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  1. lonesailor

    The loony left can't even bridle their TDS ...

    Don't need a crystal ball with soy boys like you crying that your latte is too hot. Which one are you again?
  2. lonesailor


    Your TDS is showing, but keep dreaming.
  3. lonesailor

    The loony left can't even bridle their TDS ...

    And none will with little soy boys like you on the left. Now run along to your safe space soy boy.
  4. lonesailor

    Huge Upset!

    Silly demorats wanting another confederacy. Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum called for the formation of a confederacy on Wednesday during an appearance on CNN
  5. lonesailor


    Sorry, not sorry your girl lost.
  6. lonesailor


    Typical libtards attacking the poster because they lose the debate on the topic.
  7. lonesailor

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Congratulations, you wrote the dumbest thing on the internet today. Can't wait to see what you try for tomorrow.
  8. Good! Should have stopped funding those terrorists long ago.
  9. lonesailor

    The loony left can't even bridle their TDS ...

    The posts in this thread only prove the statement correct, all the TDS in this thread is funny #trump2020 #MAGA
  10. lonesailor


    He yells when he cries.
  11. lonesailor

    Pause for Thought ................

    More womp womp about fake news.
  12. lonesailor

    Fake News

    Haha that is what libtards tears look like? Womp womp
  13. lonesailor

    Just a Reminder

    The city of brotherly love removes scum.
  14. lonesailor

    Meanwhile Americas is flourishing under Trump.

    Still can't attack the point, normal libtard.