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  1. That depends on the nut and how tight.
  2. Lefty loosey, righty tighty works here too. Who knew.!
  3. Navig8tor

    LONQR 2

    Rubbish Beer You could probably drink 45 in a sitting barely get a buzz and just have to piss a lot.
  4. Navig8tor

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Might be time Alex invested in an old school Swan 65 at least we know that it will likely finish the race.
  5. Navig8tor

    BLM's new initiative...Abolish prisons.

    Oh and Lock em up has worked so very well hasn’t it. The Netherlands has done just this with remarkable success. The thinking goes rather than spend all this money on building new prisons and incarceration why don’t we invest that money on social support and services targeting the individual-designed to stop the criminal behaviour and recidivism dead. I have posted a link previously outlining this concept. They are actually closing prisons down but frankly I can’t be asrsed finding the link. Because it will be far too socialist ( No that does not mean Communist) for you two to take seriously and besides there’s big money involved in prisons in the US and the powers that be ain’t gonna stop that gravy train.
  6. Eww that’s like sticking some Bagpipes up his arse, if he farts will they wail? Or squeak? Expect a Twitter rant.... it’s what the wank brain does!
  7. Navig8tor

    Twitterer In Chief

    30 Days! I’m hoping Donnie gets a lifetime.
  8. If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer...oopsie .I mean winter. Where is Mr Barr? Is he out back scribbling his name out of every Trump Administration document that he can lay his hands on? Like a child up to no good he’s suddenly gone mighty quiet.
  9. Navig8tor

    First Daughter Elect

    But not before someone threw up in your garden and pissed all over your plants,
  10. Navig8tor

    Don Jr. Caught Himself a Hoax

    Agree, if Donnie had "actually" caught it, he would have gone down like a pole axed kitten, given what we know about his shitty health I would doubt the fucker despite all of the best docs and medicine would ever get up again. Hopefully history reveals it to be just another of Donnies pathetic efforts to remain front and center of the news cycle. Junior deserves a dose of Long Covid and an intubation.
  11. A prison bull dyke ain’t gonna mind....
  12. Navig8tor

    trump supporters

    Same MO. Same not quite on point meme use, same vapid comments, same Obsessive defense of Donnie The Dumbfuck. Same?
  13. Poor Baby will have to go into a room with a Judge and lawyers and actually tell the truth, oh the embarrassment. William Barr please pick up the Red’s urgent. Say can a President pardon a family member or is that crossing some conflict of interest line? As if that this sort of thing would even bother Donnie.
  14. Navig8tor

    trump supporters

    And most elect their new Govts in weeks not the perpetual and interminable money laundering debacle that is the US election cycle.
  15. Navig8tor

    trump supporters

    And poof like a miracle they went away.
  16. Navig8tor

    Twitterer In Chief

    Is @ActuallyIamalyingAsshole taken?
  17. Navig8tor

    Don Jr. Caught Himself a Hoax

    Principles and Morals are buried there somewhere too. Pride ? Can’t seem to find it here.
  18. Navig8tor

    Is the kiwi boat the most radical?

    Think you are onto it Grrr it’s not one thing or another it’s the overall package and probably the algorithms that give that package an optimal return given the myriad factors coming into play.
  19. Navig8tor

    Don Jr. Caught Himself a Hoax

    I found this helpful while going through lock down here in NZ. Self testing for Covid-19 Pour a measure of Whiskey, Gin or Rum into a glass and then see if you can smell it. If you can, then drink it and if you can taste it it's pretty reasonable to assume you are currently free of the virus. I tested myself nine times last night and was virus free each time thank goodness. I will test myself again today because I have developed a headache which can also be a symptom. Remember be diligent and test often.
  20. Navig8tor

    Results as they come in

    When are the bullshitters gonna start doing some time or paying a fine for the BS, it seems they admit the BS but pay no actual price for it, that has to change it's only encouraging more of the same.
  21. Navig8tor

    Georgia Certifies Results.

    And lose 30 out of 31 Electoral Lawsuits. Truth and Courts of Law are really upsetting Donnies political trajectory , SAD.
  22. Navig8tor

    Big Announcement cumming soon.

    These amateurs make the Keystone Cops look like shining examples of judicial professionalism. Just need to ping a couple for felony electoral interference it will be amazing how truthful the rest will suddenly become.
  23. Navig8tor

    Reality distortion fields

    Facebook is not helping Zuckerberg is making squillions peddling the spread of misinformation, at least Dorsey and Twitter had the balls to label the bullshit in Donnies twits. The world loves conspiracy theory connected by tenuous dots it seems, most are too friggin lazy to say stop wait a minute this doesn't make sense its bullshit, Donnie now is a classic he tells lies and repeats them to the point his elk simply follow and belief, SAD.
  24. Navig8tor

    And Sen. Rick Scott Has It.

    I guess if you have it the vaccine is not really gonna help, do they get to have the super dooper extra special treatment that Donnie got? You know the treatment the other 250 k should have had if they could afford it or it wasn't covered by their Healthcare plan. I mean what Donnie got was social medicine was it not?