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    Let the Bitch Burning begin.....

    First thing I would be doing is having a talk with each and everyone of the oversight people that Donnie fired, why would you fire people like that unless you were specifically up to no good? Donnie knows the system and he knows the law moves at a snails pace he will be grifting to offset any penalty imposed. The IRS and the State of NY should be along shortly to seize assets and money and Donnie will scream and the faithful will donate, it will be a shit show for a while but even the faithful will tire of the daily dumpster fire that keeps Donnie front and Center of the news cycle especially when Billy Bob down the street dies of Covid.
  2. They don’t care if you voted R or not, it’s their fucking money. Still a dick move by a most Trumpian Dick. This is just the start won’t be any toys in the sand pit when Donnie moves out. Dems want a nice transition, think they are gonna have to pull the big stick out and prosecute a few of minions pulling shit like this, and throw them in jail for ignoring the subpoenas.
  3. That could depend on whether its tapered or straight.
  4. Navig8tor

    When I Win the Lottery

    Did my first Trans Atlantic Palma to Antgua on Jaguar '87 Fond memories shame they put that weird radar arch at the stern don't think it ever looked right.
  5. Navig8tor

    Let the Bitch Burning begin.....

    ^^^ This, If some of this crowd don't get prosecuted. because the country needs to heal and move on, watch out, the next candidate the GOP puts up will make Donnie and his gang look like the amateurs they are. This sort of behavior needs shown up as unacceptable, to be stomped on and then burnt, do nothing at your peril.
  6. Navig8tor

    Fraud: What Are The Red Flags?

    Tucker seriously.......the guy that claimed to have earth shattering goss on Hunter but then lost it in the mail with no second copy, where is that piece of shocking news now probably got flushed with the ratings, all of the talking heads on Fox have been relegated to entertainers, irrelevant ones at that. Laura admitting that Biden won was humble pie comedy gold.
  7. Navig8tor

    Twitterer In Chief

    He was only there for the golf and to make librul heads explode. Of course the kids were well positioned on the inside to make money from his most outrageous utterances. The Mercian taxpayer paid 150 mill for me to play golf and I got to bill the SS for being on my properties protecting me....suckers!
  8. Yep missed that development too. I am hopeful that someone with a patriotic streak has been quietly collecting the intel on Donnie’s myriad and somewhat dubious moves. The added bonus would be if it can be proved that Donnie and the kids have indeed been selling the country out on orders from Vlad or his intermediaries. I am guessing things are going to get most interesting for the Trump clan about a week after Joe takes office. Yes I know Joe wants to move to heal the nation and move on from the debacle that was Donnie but I’m picking the more we learn the more apparent it will be that Donnie needs to go down. That will also help silence the annoying little squeak that will be Trump playing to his faithful for the duration of Biden’s tenure
  9. Trump forgets that what he has done can be quickly undone. Executive Orders anyone?
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    Agree, however Bush the Dumber was a Statesman compared to Donnie Dumbfuck.
  11. Navig8tor


    Let the complete character assassination of the above named begin, I'm sure Rudy's legal eagles will take one last futile stab at this, destroying the life of another republican in the process the turkeys.
  12. Navig8tor

    Netanyahu in Saudi Arabia

    Birds of a feather.......
  13. Navig8tor

    Where will Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump run?

    Donnie and the kids being deemed a flight risk- oh the irony. I'm guessing they might be required to stick around a while and answer a few pressing questions under oath, so very unfair.
  14. The great irony here is had he grabbed this pandemic by the balls and dealt with it, you would be looking at a President for life, funny how some things work out.
  15. Navig8tor

    Is GITMO too good for Trump?

    Gitmo with the Aircon off, and no Hamberders, I'd give the fucker a week.
  16. Navig8tor


    Still won't believe it till the MF has left the White House, the bonus will be the MF attending court for his first arraignment. Meanwhile, I imagine the burn room is going 24/7.....
  17. You couldn't give them a shovel and ask them to dig a deeper hole, ironic.
  18. He picks the best, everyone is saying it. We have come to realize that his best is cheap, much like the Gold and Mirrors decor he surrounds himself with, it actually screams insecurity to all but his most faithful elk for them its a sign he is a very smart businessman and they are unworthy, SAD.
  19. Navig8tor

    Trumps legal fees

    He doesn't like it when they get caught. "Does being captured make you a hero? I don't know. I'm not sure"
  20. Navig8tor

    Trumps legal fees

    Yep Barr and his followers are up to no good, like the problem child that suddenly goes real quiet, think about it this way, he’s either up to no good or he’s prepping for indictments addressed to him that could mean jail time, he’s gonna protect Donnie with legal till the end which I do hope is soon because the whole thing is turning into a farcical debacle!
  21. Navig8tor

    Beggaring Biden

    They just need to drag a couple of the miscreants into the street and have them dealt to by a few that have lost relatives to Donnie’s Covid intransigence then the enablers might not be so willing to assist in the Trumps scorched earth outlook. I do hope the MF does time for this bullshittery he ain’t just putting Biden at a disadvantage the whole friggin country is gonna pay for this. Not Donnie he has gone through his entire life without being affected by the consequences of his actions.
  22. Oh now you’re just turning the screws......
  23. Metric or Imperial? I know that causes lotsa nuttiness.