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    Barient 21 Spring - Legacy -

    There was already a series of posts regarding this conundrum... This old winch uses two types of pawl springs. One set con be replaced by the repair set presently offered by Lewmar. The lower unit needs smaller springs. The housing of the pawl in which the ring is lodged is 0.249” ( max diameter of the spring when not compressed. If the outside diameter is 0.249”, the inside diameter would be just less than 0.2” I guess… The arms are 0.3” from when they “leave” the circumference. One of the arms is bent at 90 degree when it leaves the circumference.pThe wire is 0.0225”. It seems that <sales@huttonwinches.com> can help me, but it is steep for just two springs!. They have 5/16" springs and 1/4" springs. 20 x 01-300 springs 5/16" $20.00 20 x 01-330 springs 1/4" $30.00 Insured air mail for any or all $25.00. Would anyone have some in their "shop" ? Would anyone need some spare?