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  1. pemakris

    Severe Hull Damage

    And then I saw this guy:
  2. pemakris

    Severe Hull Damage

    Hey guys thanks. You are talking me into sense. I would not spend 50K on a boat, no way. I wouldn't spend 50K on anything that does not give you back money. And although charters may give some money back this is a very old boat for Greece (most sailboats for charters are fairly new and beefy here in the Aegean/Ionian sea). I was willing to spent 20K all together, but apart from 20K being very unrealistic I don't really have the time to work on the boat (I tried a lot to convince my self otherwise). It's exactly as Gutterblack said, seeing the ad, It felt it's too much boat for the money. So thanks again, I am keeping away.
  3. pemakris

    Severe Hull Damage

    No, I haven't seen her up close. You can see more photos in the link I placed above
  4. pemakris

    Severe Hull Damage

    Wow, honestly, I enjoy your writing. You are correct, [I just added the link of the ad but it's in Greek]. Ι'll give a try and translate the text on the add (roughly and please excuse my english):
  5. pemakris

    Severe Hull Damage

    Thanks for the information. You may find here additional photos, it's from the ad.
  6. pemakris

    Severe Hull Damage

    Hello, I maybe interested in this boat but I can't estimate the severeness of the damage. The price looks extra good, (9.000) euros for a 40 feet Beneteau Oceanis, year 1992. Although I am a bit handy(I own a machine shop) I have no experience with hull repairs and fiber glass, neither I can estimate if the location of the hole is at a critical section of the boat so it might be not repairable. Opinions please?