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  1. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Does it also concern you that there seem to be very few examples of that boat in the US? Seems like it might be more difficult to resell it down the road since less people would know about them.
  2. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Also sailed the J/80 today. I think that's going to be too much work to try to sail single-handed, and of course it also doesn't have a head, so that one probably will come off the list too.
  3. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    I saw the Beneteau First 22 today. It's a big boat with sails that look too small (maybe because it's built to be a teaching boat they don't want it to get overpowered?). Here's is my refined list with data. Definitely appreciate the suggestions about the Harbor 25!
  4. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Most everything I've found about the JK 28 is in German, and none I can find for sale in the U.S. Anyone have more information?
  5. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Hadn't considered that - just noted that most of what I'm looking at either has a flushing head or a portable head, and I don't want to have to deal with the portable one. I've had boats before with a flushing head and it hasn't been a big deal, especially since there are multiple pumpout stations close to home port.
  6. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    lasal, is that the Alerion Express 28?
  7. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Wow, that looks great. Wasn't even on my radar!
  8. leonacj3

    Daysailer 22' to 30'

    Hello, I'm looking for a daysailer in the 22' to 30' range with the following wishlist and want to make sure I haven't missed anything (the boats I'm considering are below the wishlist): - Draft no more than 5 feet (open to a swing keel) - Engine, preferably inboard (gas, diesel or electric - have to travel about 5 miles roundtrip to get to and from the ocean for open water to sail) - Flushing marine head, because I will be sailing with my teenage daughter and don't want to have to return to the marina if she needs to use the restroom - Boat that I could easily sail singlehanded for when my daughter is not with me; self-tacking jib ideal - Along the lines of something that can be sailed singlehanded or with my daughter, prefer an asymmetrical spinnaker or code zero instead of a symmetrical spinnaker - Prefer a current production boat or one that has been produced within the last 5-10 years - Doesn't need to be trailer-able - it will be kept in the water - Ideally the price would be under $75k-$85k but open to spending more for the right boat - Room in cockpit for 5-6 people comfortably for the days I bring the whole family/friends onboard - Would like something fast and fun to sail; this is why I'm considering a J/80 even though it doesn't meet some requirements above - Ideally no teak to reduce maintenance - boat will be left out in the sun in Florida Here are boats I am considering. Please let me know if I have missed anything that I should consider, and also please let me know any thoughts about these boats: Catalina 275 Sport Beneteau First 25 Beneteau First 22 Tartan Fantail Morris M29X Seascape 27 Saffier 23 SE Alerion Express 28 J/80 Thank you!