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  1. Borax Johnson

    Morse control rehab

    Sweet! Thanks guys.
  2. Borax Johnson

    Morse control rehab

    OK, I have this Morse control that has a slipping throttle. There is not enough friction to hold it in place. Morse hasn't made one of there in eons (maybe 80s/90s), and no one knows if there are any parts around. Because of the way it is recessed into the fiberglass surround, I haven't been able to find one that quite works. Any ideas about how or where to go or do a rebuild/rehab/reliable friction increase on the throttle?
  3. Borax Johnson

    Swan 42

    On the positive side, it does have some really nice SS hose clamps.
  4. Borax Johnson

    The Boat (2018) Film

    I'll stick with Captain Ron.
  5. Borax Johnson

    California Sales Tax exemption

    I seem to remember from years back that if the transaction occurred out of State/Country (Mexico) and the boat was in Mexico for 6 months or longer, there was no Sales Tax (Use Tax) due. Any truth to that?
  6. Borax Johnson

    Hi res line drawing Swan 47?

    Looking for a hi res line drawing of a Swan 47 for a Tee Shirt. About 1,500 X 2,000 or better?
  7. What if the seller and buyer are both in US? Could the whole thing be done in the US (maybe even the Temporary Import Permit at Mexican Consulate)?
  8. He was setting up the whole thing, the whole time. He just couldn't talk 'mricun.
  9. Borax Johnson

    2 speed propellor

    Sailed on a big swan. It had a2 speed propellor - I don't know the brand, 3 blade, feathering I think. Owner had a bit of trouble shifting from "low" to "high". How do these things work, and where can I get more info?
  10. Borax Johnson

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    The compressor worked this morning. Not tonight. It's dark now. I must have too much money in my checking account. Again.
  11. Borax Johnson

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    That was /sarc. Did it. No difference.
  12. Borax Johnson

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    Will do. Cheap. What's the background? Do I have to stay in the car with the windows rolled up in the garage?
  13. Borax Johnson

    Broken Becket Harken

    Which side is broek? Redneck engineering!
  14. Borax Johnson

    Casio G-Shock. Which one?

    Casio has about 1,000G-Shock watches. I'm looking for one. What I want from it are: Solar WWV connectivity Analog/digital WITH Sweep Second hand Some sort of backlighting that gives me a decent chance of seeing the hands that have a good glow (Casio is good at this) Second time zone display Plastic is OK metal is OK but not needed. No fancy colors. Black is fine. Not cammo, not orange, not mud brown, etc. Other features are nice, but not required. Thanks! PS, I tried the Casio advanced watch search, but all it does is loop back to the start.
  15. Borax Johnson

    5 things men should know about sailing with women

    And the men's peeing gets more complicated when the womenfolk are on deck in daylight.