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    Does your mast stick straight up?

    From this Capri 14.2 tuning guide (PDF) "MAST RAKE To achieve a neutral helm we need to set the boat up with as much rake as permitted. The forestay length should be the maximum allowed (15’3 3/4” per class rules). If the forestay is short either buy a new one or add shackles until it is the right length."
  2. mdrider

    where is it?

    On board the new Hugo Boss.
  3. mdrider

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    I had the first sail on my new to me Capri 14.2 yesterday and I would say it's pretty comfortable. It has a pretty good drop from bench seat to floor, and if sitting on the gunwale the drop is even greater and the gunwale is wide and smooth. I chose this boat largely because I thought it would be one that my wife would be most comfortable in. We had a sail in an RS Quest a couple weeks ago which has a similar setup though the cockpit was a bit smaller and the boom wasn't quite as high as that on the Capri. My wife commented on liking how high the boom was on the Capri. Additionally, there isn't a lot of wood on this boat (mine is a Mod 3 so there isn't any other than the tiller) so it doesn't show its age and looks newer than many of the older (but still perfectly good) dinghys out there. Even the older Capri 14.2s only have wood on the tiller, splash rail, and cuddy cover.