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  1. Yep it ain’t over till it’s actually over hopefully it’s really unfair. So unfair that Donnie might have move to another country.
  2. Navig8tor

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Mitch don’t do ethical anything, everything is a commercial transaction or a partisan obstruct for the good of the team and his back pocket.
  3. Navig8tor

    Debate #3

    Until you realise Donny has no number 1 or 2.
  4. Navig8tor

    Debate #3

    You had me till revive.
  5. Well I think his new gig involves a lot of questions from the FBI and of course countless hours answering questions in a D run senate. It could not happen to a more deserving guy.
  6. Navig8tor

    60 Minutes interview

    Donnie Two Hands is a classic Mafia name don’t you think?
  7. Navig8tor

    The Right Wing is Killing Us !!

    Remember too that Donnie and the cronies are keeping a lid on the actual Covid numbers because they will make Donnie look bad.........FFS any lesser tin pot place would have dragged the fuckwit to the nearest public wall and dealt to him, ahem diplomatically of course.
  8. Navig8tor

    60 Minutes interview

    Aww Donnie’s not winning, it’s so unfair. They’re asking me tough questions the world is against me. And the faithful go yeah I know you got my vote. What a circus.
  9. Navig8tor

    The Rudy Thread

    With these clowns in charge the jokes just keep writing themselves. Remember when this sort of Rudy thing was good for a week of office sniggering, not anymore with this admin, there will be another outrageous thing tomorrow.
  10. Navig8tor

    Work at home - Wank at home - Try and keep it straight

    I just fold a post it note paper over the lens, don’t see the requirement for any heavy tape gumming up things.
  11. Navig8tor

    Trump Ramblings 101...... He is nutz..

    Hopefully by sometime mid november there is enough bi partisan meeting of minds that agree a 25th is wise for the overall good of the country or whats left of it. Donnie will be angry, spiteful and out for vengeance, he will destroy everything if he's. not dragged out of the sandpit. Good luck
  12. Navig8tor

    The Rudy Thread

    LOL Rudy giving himself a hand! FFS you begin to understand how easy a foreign guvmint would find positioning these Dumbfucks for a little manipulation.
  13. Navig8tor

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Give the good ol boy a proper stroke. Forget word salad it would be coleslaw!
  14. Navig8tor

    An impending crisis for PA

    Think PA will be safe for a while yet. We have the Investigations, Indictments and Incarceration of the players in the current R clown show fiasco to look forward to. “Give me my fuckin money!” Ring any bells?
  15. Navig8tor

    The Rudy Thread

    “She’s 15-too old for you...”....Cohen is wicked.
  16. Navig8tor

    Even the Dem dogs

    Wondering how long it will take the SCOTUS to reinstate stoning?
  17. Navig8tor

    Trump Ramblings 101...... He is nutz..

    With schizophrenia you’re never alone. SAD.
  18. Navig8tor


    The immigrant barnacles and sea weeds from ballast water will thank you. But is the Government separating those children? Oh no.
  19. Navig8tor

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    The first thing he’s gonna do after losing the election is order in Maccas and some hookers he won’t give a shit he will be hellbent on sticking it to the masses, such is the effect of MSB.
  20. Navig8tor

    US Marines call out Aussies as criminals

    I hear Workplace Safety is taken very seriously these days it’s a pity about all the friggin forms you have to fill in, oh wait never mind.
  21. Navig8tor

    Voter Intimidation, 2020 Edition

    The clue is the title "voteing" that is classic right wing spelling, the morans.
  22. Navig8tor

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Seriously begs the question when did the CIA, NSA and others actually know this was the case and why were no pointed questions asked, earlier on. I mean the NYT finds this shit out .....really!
  23. Navig8tor

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    That would be a classic Biden debate question.
  24. Navig8tor

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Probably lots of interesting conflicts that allow leaders like Putin and Xi to grab Donnie by the nuts and twist as hard as they want unless of course Donnie indulges in a little Quid Pro Quo. Makes you wonder if Donnie played with some Chinese Pee Pee hookers as well. The man thinks with his dick.
  25. Navig8tor

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    When he screams that his opponents are doing illegal shit he’s really saying that’s exactly what he’s doing but he hasn’t been caught yet, and when he does it’s fake news from the failing NYT. I’m guessing his future is gonna be full of federal investigations.