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    1st post, need help understanding Westsail 32

    Don’t know what an ED is and to answer your question, yes we are having a blast. It’s just this charter got me down I guess. I thought it would be different. what type of boat should I charter in the future? I’m thinking of going to San Carlos Mexico in December and try again. Real nice folks down there at the marina. I’m told a lot of locals hang out on the docks offering charters. Should I stick to the lighter production type boats for more “fun sailing” ? thanks mark
  2. Long time reader, first post. Kind of a dilemma. I have this dream, easily attainable financially, but I’m a bit discouraged. I’m currently on va action on a tropical island with my 10 and 12 year old. Single dad full time custody. we “chartered” a Westsail 32 for a 6 hour daysail. My problem is that now I want to kill myself. Not literally of course but god what a boring, slow, nauseating ride. Prior to this, my only other charter was a 4 hour out of Seabrook on a 43’ Hunter. I know, I know everyone hates Hunters and I get it, but it was 1,000 times more fun and enjoyable than this thing I just spent all day on. my question is, does sailing get better than what I’ve experienced and how does one go about experiencing this? I thought this charter was going to be amazing, nope. I swear we made 3 knits max and hobby horses all day. Guess I just want to hear it gets better. head down in paradise. mark