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  1. GeoffBow

    J 88 IRC rating

    Thanks a million, took all of 5 minutes to reply!!
  2. GeoffBow

    J 88 IRC rating

    I have a mate interested in a J88 for handicap racing, does anybody know what the J88 IRC rating is?
  3. GeoffBow

    J92S Polars

    Does anyone have the polars for the J92S. We are somewhat struggling down wind!
  4. GeoffBow

    Sad sad news

    Sad news announced by Key Yachting (UK) this week - Paul Heys passed away this week whilst on holiday in the Caribbean. A great loss to his friends and family and a great loss to sailing especially the J boat fraternity in the UK.
  5. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    If I can find a trailer I will consider. otherwise I will be doing the Scottish in a 707.
  6. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    GBR 9226R formerly "Just In Time" now renamed "Jenesis".
  7. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    Firstly apologies for the spelling my note should have read "sought" not sort. I have found a J92S on the south coast of England, ferried it up to Scotland and am delighted with it. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  8. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    I am looking to purchase a J92S. Is anyone selling one in the UK?