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  1. MtBaldyCat

    Nacra A3 rigging help

    First day out went pretty well.... hooked the sail first run up the mast and thought I had it figured out. (HA!) Came back in after an hour and dropped it while I took a break. Then it was impossible to get it hooked again, 40 minutes of trying! So, I had to lay it over to get it hooked. But made it back out. A few questions about the attached photo with text. I can not figure out the mast rotation at all. Any suggestions from my photo? I had the mast rotation block (circled yellow) on the tramp connected to what might be a boom vang - Ronstan block at mast base & forward cleat on the boom?? Whatever I did was way off... Are the mini red blocks tied to the front of the mast base for over-rotation? The downhaul lines seem to just sit on the tramp, any better routing suggestions? Main sheet was only long enough to get 7:1, I will need to get another line to reeve thru the extra blocks that are tied on. Thanks for the help!!
  2. MtBaldyCat

    Nacra A3 rigging help

    Thanks for the replies! I am headed to the lake in the morning and will bring some E6000. And also look out for the sail tube in the luff. I am sure I will have some questions about mast rotation line routing. I will post more pics tomorrow night. Excited for the first sail( & boat righting practice)
  3. MtBaldyCat

    Nacra A3 rigging help

    Thanks for the reply. There is no halyard on this boat... I was worried I might hook it by luck yesterday here at home and then have to flip it on its side to unhook. My last boat was a Nacra 5.8 and as you said, the orientation of the halyard knot, along with rotating the mast and wind direction made lowering the sail easy or nearly impossible. First couple times out I had crew with binoculars looking at the mast trying to give me directions! Your block suggestion makes sense. Out of the photo the line runs to a block mid boom and then will go to the block center of the tramp. I will try to reeve thru the two additional again tomorrow.
  4. MtBaldyCat

    Nacra A3 rigging help

    I just bought a 2008 Nacra A3 and have a couple questions. I raised the mast yesterday and the standing rigging all makes sense. Is there a trick to hooking and unhooking the sail? Also, mainsheet is set up with two triple block and someone has lashed an additional 40 on top and a 29 on the bottom, photo attached. Not sure what they are for... New to the forum. thanks for the help!