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  1. Navig8tor

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    I,J,P& E measurements are usually given for most production sailboats so if you don't know you can usually find out, most PHRF certs have that info too then its add some for antenna and a plus that you are comfortable with as a margin of error. If you don't know after that go to the mark 1 manual method: hoist a tape on the main halyard and add some for top of mast and antenna and don't forget to add down to the waterline. Most bridge strikes occur because someone hasn't factored for tide or they are in a hurry and trying to beat a bridge going down.
  2. Navig8tor

    We're out of the WHO

    If he starts at Fucktard.
  3. Navig8tor

    Tips For Being Rescued

    You are correct a too late in the evening brain fade.
  4. Navig8tor

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Are the cops taking the opportunity to upgrade the Police Station? Sadly nothing seems impossible anymore, I am sure the misinformation is running up the rhetoric, after all its an election year.
  5. Navig8tor

    I hate Yacht brokers

    Think you may be onto what has actually transpired here SCANAS, that said 108 sounds like he should have clearly communicated the condition and avoided what has obviously decended into a he said/ he said clusterfuck And no delivery skipper I know would have pushed of the dock without knowing who was paying how and when.
  6. Navig8tor

    I hate Yacht brokers

    It appears the broker was not included in the "they" and yet he offers to contribute?
  7. Donnies about to find out............ you can live on twitter or die on twitter. Jack Dorsey has 4.9 Billion....and a conscience,. donnie small hands -not so much and zero conscience , I am thinking Jack might have Donnie calming down real soon.
  8. Oh its a thing of beauty Dorsey says fuck you to Donnie, so unfair- so very unfair, the adults in the room might actually prevail. Laughing so hard now because Donnies probably having a nuclear meltdown and dying to have a twitter tantrum......... and he can't . There is a God or Karma or both. FUCK, I love this place.
  9. Navig8tor

    Pun Slinger Flicked ?

    Oh wait +666 Wheres Pun when you need to rub it in, oh well never mind
  10. Navig8tor

    Pun Slinger Flicked ?

    Wait, is Jeff an honorary Aussie?
  11. Navig8tor

    Tips For Being Rescued

    PAN PAN is good for any non life threatening event, if for instance someone came across the boat still floating they could issue a Pan Pan call to advise of a vessel at location XY drifting this way as a danger to navigation.
  12. Navig8tor

    I hate Yacht brokers

    So you just slipped it into the S&P agreement, did you discuss with the broker or the old owner the expectations of such? Sounds like you are trying to be cute and then piling on the broker who appears to have been oblivious to the clause or the expectation. Buyers are Liars, Sellers are arseholes and never trust a broker is an oft repeated adage, but it does sound like you are being at the very least an arsehole. Some brokers are dubious but many are diligent and often work long and hard between paychecks I am sure that many brokers would hate you as a client.
  13. Nothing to see here, donnie is simply creating his own Ministry of Truth. It's a most useful distraction from a death toll tipping over 6 figures.. I have visions of Miller and Kushner who we know are both incapable of thinking this shit up, they probably have a copy of1984 as their playbook cause they think it will surely make libbyrul heads explode.
  14. Navig8tor

    Pun Slinger Flicked ?

    Don't worry he'll be back, like a sideshow whacka-mole.
  15. I wonder what would happen if dorsey said Fuck it I have made my millions and I'm shutting twitter down because this is not about free speech its about lies masquerading as speech being openly sponsored by the POTUS. I can imagine Trump would be very quick to suggest he shouldn't be so hasty. Lets face it they need each other, but when one starts swinging a big stick......I for one would love it if dorsey said "ya know what, you just overstepped".