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  1. randii

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    Yup. Attract folks by visibly having fun, and inviting newbies along to see that... FWIW, slagging RV parks and caravans might fit under 'knocking other people's choices.' I'm more swayed by folks having fun and showing how than I am by folks slagging others. There are a lot of excellent options out there... and sailors can come from surf, PWC, or even wake boats. There is more in common with members of the water tribe than separates us... Randii
  2. randii

    Caribbean 600

    The problem is... who sets the rules, and by what set of preexisting opinions and assumptions? Who are the majority of sailors and how my hulls do they favor? I hope there will always be venues for.truly unlimited racing... but I hope insurers can differentiate those boats between more normal boats sailed less on the edge. Randii
  3. randii

    Talk me out of it - Polycon 37

    Yup. I totally get that these boats are limited in overall comfort... in the end, I went with the Turissimo to find a little more interior space than tramp-camping. A removable cuddy is an option if more space is required, but I expect the T9 will work for me. An F-27 might fit your list... and Woods cats as well: http://www.sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/pre-owned-boats. I *really* liked Skua and Windsong -- but i don't want to build for a few years before I can sail, and the market is really soft now for prices, so there are a fair number of good options out there. Here's a few threads that may give you some ideas: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/201014-crowd-sourcing-cat-shopping/ http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/196305-affordable-racing-tris-vs-cats/ http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/184862-stiletto-vs-warrior-vs-viva/ http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/128438-older-fast-aus-multies/ Randii
  4. randii

    Caribbean 600

    Raceboats crashing is about as surprising as racecars crashing. Pushing the limits has a price, and in my opinion, the number of hulls has little to do with it, though I suspect the folks who have an axe to grind against multihulls (generally NOT multihull folks) will lean on this to argue their case. That sucks, but there's no much that can be done to convince folks whose conclusions precede their investigations! I hope everyone is OK, and repairs can be quickly facilitated.
  5. randii

    Talk me out of it - Polycon 37

    I spent some of 2018 on a similar quest for a similar type of catamaran, and wound up trailering one home from the far end of Lake Ontario. It made for a fun road trip -- how far are you willing to look for yours? If you're looking for a cat with a bridgedeck, transportation is complicated, but if you can work with just a tramp between the hulls, trailer transportability becomes possible. I took a good hard look at Paxfish's Tennant Wildfire and Stephen's R33 before I selected the Tennant T9 and started pumping a bunch of fuel for the roadtrip. Both were really impressive for different reasons... and I know both are motivated sellers for different reasons as well. Both seem to be in the same cost range, as the Polycon, as well... though both are a little smaller. What sorts of things are you seeking in your next boat? This forum has proven pretty remarkable in the past at finding different boats in different places... in the end, only half of the boats I seriously considered were listed on the various sailing broker and advertising sites. Randii
  6. I'm reviving an older Tennant cat, and wondering about dry-sailing her. Coming from beachcats, nothing increased my days on the water more than finding secure mast-up storage. Of course, rigging was considerably simpler on beach boats! I've located a few places in the Delta where I can store the T9 mounted full-width on her trailer, but the mast would need at least dipped for power lines. Other than Napa Sea Ranch, which has both space and launch access (dock is in rough shape), can anyone suggest mast-up double-wide dry storage in the SF Bay area? I may have to just deal with renting an end-tie and renewing the antifoul. :/ Randii
  7. randii

    Record breaking trimaran, good will tour.

    Great cause... good to get younger folks into multis, and good to tie them into the history of it, as well. There.might be opportunity to cross-promote with OutrigMedia.com ... I'm working my way through Jim Brown's podcasts and really enjoying his collaborative/cooperative approach. Seems like when forums can sometimes breed more competition/judgment than community, and the Goodwill Tour concept seems like a great way to really recruit, include, harmonize, etc. Randii
  8. randii

    Need help choosing new sail

    Pics, please?
  9. randii

    Best use of carbon for fast cruising cat

    I write such instruction manuals. Part of the process of developing documentation is Audience Analysis, and you go in knowing some folks just refuse to R.T.F.M. regardless of how you write it or deliver it... you hope the training fills the gaps for practical usage, and that engineering has delivered with reasonable margins of safety. At some point, you gotta put your faith in due diligence, corporate insurance, and legal defense, and then hope for the best. Some users can break a metal hammer in an empty rubber room. Then again, those may be the guys we *want* in surf rescue boats or as rescue swimmers. Back on topic, it is interesting to see carbon increasingly used in rigging for racers and superyachts. It makes sense that it can be loaded in tension, but beyond that, manufacturers say it can sustain bending, impact, and even compression. Randii
  10. randii

    Any interest in the Transpac 2019?

    whoa. there's a chunk of coin. details? as I rig up my Tennant (a very different horse for a very different course than that Antrim), I'm weighing everything and examining the bits with eventual replacement in mind (EVERYTHING requires EVENTUAL replacement, in the end). All the standing rigging could be overkilled nicely and affordably these days with synthetic rigging for way fewer bucks than dyform wire. what makes the Antrim shrouds cost six Grovers? Randii
  11. randii

    Racing catamaran under $100,000

    Is it really work when it is something fun that I love? I was particularly looking for experience raising a longer mast, and your boat provided that nicely! Thanks! Randii (working back on my boat this week)
  12. randii

    Racing catamaran under $100,000

    Leaving her rigged up? Let me know if you need any exhibition crew... Randii
  13. randii

    Racing catamaran under $100,000

    Productive day prepping for Three Bridges. Nice to meet some BAMA folk!
  14. randii

    Best use of carbon for fast cruising cat

    Selling supercharged Z06 Corvettes and Demon Challengers could also be considered irresponsible, but I'm grateful those choices exist, even if I'll never buy one. They push the limits! I'm similarly grateful Randy Reynolds sold R33s, and I looked hard at buying one. It is truly a shame that the sailing world trashed the reputation of that boat based mostly on races with narrow boats. The world needs designers who push the limits between responsible and irresponsible... there's way more to learn still on high-performance multihulls, but if a designer wants to make money, it is easier to scale across a high-volume fleet of low-risk leaners where there's less left to be learned. Viva le irresponsibilite! Randii
  15. randii

    Hull Dollies

    Amazon. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0747MXPKV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Take your regular account and login at Smile.Amazon.com and you can raise money for many non-profits as part of your expenditure. They have 37" and 107" long variants. I'm glad I went with the shorter one... it captures all the shape I need and since there's a slight point at the bottom (tough to call it a keel), I can only do one side at a time (the spring steel batten does smooth turns and not corners). Randii