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  1. kaskeloten

    Most exciting race footage

    Nice venue and fantastic conditions for TV sailing with lots of wind and waves from this years World Cup in Enoshima. Could have used another camera boat since wake wouldn't be a problem. 470, Laser, Radial and Finn coming up in six hours:
  2. kaskeloten

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    They're running a Mediterranean campaign this fall with Rolex Middle Sea Race.
  3. no, all potters qualifying to the standars could possiby provide clays for the competition through sponsorship or procurement and all stonemasons could provide stones. all boat builders cannot, and that was the reason devoti launched the case according to kim andersen in the interview cited above.
  4. kaskeloten

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Well, the smaller sail is still under development according to their forum.