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  1. sailor 5467

    ILCA/ Laser Fitting Guide

    Came across this whilst scrolling another sailing news source... It's interesting to know many of the products on an ILCA / Laser (Which one is it again?) come from UK hardware manufacturers, Allen. My thoughts - it's interesting that Laser legend John Emmett rates the new Vang Block... I thought all laser sailors were "Harken till I die!" The Allen Tii Blocks also look pretty neat too! Anyone got any comments on the fitout?
  2. sailor 5467

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Just spotted this ILCA/ Laser fitout guide over at Y&Y - Thoughts?
  3. Just spotted this ILCA/ Laser fitout guide over at Y&Y - Thoughts?
  4. sailor 5467


    The boat that is 10 years old and fitted with Allen could well have had a much harder life and not been as well looked after as your 15-year-old Harken one. 10 years, also seems like a pretty good lifetime for products that take a hell of a beating...
  5. sailor 5467

    Merlin Rocket Walk Around

    The Merlin Rocket is hugely popular in the UK and this version of the boat is pretty cool!
  6. sailor 5467

    What company is selling these?

    Smaller versions available here -
  7. sailor 5467

    Hiking pants

    Rooster have pads that velco into your wetsuit! They're super comfy and you can adjust them to the perfect fit.
  8. sailor 5467

    Low Friction Rings and Sheaves Anarchy

    If you're looking for cheap thimbles Allen does Stainless steel rings You could also look at their range of plain bearing blocks, they will offer less friction than the stainless steel thimbles and are actually slightly stronger. Pretty cheap for what you're getting too.
  9. sailor 5467

    Best mainsheet ratchet min 50mm

    Have you had a look at the Allen ratchet blocks? The sheaves in their ratchet blocks are made from Nylon and as such don't wear through the rope as quickly as aluminium sheaves. They have also just launched a new design. The "Wave" ratchet. It offers more grip than their standard ratchet whilst not giving any additional wear. Here's a press release about it
  10. sailor 5467

    Show your dingy sailing....

    Fair enough! Looks like one of the original development sails as they decided not to use fully battened on the whole sail.
  11. sailor 5467

    Show your dingy sailing....

    you should have just stuck with a Blaze...
  12. sailor 5467

    carbon mast halyard exits

    Halyard exit plate is what you need!
  13. sailor 5467

    barberhauler exits

    This application is exactly what deck bushes are designed for... Allen does a huge range, I'm sure there is one that will suit your needs
  14. sailor 5467

    New Zhik Allen Keyball Harness

    What difference did the brand of trapeze ring make? surely its the hook that failed rather than the ring?
  15. sailor 5467

    New Zhik Allen Keyball Harness

    Some cool stuff to see at the RYA Dinghy Show in London this year, much warmer than last year too!! Did anyone else get to check out the new Zhik T3 harness on the Allen stand which had the Keyball system fitted? The quick release system looks interesting...