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    Shocks vs Friction Rings vs Blocks

    Have you had a look at the Allen High Load Thimbles? The one with 8mm inside diameter weighs 2grams. They also do standard stainless steel ones which are super lightweight.
  2. Any class of boat that wishes to compete and race has a set list of class rules. These rules highlight any changes that are allowed, or not in most cases, to be made by the owner of the boat. For example the class rules could state “Additional purchase can be added to any control system but additional controls may not be added.” What I want to know is, who is in charge or writing these set of rules for a class? Is the class association responsible for any updates to rules or is it for the manufacturers of a class to decide?
  3. sailor 5467

    Harken GP Blocks

    Allen in the UK manufacture a much cheaper alternative 10:1 Catamaran mainsheet system