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    Hope to get some feedback on strengthening the keel and chainplates... Cpt Wildcat
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    Diva 39

    Greetings Fellow Sailors, Boat maniacs and such...., I Recently purchased a 1985 Diva 39 Sailboat. I was blessed in many ways with this boat as per the original owner kept it in pristine shape. I was looking at Hunters, but when I saw this Diva 39 It seemed to be to good to be true.It had jsut posted on Yacht World and it stood out like no other boat on the site that day. I did lots of research, came up with very little. After seeing the boat, the headroom in the forward salon area into the v berth cabin was low, it was a turn off, but after digging deeper into the boat, I realized I was getting alot of boat for the money. I was preparing to buy a Hunter 33.5 for 23k. In retrospect to the Hunter this was more of real sailboat...Add in a luxurious interior, a new engine with 50 hrs on it, boat was pristine. I bought the boat, and thus far I am so happy, Ive met several avid Newport Beach sailors who all know the boat and former owner. I got nothing but praises on what a spectacular vessel this was, and how lucky I was to have swooped in and purchased this rare unique boat. I read about a sailor who brought one back from Bermuda and had some issues with the keel, etc, Im looking to connect with Diva owners, or experienced boat engineers who can lead me in the right direction to sturdy up this rig and do some upgrades to strengthen weak areas.The boat is in Newport Beach but is being moved to Shoreline Marina this week. Any good advice will be greatly appreciated. Capt Jack Wildcat 323-823-9505