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  1. Baldur

    Engine off at start?

    well rule 42 says u cant use anything but the wind to increase decrease, or maintain speed while racing. a boat is racing starting at the 4m prepatory signal. if u are using speed generated by any means other than the wind while racing you have violated rule 42 your right, momentum was my word, and you shouldn't add words to the rules right. ur saying that if a boat blasting along in light air, shuts off the engine at 4:01 and bleeds off all that speed in the 4m before crossing the line at the start it is ok? makes no sense. the race doesn't start at the start gun, ur racing at the prep signal. your interpretation says that it is ok to have that speed u generated by other than wind power for the first 4m of racing, as long as u dont carry that OCS. I dont see how the rules say that. not being a know it all. I'm listening. i want to learn. but that makes fuck all sense as that gives a boat a huge advantage. and that advantage is gained 'while racing'if u are using it during the 4m prepatory period am I wrong on that? Edit - that ^^ is response to Christian. Steve was talking about reverse. someone upthread seemed to say rhey would drop into neutral at 4m and then usereverse to kill that speed right before the start. no way. violation.
  2. Baldur

    Engine off at start?

    if u go into idle in reverse you have violated the same rule. can only use the wind to slow down the boat. so u slowed rhe boat with ur prop and broke the propulsion rule.
  3. Baldur

    When you Mattered

    oh wow, to many. dont even know where to start. ur guess if they were mostly (or all) successes or failures.
  4. Baldur

    Engine off at start?

    that means dashing into position at 4:30 may be legal, but if any of your speed at 4:00 is from the iron ginny you've broken the rules. most boats won't have lost that speed in 30sec
  5. Baldur

    Engine off at start?

    i don't think i have ever seen so much bs in an SA thread. hard to believe, I know. I dont usually get involved In questions on the RRS as I am usually learning. dont know if the experts are out on the water or what, but this one seems pretty easy. a boat is racing from her prepatory signal at 4m just turning your engine off at 4min does not mean you have complied with the rules. if u still have momentum from ur engine after the prepatory signal u have broken rule 42.1because ur speed comes from something besides the wind. 2 PROPULSION 42.1 Basic Rule Except when permitted in rule 42.3 or 45, a boat shall compete by using only the wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease her speed. there is nothing in the rules about running the engine. as KIS says run it all day - in neutral. the rules cover propelling your vessel. SI's could modify this of course. short of that, anyone protesting u will have to show that u still had momentum from using ur engine, not just that it was running. throw in a tack after it goes in neutral and prior to 4m and it will be much more difficult for anybody to say u were using any other propulsion than the wind. maybe not impossible, but it will make their protest much more difficult. ok.... who is going to be the first one to call me a dumbfucker? but I'm pretty confident on this.
  6. Baldur

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    who looks at that forum anyway?
  7. Hey, I say, "Getter DONE!" I mean, if ya gotta move a boat - ya gotta move a boat.
  8. Unless the wire loses mass as it ages ,then having too light wire is unlikely to be the problem as this issue has recently appeared after working fine for some period of time. However, the connections can become corroded over time and would reduce the flow of electrical current. Check every wiring connection for loose or corroded connections. Check both ends of each wire. Especially the ground to the compressor. I've fixed a bunch of issues ppl had lready spent piles of time on - SSB, VHF, stereos, autopilot, GPS, starter, water maker, battery charger, the list goes on. Always start with the most simple items when trouble shooting anything. The SSB had 2 'experts' trying to get it transmitting while we were at sea for almost a week. Dumb old me traced out all the wires and cleaned each connection. The ground was uggin fugly. Unt, WAHLAH, like magic that shit started transmitting 5x5
  9. Baldur

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Dont forget, rimas played chicken with a hurricane, and the hurricane lost!
  10. Baldur

    Electrical Issues

    I've got a great schematic for adding in a motorcycle battery to maintain voltage to your electronics when the switch is flipped or when there is voltage drops. I've installed a couple for friends and it is quite ez. I will see if I can find the book again. It is in Bill Seiferts 100 tips for offshore cruisers.
  11. On the way to a bachelor party at Whistler about 10yrs ago CBSA sent two carloads of us inside for secondary inspections ( an NRA sticker on ur windshield is A red flag, btw) they were looking for weapons and threatened us several times that someone would go to jail if they found even 1 rd of ammunition. I had 5gms of weed in my pocket. I want worried until I saw the dog come in. No charges. I was given a choice; sign here and withdraw my request to enter Canada. Or sit in this cell behind the counter until Monday when i can try to convince a judge why he should let me in the country when i had undeclared dutiable items! Now my passport beeps at the booth and the agent asks if I have anything I want to tell them. Then I have to explain the whole thing. I have been asked several times why I was bringing sand to the beach. So, ppl do bring weed into BC. Not saying it was the smart thing to do. Obviously it wasn't. If u ever need me to give u a ride to the great white north, plan on an extra 30min for a secondary inspection. And dont have anything with u that u shouldn't have!
  12. Arrive from Panama PAY a month moorage Do not contact family Depart marina on foot 3d later That sounds fishy, did not contact family? Who sails in from central america and does not contact family?
  13. Sorry that wasnt a hyperlink, should be now It says they paid a month of moorage, so I assume the boat is still there, but it doesnt really say for sure.
  15. Baldur

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    I am in love. How have I never heard of this boat? Me want. Pant pant