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    PC/Mac integration with B&G H5000

    Hello everyone, Thank you for all the replies. I should've been clearer to start out with when I say H5000 system I mean I have Zeus3 Chartplotters in the system which I would like to send the routes to. In our system we have two Zeus3 on deck and one at the nav station. At the navstation I also have an iMac which I use for communication, accounts etc. I would like to be able to create routes on the computer and send it to my chart plotter using IOS but the reality is I think i'll have to use a virtual machine on the iMac and run windows. Has anyone got any experience using this setup or something similar? Thank you again for all your replies they are truely appriciated. Cheers Ben
  2. llanitojacks

    PC/Mac integration with B&G H5000

    Good morning sailing world, I'm looking to see if anyone has successfully integrated any IOS/PC based system with a B&G H5000 system to be able to create courses and edit waypoints then transfer them onto chart plotter? I remember Raymarine having a very basic setup a few years back and i'm wondering if anyone has found any third party software that can integrate with B&G. Hope everyone is having a great week and fair winds! Cheers Ben