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  1. The Q

    Room to Tack question

    The start of the 3 Rivers Race, 1st June 2019, at about 11:30, a Slow Cruiser class, one of about 15 starts of different boats from 14ft to 45Ft . Luckily for that lot the tide is going out, so it didn't take that long for them to split up. The three with the fenders out are almost certainly Hire craft, and and the hirers probably don't want the bill for damages. The rest are private owners, and probably don't have their down. The Hire yard, daft enough to allow people to race their boats.. The river is a 90 degree bend there, so the river stretches up to the right of the camera, the start line this side is a few feet from the camera, but is heavily angled off to the right to give a long start line.. The worst Year I've watched, all 100 plus boats were within 200 yards of the camera.. 2019 about 70 boats did manage to complete the course, as the wind got up fairly well soon after. The Three Rivers Race, 50 miles , 3 bridges to go under (twice), 24 hours to complete the course.. Tide at that point in the picture, 19 miles inland by river, varies from about 3 mph out to 2 mph in.. Getting your choice of route for tide and wind is most important..
  2. The Q

    Room to Tack question

    Room To Tack!!!
  3. The Q

    My season just ended, and...

    S&A are responsible for a great many taking up sailing, and in my case the books the Coot Club and Big six are responsible for me moving to Norfolk. When you complete your trade training in the RAF, you put in a choice of three places you'd like to be posted to.. which you don't normally get.. However since I'd never been to Norfolk except in the books, I put in for it and strangely I got it... After spending about 5 years posted here, I liked it and in particular the challenges of sailing here. So when I left the RAF and with my family spread around the country, so not having an affiliation to one place, I tried to move back here, it took 11 years. We have several Club members who can no longer sail, they still come down and sit out the front in the sun having a coffee and a Bacon roll (or eggy banjo). But the advantage of our waters, if you can get on a boat even with help.. you can still sail.. The sailing club at Horning, just 100 yards from the staithe mentioned in the books..
  4. The Q

    My season just ended, and...

    Grockles is a west country term for tourists, it's believe to have been started following the antics of a 1920s children's book character , a dragon, who wandered about causing trouble without realising it was were doing it.. The Other term from the Arthur Ransome books, used on the broads is "Hullaballoos" generally used for drunken LOUD tourists who cause navigational chaos. Those hiring a motor boat are lucky if they get 1/2 hours training, they mostly don't bother reading the manuals supplied nor these days watch the online Videos . And the chances of them having read the Navigational regulations are nil (mind you there are many motorboat owners who've never read them either.) Over the years I've seen them run into river banks on a straight bit of river. Get lost when you can only go up or down river. Abandon the helm to the girlfriend, an say you take over, I'm going to the toilet.. she stood there shouting what to I do.. about which time they ran into a moored boat at 90 degrees splitting it from the cabin roof to below the water line. Some drunken hullabloos playing pass the parcel with the lit mini gas cooker they unhooked from it's mounting.. Instant barbeques on the gas locker is a favourite and the common one taking boats through bridged that are too short..
  5. The Q

    My season just ended, and...

    I too sail all year round, not down in Secret waters, but up here in the Coot club about 50- 60 miles north of you. A Late ex commodore of the summer club went down to sail permanently in your area, sadly he died comparatively young. Our winter sailing club has just started it's season last Sunday, with the big Tri-Icycle race next Sunday, and the Yeoman Nationals the weekend after that. it really can be beautiful, out sailing over the winter, few grockles and few locals out to disturb the wildlife. drifting along near sunrise or sunset is always a favourite..
  6. Gear lever, you can just see the bottom of, (4 speed or later models 5 speed.) Red lever High and low range gears,, Yellow lever 2 or 4 wheel drive, And I think that's the Fairey Overdrive, black lever far left, Giving you 16 or 20 forward speeds and 4 reverse.. You could have fitted free wheeling front hubs to add to the complication.. Oh and the big black lever with the white button is your hand brake.. Being in the UK of course most cars are manual gearbox although the number of Autos is slowly increasing. I've only driven an auto a couple of times , both when the hire yard only had Auto's left.. mind you that normally meant I got a higher spec car as well. So any arriving here from elsewhere and only used to an Auto, remember to specify that you want an auto from the hire yard..
  7. The Q

    A very one design, the rebuild..

    Oh I forgot to mention this Sunday is the Tri-icycle race Run by Snowflake Sailing Club , a sort of mini 3 Rivers Race, on 3 section of the rivers. About 22 miles to do if the wind and tide is right so they can set the full course.. and normally the time limit is from 10:00 to should sail from Horning to Upton Dyke to Womack dyke , and back to Horning. Vessels from 45ft down to 14ft the rivers are at most 100ft wide, so there is lots of tacking. Normal years 30 to 50 Boats, how many this covid year I have no idea. Sadly the club Webcams are down due to a rebuild of the web site.. SO unless the volunteer IT man gets some time to get them back online there'll be no live pictures . Sadly I can't compete this year as my crewmate is still using a walking frame after his motorcycle accident last year.
  8. The Q

    A very one design, the rebuild..

    Well, the nearer reclaim yard did have the roof tiles I needed and only £1:80 per tile so I bought a dozen , and will probably go back for more, it would be a good Idea to have more in stock, with the exposed position of the house.. I got one coat of varnish on top of the boat name, it probably needs another couple.. The first set of Shelves was extended, then a shelf was added for SWMBO's old Ghetto blaster by the work bench, it has been donated to me as she no longer has a use for it.. It's now set to a classical channel on the radio, it has cassettes but I doubt they will get used again, though the CD player might.. ..and then some electrical work was done. First was to split the power sockets from the lighting circuit, yes some real cowboys fitted out this garage.. At the same time a new distribution box was fitted.. gone are are the old fuse wires,, in are resettable contact breakers and a RCD (equivalent to a GFI ). Later I found one of the sockets had no earth connection to the earth pin... a good 1/2 inch gap between the end of the wire and it's terminal... it could never have been made to connect..... I have on order more double sockets, some switches and 4 4ft LED batten lights, further electrical work will continue next week. That includes, 4 sockets for a charging station, so many battery powered tools these days, 2 sockets near the site for the lathe, 4 sockets by the work bench including one that has a USB output (that one is also for the Ghetto blaster). 2 sockets in the workshop store room, 2 Sockets in the garage half of the building.. Work shop store room? yep not only is the workshop being partitioned off from the garage, but I've decided to partition off the back half the workshop side. That will mean much less area to be heated, and more wall space for tools and shelving.. Anyway the work bench is now clear of the detritus which has been sorted and put on the first set of Shelving. So the keel is now clear to be worked on, I'll finally get round to bonding the ballast lump to the wooden keel stub next weekend, before getting the sparks right.. Time to continue measuring this current shunt, now it's warmed up, the last of 4 sets of 20 measurements 2A to 20A..
  9. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    The NSDAP won that election but didn't legally win any others, your comparison of Hitler /NDSAP and the tories is just insulting nonsense
  10. BRITISH HISTORY or to be correct the history of at those times of / Scotland England Wales, Ireland and to a lesser extent the Nederlands and Hanover. you'll note I said "More Directly", I know the above but the answer didn't need that complication. Queen Mary her sister Queen Anne were daughters of James 2 / 7, sadly none of Annes many children survived. William of Orange's mother was Charles 1st's Daughter, so both him and his wife had Scottish ancestry. As of the house of Hanover, George 1 was the grandson of James 1 / 6
  11. The current royal family is descended from the Scottish royal family, more directly than the English Royal family due to the Dead end with Elizabeth 1st.. Anyway Fish face Sturgeon is angling for the job as President.. I would not want to inflict the the orange duck on Scotland, he caused enough disruption with that golf development. Nowhere near the amount of jobs he claimed, evil tricks like cutting off private homes water supplies to try to get them to sell..
  12. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    So you suggest 8 million people should have a priority over 58 Million!? And what about Wales? 6 million people in Scotland of which of those who bothered to vote, 38% Voted to leave, Under 2 million in in NI of which of those who bothered to vote, 44.2% Voted to leave. 3.25 Million People of Wales , of which of those who bothered to vote, 52.5% Voted to leave, 54 Million on England of which of those who bothered to vote, of which 53.38% Voted to leave. Things were not as black and white as the remainers / SNP would have you believe. Ps, I voted remain.. But i believe in democracy which many remainers don't seem too.
  13. The Q

    François Gabart and his M101

    M101... wonder where he got the name.. Here's M102 a preserved WW2 Motor Torpedo boat..
  14. The Q

    Room to Tack question

    This is common in our river racing, the start line for instance has wooden quay headings both ends of the line.. (Mostly 20ft ish keel boats but anything from oppies to 45ft yachts could be out there) It's all about judgement on whether the blue boat can drop under yellow in a Seaman like manner, if it's a huge swerve barely in control, then Yellow is a fault, if its a gentle drop of the nose, the Yellow will be OK, IF the Blue boat has completed her tack. And that is what the dispute would be in the protest, If blue hasn't completed her tack therefore she hasn't been given room, if she has completed her tack then it's port starboard. You need witnesses or better a video to prove this one.. The worst situation I've had in this, was about 35 years ago, admittedly in a fleet of dinghies, not keelboats. We had both ends of the fleet calling for room to tack off the bank, and the middle of the fleet calling for water round the buoy... I came out of it well, most of the fleet were so locked together, they all went on past the buoy while sorting themselves out. A couple of other slow boats and me swept round the buoy in comparative space, to be chased down later..
  15. The Q

    Some Old Design Clippings

    Tradition, fashion and hydrodynamics, Most of those boats were designed before there were the results of computers / hydrodynamic flow computation/ and testing. The designers were following on from long keeled boats, but with a fin, so a cutaway forward resulting in that swept back look. More recently the results of all the tests and computations have shown better performance of a fin keel, with a more vertical look. IIRC the latest thinking is for the leading edge for most cruising boats should be around 17 degrees of sweep back and the aft end near vertical. The faster the boat the more vertical the leading edge, hence very little sweep back if any on foilers. Expect fashion following designers, to start adding all sorts of foils to boats that don't need it, like the fashion for winged keels a few years ago..