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  1. El Mono del Mar

    J/80: How do others work crew positions and responsibilities?

    Thanks for the tips! We don't have a fraculator, so I will have to look into that. We have been heeling to windward downwind to try and rotate out the shoulder, hadn't heard the heel to leeward for the J...
  2. El Mono del Mar

    J/80: How do others work crew positions and responsibilities?

    We are trying to squeeze out as much practice as we can, I guess I was trying to analyze for glaring flaws. We have rounded the winward mark middle of the pack and been dropping towards the back due to mistakes. Luckily, I don't think we have repeated the same mistake yet... just keep finding new ones to make!
  3. Hello all, I am part of team that all made the transition from doing well in a competitive PHRF fleet (on Pearson 26)and into bringing up the back (but having a heck of a lot of fun) of a great J/80 fleet averaging 10-12 boats on the line. Obviously a huge learning curve with different chute and controls, but I wanted to poll more experienced crews on what y'all are doing for positions/responsibilities. Currently we are running this: 1) Driver: controls tiller and mainsheet downwind; job= nail start, final decision on tacking/gybing speed, drive fast 2) Tactician: controls mainsheet/traveler/backstay upwind, flys spin downwind; job= calls where on line to start, angle of attack, fleet position, looking for shifts and tactical tacks 3) Jib trimmer: upwind: controls jib winch, on set: pulls tack line and deploys pole and furls jib, on douse: blows tack, retrieves pole, releases spin halyard ; job= trims headsail 4) Pit/Mast: upwind: vang/outhaul/cunningham, assists w/ jib and calls wind pressure, on set: feeds out spin when tack is set and hoists spin, on douse: gathers foot, then all of spin into cabin How are others running crew in your waters? This is pretty common at our club, but being new, we are all about stealing ideas from people performing better than us Thanks,