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  1. Hi All, I have finished splicing my first lower shroud and just wanted to get some feedback/advice/criticism on my plan (see photo) before doing the rest. The DUX has been spec'ed for creep using Colligo's stretch table, so the DUX is approximately 3 times the strength of the original wire. Basically, I am trying to simplify the tensioning of the rig. I want to do this by not having to tie the lashings while simultaneously tighten them. To accomplish this I am using a "whoopie sling" which can be adjusted by pulling the handle when not under load. These whoopie slings have a break strength of 70% of line strength, so should still be well above the old wire strength. When not underway and I want to tension the rig, I'll rig up a LFR on the deck and lash it with the LFR on the line (see photo). I can then tighten this using a winch or whatever and once I have it at the tension I want I can pull the handle on the sling and release the lashing. When underway, if the rig is too loose on the lee side I should be able to just pull the handle to tighten it up. My one concern is that the sling could loosen itself in some rolly conditions where the rig is swinging back and forth. If anyone can comment on this that would be great. Can anyone see any problems with this setup?