boats with an offset companion way and an Atomic4? If so, are there any owners of such boats still alive to tell us about it?
  11. Baldur

    New Boat in a Charter company

    The liability is a none issue. No legit company will charter your vessel without the proper insurance to protect everyone. Same as airbnb or dozens of other sectors, the insurance issues are well figured out. Chartering can help offset your cost of ownership significantly. Even, when everything is perfect, exceed your annual operating expenses. Ive been involved with a more niche chartering company than moorings and owners with current model new vessels usually made profit. Your problem with going with them is that your charter opps would be limited to a couple of locations in SE Asia. Probably not what most people want to do. If you go with moorings you will take off from the same dock as I did but have many many more choices of where to charter. But boat will not be maintained to the same exacting standard of the smaller company (the company was also the factory authorized dealer/warranty so hard to beat that level of service) and that is the main thing that will influence the bottom line.
  12. Baldur

    Mad Max

    That's was so fun. I was tactician standing on the bow in a light wind regatta, telling the skipper to NOT look at her depth sounder and get ready to turn, but NOT till I say! Banged in so close to the beach a guy walking his dog jumped when he looked up, thought we were going to run him over. Skipper and I had a certain level of trust going at that point, and u could see the ledge plain as day. Mad Max was in our class that day. We were ahead at that point. But they eventually got as, as per usual. We got way ahead of him on a southern straights once and thought they took a flyer. Nice and dark and crew were discussing if Mad Max had retired and we didn't hear the call when they passed us. !
  13. Baldur

    TV or Not, here we go again.

    I thought ya'll gonna be arguing about having TVs aboard.
  14. Baldur

    Charter Recommendations

    Glad you had a great time. I'm so excited, moving back to Bham tomorrow!