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  1. JoelGreatLakes

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    @marcus brutus I am based out of Michigan City IN. But she will be on the trailer a lot traveling to events outside of our area. The goal is to get an experience of sailing beyond what is offered in Southern Lake Michigan. @Roleur Shearwater looks beautiful! Whoever ends up picking her up will have a great boat on their hands!
  2. I purchased Windrower, a Schumacher 28. See the post above for more information.
  3. JoelGreatLakes

    Windrower Purchased: Schumacher 28

  4. First of all I have to say thank you to all that have helped contribute to my previous post and follow up with me after on messages. Super helpful. I am proud to say that I am the new owner of Windrower. Thanks to @SuddenlyBrown for pointing me in the direction of this boat and for @Roleurfor providing some good insight to the boat. She was built by Tom Ybarrola who I had purchased the boat from. She lived the first 3 years of her life being built on a farm in California next to a Windrower. It seemed fitting given the nautical undertones in the name and the back story that they name her after the piece of farming equipment she was built next to. I intend on keeping this name. To get her ready for short handed distance racing and inevitably some fun buoy racing we have a list of projects to complete. - New standing rigging. - Convert from foil to hank on foresails. This based on the recommendations from @Foolish and his book Thoughts Tips Techniques and Tactics for Singlehanded Sailing. - New electronics package - Solar charging via stern mount with Lithium Phosphate battery. - General improvements to organization throughout the boat. Why I chose Windrower, a custom 1 off Schumacher 28. - Low operational costs. With a lifting keel bringing her to a 1.5ft draft, stern mounted rudder, and a pivoting mast I wont have to pay for a yard to lift the boat, mast, or pay for storage. The ramp at the boat launch will work just fine and with a few modifications I can put the mast up on my own. She will live at my house when not in the water making working on her convenient and fun. - Trailerable: with a beam of just 8ft 4inch there are no road restrictions in any states for us to trailer the boat. I plan to travel to races both in the summer and winter outside of my immediate sailable geographic region and eliminating road restrictions was important. Beamy isn’t always better! - Capable of short-handed sailing. She is a small, manageable boat that requires few modifications to make her a great candidate for single or double handed racing. A major goal of her racing campaign. - Offshore capable. Carl Schumacher designed the boat as an extension of the Express 27 in a lifting keel package. 1000 pound bulb keel in a 6ft draft on a 27ft 10inch boat weighting a total of 2800 lbs. The rudder has a draft of nearly 4ft providing great steerage when healing and in bigger seas. In the purchase agreement we also decided to add a 2nd keel pin to supplement the primary pin. In addition the keel has a backup support cable and lifting line that is always in place while sailing offering 4 points of failure necessary to have a loss of the keel. - Speed: She has hit 18 knots surfing downwind and the prior owner is confident with a more racing focused crew she can hit 20. In our sea trial she was nimble, picked up rapidly on puffs and generally responded as if I was sailing a big 420. As a high school and college racer I have missed this feeling and haven’t felt that type of responsiveness and lightness on the helm in any of the big boats I have sailed until getting on Windrower. We will see where she ends up in the PHRF standings in the Great Lakes but in San Diego she rated between 87 and 108 depending on distance vs buoy. My goal was to find a boat that fit my needs and landed in the 80 to 120 PHRF range which this well accomplishes the goal. - Preferred design characteristics. This includes an open stern, asymmetrical kite, and clean lines. Looking forward you can expect me to be posting up in my blog, eventually some Youtube videos and Ill do my best to stay active around here. This summer I will still be active on the boat I was previously sailing on but do plan on knocking out a 150 mile solo race on Lake Michigan. Next year I will wither do the Solo Mac or Solo Trans Superior or maybe both…. Thank you again for the input and helping me narrow in on a boat and know that your comments on a theoretical best boat for doing XYZ led to an actual boat purchase this time around! Joel
  5. JoelGreatLakes

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    And I just bought the sistership Windrower last week. Really excited to start racing her! Was about a 4500 mile road trip to drive out to Cali, pick her up and bring her back to Indiana.
  6. JoelGreatLakes

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    Wish they made a J88 with an option for a lifting keel... I feel like the boat could have built a bigger following. They are certainly fun to sail and a lot packed into a small package.
  7. JoelGreatLakes

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    While I haven't sailed one, if I were looking to spend around $150k I would go pick up an L30. I have a preference for self-sufficiency (no yards for lifts or cranes), and to be able to travel with the boat to go to different events and still knock out an ocean passage here and there in my life which adds a beam restriction for roads.
  8. Wanted to say thank you for the book on singlehanding! I am under contract on a boat to get into single-handed racing. She is trailerable/ramp launch capable so I am planning on traveling with it pretty extensively. My expectation is that as long as she performs the way I am hoping I'll have her for as long as it makes sense. Based in the Great Lakes but looking to do a SHTP in 5 years or so after I knock out enough of the bigger SH races in the Great Lakes. 

    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you as the book was invaluable. Looking forward to reading it many times over again. 



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    2. Foolish


      Congratulations on the new boat.  It does go against everything I believe in a singlehanded boat, but my first rule is that the best singlehanded boat is the one you already own, and the worst is the one you can't afford. 

      The biggest issue I see is the huge cockpit.  You'll need to move everything back to where you can handle it from the tiller. Sheets, halyards, everything.  Your boat was designed for a large crew. So give lots of thought to where you can mount everything back where you can reach it.  Not having an autopilot is no excuse for missing a high wind day of sailing.

      My Singlehanded book was published by McGraw Hill, with lots and lots of extra stuff beyond the free version. You can find it on Amazon and Indigo.  Buy a copy and I get $2 out of it.  (And if you buy my novel "My Brother Chuck" then I get another $2.)  

      Have fun.  The best way to reach me is on my email



    3. JoelGreatLakes


      I do understand its not the ideal singlehanded boat in all respects but for the list of events I and my family want to do ramp launch and trailerability was a must have feature and significant focus. In the Great Lakes it can take 8 to 10 days to deliver a boat from one race to another depending on the event based on where we are located. With that said you could have a whole month of on the water for just 1 regatta between deliveries and the race. Our goal is to spend more time racing and enjoying the events and less time dealing with logistics.

      We also want to travel with the boat to race in the winter since our racing season is really only 3 months in the Great Lakes. This way we can easily and cost-effectively include races on the East, West and Gulf coasts. 

      Inevitably due to that major constraint, there were few options for boats available. 

      Regarding the cockpit it looks bigger in the photos then it actually is. With the traveler to one side or the other Ill be able to sit forward of the mainsheet using the tiller extension just as if I am sailing a dinghy. But you understand better then I do that this causes its own set of issues on a bigger boat. I will end up making changes to the controls but just have to plan that out after getting a chance to sail her and get experience on the water. 

      Anyways, I appreciate the forward feedback and looking forward to getting out there! 

      Ill be sure to pick up a book! If you wrote a new book would you self publish instead of using a publisher? That way you get a bigger slice of the pie?

    4. Foolish


      It really depends on your publisher.  My sailing book was published by McGraw Hill, a major worldwide publishing company so they were able to get huge distribution all around the world.  My novel was published by a little company in Edmonton and I was very disappointed with the distribution they achieved, as well as with many other aspects of working with them. 


  9. JoelGreatLakes

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    @Snatch Block so Ill give you a pass on this!
  10. JoelGreatLakes

    Suggested 30' Boats for Short Handed Long Distance Racing

    Ill never argue with a beer! But I had a ramp launch requirement in the list which cut out a lot of great options.
  11. @M26 is that what you've got on the FB profile? Ive followed a lot of the class over the years and really love what they are doing. Wish there were more of them in the states.
  12. @marcus brutus It seems like they are great boats. Have seen a few while at regattas but non in my local fleets I race with so I havent gotten a chance to get in one yet and see what they feel like getting on the boat. I havent heard/seen these as being raced shorthanded very often. A few owners have even suggested not to try. Obviously everyone has their opinions so you have to make your own opinion. Curious to hear your thoughts on shorthanded sailing offshore with the boat.
  13. @Roleur if you had to do it again what boat or boats would be on the shortlist to do what you wanted with Spadefoot?
  14. @ryley Thanks for the input. Searching around in other forums I am catching some other comments you have regarding your experience. Very helpful! And hopefully you get that if someone is looking at a boat and they see the first few images on Google with a flipped over boat and half a keel bulb your going to raise a red flag and go searching for answers for due diligence. You think the Holby models need any particular mods or beefing up? If you had to choose between the Schumacher 28 and the Elliot 770 which would you likely go with and why? Do your best to make your choice based on what I am looking to do with the boat. Assume both could be had for $20k. See two options currently on the market.
  15. This Elliot 770 looks like a great looking boat and a nice sail inventory. Minor(major) concern being the photo and reports of keel bulbs falling off.... Not really interested in playing roulette every time I go out on the big water! Read the thread and take a look at the photos if you havent seent it. Sent an email to the Elliot group assuming the email listed in the form is still active.