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    J/105 upgrades

    Hi everybody! I am preparing the boat for the next season in Spain, and I want to do some upgrades to my J105. Can someone help me? - JIB inhauler: how do you install it? - SPI barber: how do you install it? - JIB cars: how do you install it? - New Sails: Can someone tell me the best measurements for rating optimization? - Weight optimization. - Bobstay for code zero. How do you install it?


    I think I will buy a GORI PROPELLER. Is it enough to buy the folding one or I have to buy the racing one?


    Hello, looking for the best racing propeller! can you tell me yours?

    J105 light winds

    I sail RI rating. Similar of IRC so I don't need to use OD sails. Next time I will try 35 meters genoa or a jib 26 meters.

    J105 light winds

    Can someone help me about sailing in light winds? I have raced this sundays for the first time in really light winds. Configuration was jib 24 mts ans main 32 meters. The boat was not working at all. I also have a 150 genoa 35 meters and a bigger jib 26 meters. Can somebody tell me if 26 mts could be enought? the boat in 10 knots of breeze is really fast but in light winds (5knots) does not work at all. the circuit was a triangle and in that breeze the A2 does not work on the downwing length. The second round I tried to put the masthead halyard and it worked.

    J105 big asymetric

    Hi everybody! last weekend we did our first race in our J105. We race in RI. We were lucky to win the two races agaist 25 boats and we are so happy, but also have seen we can inprove a lot and I have some questions that I would like to know your opinion. it is better to sail with a bigger asymetric? Does anybody know wich are the best measurements? We normaly sail windward/leeward. is it a bood option use a spinaker pool and a symmetric spinnaker? what about code zero? I have a code zero and a code two with 67 meters and 54. The boat goes really fast when I use that sails but the question is. The extensible pool is strong enough or is better to do a new bowsprit for that? also would like to know i the asymetric from j109 will work on a J105. Mine has a masthead halyard. thanks to everybody!

    J105 sheets and halyard

    Hello! I have to change all the sheets and halyards of my boat. can some body tell me wich are all the measurements and the best quality for my boat? Ehat do you recommend

    Just bought a J105

    I will continue with tuff loff or use the harken one. Do you know de facnor flat deck? That coulg also be a good one?

    Just bought a J105

    And an underdeck is a good option?

    Just bought a J105

    Hello I have bought A J105 in Spain. There is no class OD here unfortunatly. Now I am looking to buy sails but dont know if OD sails are the best option for me. We race in RI and ORC. also dont know if going with furler is the best option or not, actually the boat goes with tuff luff. also dont know wich furler is the best option... HARKEN MKIV or underdeck. can someone help me? thanks!!!