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  1. 33 minutes ago, Gouvernail said:

    100 US citizens died of Trumpvirus while Lame Duck was spewing his tale of lies. 



    If there was ever a more deserving individual for a really bad , I can’t breathe case of Covid it’s one D.J. Trump

    Is he gone yet? Has he stopped whining yet?

    I imagine him at the pearly gates raising a fuss insisting he’s a VIP and St Pete just smiling as he says you’re in the wrong line.

  2. Pardons.

    I guess nobody has told Donnie they don’t mean shit if the states come after you.

    SDNY is hopefully just the first of many and they do appear to have been most diligent despite wingman Barr running interference.

    Barr is another prime candidate for some forensic judicial review.

    The great irony is Donnie is such a narcissist one has to wonder if he will throw his own kids under the bus to preserve his sway over the cult of followers.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Ishmael said:

    Except the flora, fauna, and inhabitants want to kill and/or eat you.

    Oh look its a glow in the dark canadian...ummm I thought all of the nuclear testing was done 30-40 years ago, and suddenly global warmings to blame...., reah right.

  4. 2 hours ago, Lark said:

    I got preoccupied with a little boating mishap in the South Pacific and fell behind in my Republican Bribery Schemes digest.   

    Think you'll find that was Southern Ocean not South Pacific.......South Pacific is generally lots warmer almost civilised........

  5. When is the laser going to focus on the assholes that give lies a platform, Zuckerwank and Murdork are two fuckers that I would like to see explain the truckloads of bullshit they peddle through their argely unaccountable  "news" organizations and Social platforms

    That is two men that control media and its content across the planet,  and answer to no one?

    One man controls the political fortunes of many,  witness Fox news become the Orwellian " Ministry of Truth" for Trump. The other allows  hatred and invective onto its platform because..... free speech, both make a shit ton of money as the political universe across the planet becomes chaotic and dominated by fake news that is allowed to gain traction because of two fucking greedy Men laughing all the way to the bank.

    When did free speech become a license to promote total bullshit?

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  6. 6 minutes ago, kenergy said:

    I'm hoping that's when we find out which hull shape really works, drop em in a hole and fuck off quick smart 

    Maybe a good old fashioned dial up.

    My guess is most of the competition will not want to get their boat going slow so dial up will not be engaged if at all possible, some boats appear decidedly sticky in the light so once on their foils I'm guessing thats were they'll want to stay.

  7. 12 hours ago, Ishmael said:

    Maybe. I'm waiting for Bill Barr to stick his evil head up. I don't like the silence from that slimeball.

    This, Barr will be diligent in his efforts to ensure Donnie’s tenure.

    Of course he will be motivated there will be lots of questions about his most selective jurisprudence.

    It can’t help that Trumps legal lizards are battling 1-38.

    At a guess I’m thinking he will be going at the legitimacy of electors because we’ll, it’s been so unfair.

  8. So how long before he's invited back for a candid chat sans the 5th?

    JAN 22?

    How long did Hilary sit before an R inquisition having not even been charged of anything?

    Think Donnie may regret this action, certainly don't think Flynn would want to get caught telling porkies again..... or maybe the loyalty thing will make him that stupid.

    You can bet Barr  is right behind this with a Spade making sure its buried for a long time.

    Do hope the Dems pursue this, this man could connect a lot of dots.

  9. 7 minutes ago, jerseyguy said:

    Toys in the sand pit? Hell there won’t be sand in the pit. And if Donnie, or Rudy or Ivanka or Jared, etc. can find a way to make it profitable; they will steal/sell the pit itself.

    Ivanka prolly has Home shopping network ready to go with the furnishing and drapes and all those dandy oil paintings!

    It’ll be your chance to own a bit of history but if you order now we’ll throw in some custom cutlery .