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    We found an old Olympic Flying Dutchman!

    Thanks guys! Winter is gonna be tough to get thru without sailing our new beauty. But i'll work on getting in shape in the mean time. Need some upper body weight and strenght haha. 70 kg at the moment... Not too bad for being helmsman tho. Btw we're now located on The Kaag but we might move to the Braassem next season. The Kaag is so busy with motorboats it's not even funny... Cheers guys!
  2. Greetings fellow sailors! A few months ago, i registered over here to gather some info on fixing my dad's old and knackered wooden single bottom FD. But while working on the boat, we noticed we took 2 steps back for each 1 forward. Also because my dad and me don't work too well together... (fire and ice). So my brother and me decided to quit working on his FD and try to find our own so the fighing would be over! Luck was on our side because we managed to pick up an old Bianchi from 1979 made from glass with a wooden deck. In our eyes, best of both worlds (excluding deck maintenance). So we felt blessed for this opportunity and started putting this boat back together. It was a complete package with trailer, trolley, sails and much more, but it was a jigsaw for us aswell. Nearly all lines needed to be replaced and so we had to learn how all the systems worked, which intimidated us in the beginning. So many lines... Would we ever memorise it all and wouldn't the chaos in the boat take away the fun? Now, a few months later, we have sailed for more than 12 times and even now in autumn, we are getting great weather over here in The Netherlands so tomorrow the old lady will hit the water again. The sails are really old but after we're done fixing the basic package, we're saving up for a few 2017/18 sails for next season so we can really learn to sail this boat properly! We are by no means competitive or thinking about races because it's our first boat (me and my brother) and we are just trying to have some fun on a tight budget, having our faces in the sun while sailing 1 of the most beautiful boats ever designed. A few corners could definitely be cut concerning layout and rigging, but the majority of the basic package hasn't disappointed us so far. We are extremely curious to hear the ideas and thoughts of you guys so we can improve the boat further! Here are some pictures! Cheers!