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  1. Luketougas1

    Need a FIGAWI hat

    Hey Dave-J, I can get you a Figawi Hat for 60 bucks max depending on what year.
  2. Luketougas1

    Reach legs in PHRF

    yeah i understand your points but im talking like cruising class
  3. Luketougas1

    Reach legs in PHRF

    what are you're thoughts on reach legs in phrf. I feel that its dumbing down the sport.
  4. Luketougas1

    McConaghey 38

    The problems with these boats is that the OD fleet is very small and not enough people are investing but OD is the only option. The boats are strictly OD and I dont even think building this boat to a specific rule was even considered so the boats cant sail to their rating without ditching the class and modifying the boat to fit a rule.
  5. Luketougas1

    Best Offshore Boat Ever?

    The DP 34 is by far the best racer out there
  6. Luketougas1

    New Rambler

    Yeah I agree with you 100%
  7. Luketougas1

    what is it?

    A3 or some farr design
  8. Luketougas1

    Staysail tacked on pole?

    what does that even have to do with staysails????
  9. Luketougas1

    Staysail tacked on pole?

    yeah I don't know where the hell he got that from spin staysails are most often tacked windward of centerline so the staysail can catch as much wind as possible without being stalled by the main
  10. Luketougas1

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    8 is the magic number however, you should be fine with 9 feet
  11. Luketougas1

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Hopefully, CQS and Rambler will do the race next year where the hell were they this year?!
  12. Luketougas1

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    Which 160?
  13. Luketougas1

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    It depends, are you a racer or a cruiser? Where are you out of?
  14. Luketougas1

    Nine foot draft in New England?

    Heron is very nice 160, but it would take some time and money to get that thing into racing shape. You probably could race it as is but not very competitively
  15. Luketougas1

    Transpac 2019

    I'm curious to see if they will finally be able to sail that farr 80 to it's rating