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    Reality distortion fields

    Ahhh remember the good old days where Truth wasn't Alternative Facts. The country has descended into parody, liars and bullshitters have sniffed the gullible in the air and they are going turbo grift, fuck you I'm gonna get mine. All because of one bullshitting asshole who kicked the Truth door down and made telling documented lies every day of his tragic tenure something somehow acceptable? The media paying attention to the Attention Whore is part of the problem, but every fucking day this asshole delivered another shit sandwich and he lost an election because of it! You're a long way down this rabbit hole, hopefully someone with integrity and leadership leads you back out, I won't hold my breath. It used to be that media and journalists reported the facts and let you decide the path forward based upon the arguments presented , they worked out a while ago if they told you what you wanted to hear they could keep you captive and maintain their market share. Freedom of Speech in America has become the freedom to lie and distort the truth and rewrite history or dilute it so the lessons history provides us are no longer clear. Without truth, democracy will disintergrate as we are witnessing now. The truth here is: Donnie doesn't give a fuck about democracy he is trying to stay out of jail.
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    Big Announcement cumming soon.

    A chuckle from The Independant All of these claims have been refused by election officials from both parties, and yet they swirl around in conservative media outlets and online echo chambers and back to Rudy Giuliani’s notepad. Mr Giuliani repeatedly made the case for these claims to be heard in a court. "Give us an opportunity to prove it in court, and we will,” he said, as if there was some malevolent force preventing him from doing so. The trouble with that statement is that the Trump campaign has lost 30 out of the 31 lawsuits it has filed since election day. Every time Mr Trump’s legal team has tested its claims in a court, they have been thrown out. Mr Giuliani, with his stubborn insistence that there is still a viable path for Mr Trump to remain in the White House, increasingly resembles the Black Knight from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’. At each press conference he appears with another limb missing, shouting ‘tis but a scratch!” at the top of his voice. It is precisely because the legal pathway for Mr Trump is so narrow that his team is now reportedly pursuing an altogether more sinister strategy. In recent days, people familiar with the president’s strategy say he is focused on persuading Republican legislators to intervene on his behalf in battleground states and somehow cast their state’s electoral votes in his favour. According to a Reuters report, Mr Trump’s lawyers are “seeking to take the power of appointing electors away from the governors and secretaries of state and give it to friendly state lawmakers from his party, saying the US Constitution gives legislatures the ultimate authority.” That effort will likely go the way of the 30 lawsuits that have already fallen flat. But the damage done to American democracy, to its institutions, will last much longer.
  3. And any other entity that he has thrown under the bus because he’s an asshole. It shouldn’t come out of the public purse- it should come out of the MF’s bank account-LOCK HIM UP!
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    Big Announcement cumming soon.

    Wait till he starts rolling in the other dog shit, he'll be the only one in the neighbourhood thinking his aroma is great.
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    Hey Donnie!! It’s Your Turn

  6. Navig8tor

    Hey Donnie!! It’s Your Turn

    A distant third.
  7. Navig8tor

    Hey Donnie!! It’s Your Turn

    Hopefully some of the elk are realising what a complete ass and self indulgent prick their man is, pretty sure their momma would have called it.......if she were alive.....
  8. Navig8tor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    suspect it's something that used to be called a mainsheet, but I could be wrong........
  9. Navig8tor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Aero and Hydro slippery, hope theres enough Aero lift
  10. Navig8tor

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    All I know is I dont wanna be on that foredeck thats an invite to go swim.
  11. Navig8tor

    Frank Butler - 8 bells

    Remember talking with Frank about a friends Catalina, it was relatively new that had cracking in radiusses and around some deck fittings. He aked me a few questions to establish thatI if I knew what I was talking about and was satisfied, 2-3 days later arrived the factory batched gelcoat to do the fix. Man knew how to stand firmly behind his product and he was well aware that while bad news could travel fast looking after the customer would pay in spades. Its a great shame more CEO's especially in the marine biz, didn't go through the Frank Butler School of Customer Service.
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    Donald is not fucking around?

    Telling the truth, it's political suicide in the Trump admin, everyone is sayin it. If you aren't spinning like a top and aligning with Donnies version of reality which is "It was rigged and we wuz robbed" Your Political future is gonna be short.
  13. Navig8tor

    Impossible to MAGA

    How much will it cost to avoid prosecution and jail time? An obnoxious American that thinks throwing enough money at anything will make any problem go away. That may have worked grifting but public office requires accountability, not one of DJT’s strong suits. Loser.
  14. Until they discover all of the uppers, downers and non script adderall on board. And the interstate underage hookers then it’s gonna get interesting. We haven’t heard from Ghislaine lately, that might get interesting shortly too.
  15. Navig8tor

    Grassley has the rona

    Might have to amend their party affiliation from (D) to ( ND) Not Deceased.
  16. Navig8tor

    Donald Trump the uniter

    Mitch needs a debilitating stroke, a long complex and very expensive one.
  17. Navig8tor

    Trump talked out of strike on Iran

    I'm sure someone at the WH can provide the coordinates addresses for Cyrus Vance and Letitia James. Hopefully all of the dirt NY has is backed up at three different locations just in case..
  18. Navig8tor

    Trump talked out of strike on Iran

    Be just like that asshole to start a war he knows Biden will have to finish, probably illegal too but that's never stopped him before has it.
  19. Navig8tor

    The United States of War

    Up like a Covid bell curve......
  20. Navig8tor

    brazilian style parking

    I was expecting a close shave but this, was unexpected. Looks like some one was jumping to the dock and snagged the throttle somehow which might explain the sudden accerleration Well fortunately its all on vid because you would never be able to explain all of the damage any other way. Probably gave someone at insurance a headache edit see Eva Od beat me too it.
  21. Navig8tor

    Will Trump Burn the Evidence?

    Cut the bottom of the tie off and you have a yellow triangle, that little triangle marked 8 million of his contempories getting a one way trip to a place of unimaginable horror, a lesson this particular POS has failed to learn. Indeed he seems to have adopted the lessons of his forefathers oppressors, hopefully he goes down for it bigly. Used to be a good Nazi was a dead Nazi, amazing what 75 years does to the lessons learned.
  22. Navig8tor

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Going full retard while saying hi to the suckers and losers as he goes golfing, in the midst of a pandemic, jail cannot come soon enough for the prick
  23. Navig8tor

    Does he actually have a covid distro plan??

    The only plan is the cover your ass, destroy any evidence, avoid jail plan ........everything else....... you are on your fuckin own- because you didn't vote for me and I WON..
  24. In some democracies having previously been a bankrupt excludes you from running for public office. Beginning to understand why. That right there would be a good start and, if passed into law would slam the door on the current crop of grifters.