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  1. randii

    NY to SFO the hard way

    I am unfamiliar with this "enough boats" phrase. Plz explain? :p Actually, no... don't. I don't want to understand! I suspect Stephen looked at this and was questioning whether it flies or floats.... those pictures look like a fuselage at first glance. Beautiful.
  2. randii

    SeaCart 26

    Looks like you are having a blast! Excellent!
  3. Measure, order, upgrade. Unless the weldor is a buddy and you'll be getting a buddy price, a new axle will probably be in the same neighborhood of the 2-hour minimum most guys charge around here... I have welding gear and would probably still buy new, unless the spindles and bearings were brand new. The welding wouldn't take long, but the cleanup, prep, and fixture to get it straight... that will. I went through something similar on a weird little camper that sheared off its spindle... after watching craigslist for a while, I found a new axle that didn't fit as intended, and brought home a fully loaded brake axle for less than $200. It was a delight to work on clean metal!
  4. Let's hope it infuses the secondary market with desirable multi hulls! I love that new choices are available for new boats but my budget suggests that I need several owners involved upstream of me.
  5. West Systems has information about using their products with diesel: https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/epoxy-composite-tank-guidelines/ Might be able to.scuff up the existing float and build up a new skin... then just reuse the float.
  6. randii

    New sail order headache

    So this (girlfriend) has a weight 38% greater than advertised. Interweb sez the average American female weighs 170.6 lbs. https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/average-weight-for-women Now add 38% (65), adjust for Canadian exchange rates, then convert to metric. Even if this is a blind date (the sail hasn't even come out of the bag yet), one could argue that her personal ad didn't quite match reality. I'd probably still go on the date, FWIW, and at least spread (the sail) out for further inspection, but I might wonder about stretching (the metaphor) too far. I suppose it would be different math if the lingerie I buy weighs 12 pounds more!
  7. randii

    pics: TF10, 2019 Vallejo Race

    Tough to foil tho. :p
  8. randii

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    Simple enough to re-anneal copper washers and re-use... use a torch to heat the washer up to a dull red color, then quench in water. Even a butane mini torch will do the trick. New copper washers are simpler, but annealing is a handy thing to know when easy replacements are unavailable.
  9. randii

    NY to SFO the hard way

    https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/ryan-finn-sail-proa-solo-new-york-san-francisco/ This should be a cool adventure to watch... exactly how old is Jzerro? Cool to see such a storied boat out collecting new stories! Perhaps this will give more data on proa sails getting caught aback and blowing the mast away. :p Randii
  10. randii

    Paint It Black

    This is better explained, less fictional, and likely overall more economical than most marine coatings. :/
  11. randii

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Looks awesome... I worry about shrink wrap directly on paint for the winter, especially if it sits in the sun. I had a project motorcycle with an ok matte paint go bubbly when I stored it under a cover in the sub. I suspect the sunlit cover somehow green-housed and cooked the coating film. What was once a pretty good looker from 10 feet away now requires a good bit more distance, a later night, and a few more beers... and you best hustle this girl outta the bar before they pop the lights at closing time! She still rides well, but she needs new paint thanks to the sunshine and that cover.
  12. randii

    When Monsters Ruled the Beach

    Yup. There are dryer experiences, you could foil for more speed, and some folks want the thrill of matching shirts with fellow rail-meat... but for broadest grins at 10-20 knots, for my paltry dollars, beachcats are the best!
  13. randii

    1 Tonner Dobroth Keel Draft Reduction

    My significant other works in risk management at a corporate scale. It does happen. Usually insurance companies will simply refuse to renew if they don't like your usage/risk profile.
  14. randii

    1 Tonner Dobroth Keel Draft Reduction

    I sail mostly multi, so never... but if it is anything like car insurance, they ask few questions up front, but when there is a claim, they ask however many questions are required to deny the claim.