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  1. The Q

    Dinghy String Drop system

    Yep that's what we used.
  2. Had you been in the UK I'd have recommended one of these I race the fixed keel version the Yeoman, it's comfortable has a deep cockpit that when cruising can take 4 adults. I've raced when the wind reached 40knots ( inland) hard work but the boat can take it. I think this style of boat is what you are looking for.
  3. The Q

    Dinghy String Drop system

    We had a wind in drum on our boat, (2 man 20ft open keelboat) but only to take up the slack in the halyard ( no chute ), the speed depends on the crew hauling it up fast enough. Having the halyard disappear out of the way made for a quicker haul up simply by getting yards of string out of the way.
  4. The Q

    Found my boat on Google Maps

    My motor boat, probably 18 months ago. Bottom of picture middle of 3 moored boats. Top right of picture sailing club with 3 boats on the frontage.
  5. The Q


    After some fairly Noisy neighbours in our last house, SWMBO's instructions for this one were no neighbours.. Which is pretty impossible in the UK.. But none for a mile behind, One, to the left shares part of a boundary then none for half a mile. Retired pensioner lady. One, 45 degrees across the road out front, then nothing much till the North Sea. Young couple with a boy and a girl, we did at one point get footballs in the garden, but Ben the Collie sees those off with a fine set of teeth, so that doesn't happen any more. One, 400 yards away to the right (school teacher and family) very quiet. Oh the previous house? the neighbour, with two teenage children, had a series of boy friends and seemed to have shouting matches at stupid times in the morning.. Daren't report the noise to the police, because if you do, it has to be on the property details when you sell it. If you don't report it, you can deny all knowledge of it to the buyer.. We got out of there as soon as we could, especially when two different sets off drug dealers moved in nearby and started having a turf war..
  6. As above, can't compete with that Fastnet My somewhat lesser worst race, a 24hour race, in an open no cabin keelboat, rained heavily for the first 17hours, then broke the tabernacle lowering the mast for the last bridge, had to motor home.
  7. The Q

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    The UK online estimator was wrong!!! I got the pfizer jab a couple of hours ago. 1 day after the estimator counted down to zero. To be precise I was injected with COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 Very well organised, Arrive at car park, someone checks you are on the list. Go to door of hall someone, checks you haven't got or been in contact with covid in the last 2 weeks, Into reception, you're issued a card with your details on it and the details of the jab. Go inside shown to a chair, person calls up your records on computer, check that agrees with who you say you are, then checks your records and you say the same thing on allergies ( I'm susceptible to malignant hyperpyrexia under anaesthesia) and diabetic. You get stabbed, Shown to another chair, if no reactions in 15 minutes you can leave, they will contact you when it's time for jab 2. 30+ percent of the UK adult population have now had jab 1. About 10% have had jab 2.
  8. The Q

    Dinghy String Drop system

    That looks an interesting boat, I'm surprised it didn't become popular over here particularly on the Norfolk broads. The draft is right (more than 3ft and you're in danger of running aground here. Also the tall rig to catch the wind over the trees . The inboard rudder is good too, less chance of hitting it in the shallows near a river bank while tacking. It's in essence the idea behind my design for my own boat, narrow 4ft on a LWL of 16ft for easy driving through the water.. Sorry can't help with your idea for the winding in the spinnaker halyard, I'm guessing your line the skipper would pull is a continuous loop line to the drum like certain dinghy furling drums for jibs, winding round a bigger drum to bring in the halyard line. The other end of the loop being by the skipper round a block on a bungy to keep the tension on.
  9. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Here's a thought, if Scotland leaves the UK, who does NI go with? Ulster was "planted" mostly with Scots and the NI protestants are traditionally Known as "Ulster Scots".
  10. The Q

    North American deep freeze

    Most Cell towers this side of the pond have standby generators in the cabin at the foot of the mast, they'll last a couple of days before needing refueling.
  11. The Q

    3 Rivers Race 2021

    Well, Boris has announced the plan for getting out of Lock Down, Outdoor sports allowed from March 29th, The rule of Six Disappears on May 17th. So all is go for the 60th 3 Rivers Race on 5/6th June 2021.. 250 - 300 competitors in 100 -150 boats plus 100 officials around the course, 24 hours to do 50 miles, including three bridges to lower your mast for.. Entries as above ( Thanks Amati). Just to be annoying our club season opener was Due Mar 28th... which now can't go on till the following week..
  12. The Q

    A very one design, the rebuild..

    This weekend, more metal bashing, two pieces were cut off the old flat bed for use. The rest of the flat bed was cut into useable pieces for the might come in handy pile. The smaller piece goes between the sides of the previously processed section, it will spread the weight of the boat onto the axle. That piece has now been trimmed to size and cleaned up for painting. The larger piece goes at the front end of the section that will have the keel resting on it. It goes from side to side transferring the weight onto the A frame of the Trailer, 40 inches forward of the Axle. It's been trimmed roughly, and dry fitted. It just needs a little fettling, then derusting, before painting with the little piece. I was going to weight the trailer but the bathroom scales failed.. They are 30 years old plus .. A new set has been ordered. The trailer needs to be raised up to work on it, I'm going to get some foundation blocks this week for the purpose, they will be used later to raise up the boat to fit the keel.. More playing with the PRHF spread sheet seems to indicate a Norfolk Handicap of about 13%, that's slightly faster than an Enterprise but slower than a Laser. I need to do more work on the spreadsheet though to add more information. 4 MDF sheets were demolished into sections for shelving and uprights in the library Three more shelves were installed, as were two uprights for the next section of shelving.
  13. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I recognize many of the places, it just missed my sailing club, though one of the members boats was moored outside the pub along side. The racing dinghies with the B on the sail are being raced at Wroxham Broad. They are "Norfolk Dinghies" galvanized steel plate "board", brass and copper buoyancy tank.. I used to have a share in one, you have to be an owner to helm during racing. Sadly the main owner was going blind and had to give up sailing .All those in the film are still racing. Some of those very sailing cruisers are still for hire .. here.. They've been updated to have LED lighting, and... that's it, no engine no other changes..
  14. The Q

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    From that picture it's very hard to tell whether pointing down or swinging to one side. It was, at one time, common for Norfolk Broads sailing cruisers to swing the bowsprit or jib club leading end out to one side . You get better down wind performance, but at the expense of making it harder to get good forestay tension for windward work. There are a couple of old Broads cruisers in my club that can do this. However current thinking, especially for racing, is a conventional jib is generally more effective.
  15. The Q

    California boaters card???

    Same in the UK