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  1. Borax Johnson

    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    Doing the Panama Canal is pretty cool.
  2. Borax Johnson

    Building a superyacht video timelapse

    Think BIG. If you made $60,000 it would only take 500 years.
  3. Borax Johnson

    Darwin strikes again

    Man has penis removed because it doesn't suit his look. Darwin Award the slow way...
  4. Borax Johnson

    lucky guys you poms

    Because he was there (once, or more?)?
  5. Borax Johnson

    Recycling? Worthless.

    Not really wanting to enter the PA tank, but Starbucks is getting rid of plastic straws in favour of heavier plastic lids. Based on analysis, small plastic lids will weigh ~10% more than straws and large lids will weigh 16% more. That's OK. It's what we 'feel' is the right thing to do. BTW. of the 9 MILLION TONS of plastic waste, 2,000 tons is plastic straws, do the math. It is 0.02% of all plastic waste. For straws. In total. And Starbucks wants to increase it by 10% to 16% MORE to reduce pollution. I'm glad I FEEL better about how I 'helped' Gaia Shit, people, do something real, or go home and sing kumbia. /rant off
  6. Borax Johnson

    Upholstery fabric anarchy

    I’m looking for alternatives to traditional fabric types for interior upholstery for a 40 ish foot cruiser. Any feedback on ultra Suede? Thinking a bit outside the box. Thanks!
  7. Borax Johnson

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Going to PV in a few days. I am told that Sayula is on the same dock as my boat. I also have been told that she is in very good shape. Film at 11?
  8. Borax Johnson

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    From what can merchant mariners learn from Volvo Ocean Race Sailors. Seems like USN too....
  9. Borax Johnson

    I Need Windows

    Some of these comments prove the *whatever* axiom, that posts on the internet can't go to 6 without someone becoming a dick. That's what I used to like around here.
  10. Borax Johnson

    "Because I Could Not Stop For Death

    Capitan is going to the oncologist tomorrow for his 5 year "graduation" exam. He's 86, and we'll be leaving two days later to drive is Swan 47 north from Puerto Vallarta. He had cancer of the tongue, and went to Stanford for radiation and chemo. They zapped him up to the lifetime radiation limit, and he still sets of radiation detectors in airports. No surgery. Local doc wanted to cut a chunk of his jawbone out and slice away about a third of his tongue. Stanford docs said 'that's they way it was done in the 1970's. It took its toll, for sure, but he's been sailing 6-8 months a year since he retired n 1992. Quite a sailing stud.
  11. For the longest time, I have always trusted "Gentle Joy" to do dishes and let me take seawater baths. Any other US made liquid dishoaps work now?
  12. Borax Johnson

    Scoring boats that modified mid series

    Seems like the boat should be scored for the entire regatta under whichever handicap produces the "faster" boat. Otherwise, 'some' owners might opt to change configurations based on the weather. I know, in a friendly world, it could be that he just bought a spinnaker, but in an unfriendly world, if it's blowig 35 gusting to 40, declarimg a non overlapping jib and no spinnaker could be suspicious.
  13. Borax Johnson


    I'm new here. Are these my dues?
  14. Borax Johnson

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Grait Jobbe!