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  1. Borax Johnson

    Sunset pictures

    Capitan. Off of Nicaragua or thereabouts.
  2. Borax Johnson

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    I've gotta nowhere the wind and the water are free. J.B.
  3. Borax Johnson

    Vitamix 750 Blender

    skipped to the bottom of the thread...sorry if someone else got here first. Wife bought a VM0103 (looks like what they make margaritas 24/4 in a bar) refurbished on the internet. First one was A-OK. in fact amazing - evinrude foe blending. Crapped out. Sent it back. Replacement has been doin great for at least 5 years. Price? ~$250. Well worth the price in "Hamilton Beach" years. 5 bones new? Probably worth it.
  4. Borax Johnson

    Don' make me pull the car over

    Two thoughts: A) put the pic in the LONQR thread; b) ask if this is a regular practice in muslim countries C) ask why the fuck does B followed by a right parentheses always default to a happy face. Just axin.
  5. Borax Johnson

    Were masts on classic cruisers too short?

    A lot of boats from that era had hulls several feet longer than the spar builder specified. Hence the dilema.
  6. Borax Johnson

    Netflix error message anarchy

    Funny you mention it. I was cruising in Mexico in June. Tried logging in to watch a movie at the marina. No Go. The Next day, I got an email saying my account had loggin in in Pakistan. What the heck!?!
  7. Borax Johnson

    Netflix error message anarchy

    Wondemous. 6 is next
  8. Borax Johnson

    The Road Home-E-PAC TROPICAL Wx-

    DA, that surface water temp map is cool. I tried googling it, but I got lazy. Can you post a linky?
  9. Borax Johnson

    What is going on here?

    Should these pictures and discussion be in the LONQR thread?
  10. Borax Johnson


    Here's the real deal: Vagina Beer
  11. Borax Johnson

    Overheating yanmar 2gm

    Always good to hear a successful outcome reported, instead of wondering how the story ended.
  12. Borax Johnson

    Windsor Castle Guard

    But only the Yanquis seem to take rap music with them. Rather they keep it at home. Better yet, move on.
  13. Borax Johnson

    Redding CA wildfire

    Looks like the environment finally got pissed off about sailboat/Sheriff deputy/DUI thingy there a few years ago.
  14. Borax Johnson

    How to reuse a condom

    Normally, this kind of stupid would remove one from the gene pool. In the case, I think it quite the opposite.
  15. Borax Johnson

    Redding CA wildfire

    Trying not to drag this off to PA, but if the trees and plants that were alive and turned into carbon over the weekend balance out to zero, what about the trees and the plants that turned into hydrocarbons. It seems like the carbon cycle takes care of itself. No? Conservation of Matter says that it can be neither created nor destroyed.