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  1. Rekaneva

    Sailing the enterprise single handed

    I was interested to know if anyone did it. Thank you for your reply! What happens if you capsize, will it drag dinghy down?? Do you let it go? I know the best solution is not to capsize...what if it happens... Thank you!
  2. Rekaneva

    Sailing the enterprise single handed

    trisail, thank you so much, will follow the step, brilliant. can you explain "under the masthead"? also, board down is definitely helping to recover... will it not make problem on the run, preventing sliding and heeling the dinghy, i thought it was one of my mistakes but mught be wrong. once again, appreciate all your time and help. thank you
  3. Rekaneva

    Sailing the enterprise single handed

    Wow. Thank you so much for your replies! Great tips, appreciate your help a lot. I was sailing on the weekend and I think I'm doing something basic very wrong. In strong wind or gust I did not even get to the part of rolling... I guess my mistake was centerboard way down, sitting way back, not good steering. Result - boat turns violently to leeward (surprisingly, i thought it would be windward) and capsize. It was great capsize training :-), I managed to do it 7 times, BUT still did not figure it out. Luckily now with your tips, I have more things to try, almost gave up... Any more tips or sources of information are welcomed and highly helpful. I just do not want to have feeling of giving up. Thank you.
  4. Hi, This is my first post, I hope I'm in the right place. I just got an Enterprise dinghy and I would like to master sailing it single handed. I did managed OK in light wind but in strong wind capsized right away. In strong wind I'm OK on close-hauled/ beam reach because I can let sail go and let it flap gaining control. But on the run I did not even survive 5 minutes. I'm kindly asking for help.. any tips/ information/ books/ videos about how to control big dinghy on run single handed. I did found some basic tips about laser sailing but I'm interested in any tips for how to control big dinghy with no crew member... Does any one has any information about adding ballast to dinghy? What is storm sails for enterprise? What is the fastest way to DEPOWER the boat on the run/ broad reach if wind gust comes in? Thank you for any help, RN