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  1. Hi all and thanks for all the previous advice Starting to get ready for the upcoming season and last year (my first sailing) I had a problem with the boom. I have an American 14-6 ( a 14.5 foot sloop ) that I trailer around. I was sticking the boom in the car, but it went from passenger foot well back to the hatch. While this worked, wasn't very comfortable for the passenger. My trailer the the mast support in the front and I bungee the back of the mast to the transom. Can I bungee the boom to the mast? Should i build something to lash the boom down in the boat ( no real place to tie it down inside the boat ) What do you do? thanks roland
  2. NJHippo

    Noob advice needed

    Thanks to all for your kind advice I did have the centerboard down (i have forgotten in the past) and I am doing crunches to work on my core. The lake has a nice dock so I guess I will start raising the sails at the dock. McLube seems to have a lot of products, which one is good for the mast track? thanks again roland
  3. NJHippo

    Noob advice needed

    New sailor, American 14-6, Went sailing (well maybe I shouldn't call it sailing) Sunday on the Spruce Run Reservoir, here in NJ. Was blowing a bit more than Sailflow predicted, maybe 12-15 with much higher gusts. Rigged the boat but did not bring up the sails and put it in the water from the trailer. (realized now should have reefed). Motored out onto the lake, pointed into the wind and tried to bring up the sails. Started with the mainsail at it was nuts. Very hard to raise. boom kept sticking in the track and the sail was flogging like crazy and spinning the boat. Got it up and tried to sail with just the main. Had to have the tiller all the way toward the sail to go straight. Was getting a little closer to shore than I like, so dropped the sail and motored to the center of the lake again, pointed into the wind. ( The people from the Hunterdon Sailing Club who were out in thier Force 5's and Sunfish were probably dying with laughter at this point). Brought the main up and the jib, but by then were close to the shore again, so decided to bag it. Short to tell, but that all probably took close to an hour. Other than scaring the crap out of my crew (19 year old son, with less experience than me) and amusing the other sailors, not a successful trip. 1. should I put it in the water with the sails up? 2. How do you launch in higher wind? 3. Any other advice and roasting gladly accepted thanks Roland
  4. NJHippo

    Hold Down strap

    Thanks all
  5. NJHippo

    Hold Down strap

    Hi Looking for some advice. New sailor with a new to me boat (2000 American 14-6). Boat is in really great shape, but I am concerned that the trailer hold down strap, goes across the beam, is leaving mark on the top of the gunwale. What do you use to pad under the straps? thanks Roland