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  1. The Q

    Nato leaders laughing at Trump

    The UK has a coast guard, it is separate from the RNLI, the RNLI is a charity, funded by the public donations, purely for the rescue of people in the water (they do inland in some places). The Coast guard is not on the military budget, it comes under the UK Border Agency, a half way house between the inland revenue /customs and excise, and the old functions of coast watching and stopping people smuggling. Today the Coast guard may dispatch the RNLI or independant lifeboats but do not control them. The Border agency personnel, have similar powers (at sea) to our police on land, normally they are not armed, but the bigger ships all 11 of them do carry arms, if someone does not want to come along quietly.. PS does the US veterans college courses. come out of the military Budget? The UK has nothing like that all we get is about a months worth of resettlement courses if you're lucky.. In the UK the military responsibilty for roads (General Wades roads) ended in 1803...
  2. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Sadly posting pictures of "mass support" is no indication of real levels of support, the labour party are past masters of busing supporters from all over the place, to pack the back ground. I'm not saying the others don't do it. Back in the days of Blair and co they even hired actors so the pictures would show the "right ethnic mix" This time they have flown in supporters from France and Spain, to carrry out canvassing and leaflet drops in some areas as there wern't enough supporters..
  3. The Q

    A very one design, the rebuild..

    No postings for a few weeks, as not much has been done, it took 3 weeks to get the marquee fully up due to time limits , the ground frames are loaded up with sand bags to keep it in place. The marquee is currently surviving 44 mph Gusts expected to reach 55mph tomorrow afternoon. This weekend I took my injured sailing friend to the SC for a day out... There were about a dozen dinghys out who braved the first two races before abandoning the third as the gusts, were by then exceeding 35mph. The rescue boats were busy!! a couple of picture, the second shot with added Yeoman keelboat is on the most sheltered part of the course, there's a bank of trees right of shot. The majority of the grinding down of lumps and bumps , has been completed in the rear 3 Sections, using the new angle grinder and a dremel to get into the corners, it's still not pretty and could be smoother , but it will do for now.. A patch coat of bilge paint has been appiled for the moment. Next weekend, I should do the actual area of the join and the section forward of that. Before it gets really painful working up in the bows..
  4. The Q


    Ducky Mallard?
  5. The Q


    Ok that's the bottle for day 1, 1 tot an hour, what does he get behind the 2nd door?
  6. The Q

    Credit Card Theft Anarchy

    In the UK they are going over to double confirmation online. You order online as Normal, but then an email or text is sent to you and you use the number in that to confirm the order. Or as is the case is with my bank account, the page shows a number , which I type into a little gadget they've sent me. and I type that into the page to confirm the Action.. Never had to use it yet though... I've twice had card trouble though, in both cases the criminal tried to divert the address to somewhere else. the bank claimed it was done on line.. Since with that card I don't have online banking, I think it was an inside job.
  7. The Q

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    Which means by stating the wrong reason on his twatter account, when Brazil appeals to the WTO, the range one will lose..
  8. The Q

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    so why not put the tariffs on farm goods not steel and ally?
  9. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

  10. The Q

    Home Depot? Just lost my Bizz

    I generally use One shot to clear sink drains, its 95% pure acid, but it's getting hard to get hold of due to government restrictions. Thanks to idiots attacking people with battery acid..
  11. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Most of the UK car industry is of Japanese origin, the EU concluded a no tarrif deal with Japan on cars, hence the closure of Honda.. I cant see Nissan staying much longer either way.
  12. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    There will always be poor.. Why? Because the figure they use is 60% of the average wage, The Average wage is currently about £28,000, 60% of which is £17,000 If the average wage became 100,000 then the poor would be earning less than £60,000 So the 1 in 3 will ALWAYS be the case.. The Claim of being poor using this type of figure is nonsensical. As for Food banks, whilst a great many are genuine, when you have nurses claiming they have to use them, and a Radio DJ working for the BBC using them. then you begin to wonder what they are spending their money on, because they are earning a lot more than me..
  13. The Q

    Home Depot? Just lost my Bizz

    The Problem with the Range Rover is it has fairly wide road Biased tyres. Even with all the selectronics it somethimes can be defeated. Somewhere on the net is video of a real Landrover (Series 2 IIRC) towing a Rangy off a sloped wet grass field. The Rangies tyres just couldn't grip the wet grass. Me, I've a 110, sheets of ply on the roof with the long timber. For a pallet or two hook the trailer on.. Just had Black friday, at the local Tescos (competitor to Walmart), While I was there on Friday someone bought a huge tv.. then took it to their car... A Smart car...
  14. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    An odd review.. I pass through 3 constituencies on my way to work, one is blue , one is Orange and the 3rd has been Red or Blue. Normally there are hundreds of Orange diamonds up in all 3 areas. This time 1 set of orange in the orange area and thats it. Normally there are several sets of red oblongs up in each areas, this year 1 in the Orange and one in the Red / Blue area. Normally there is 1 Blue very big oblong on a farmers field in the Blue Area, no others, this year there are a couple normal sized in each area..