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  1. GeoffBow

    J 88 IRC rating

    I have a mate interested in a J88 for handicap racing, does anybody know what the J88 IRC rating is?
  2. GeoffBow

    J 88 IRC rating

    Thanks a million, took all of 5 minutes to reply!!
  3. GeoffBow

    J92S Polars

    Does anyone have the polars for the J92S. We are somewhat struggling down wind!
  4. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    I am looking to purchase a J92S. Is anyone selling one in the UK?
  5. GeoffBow

    Sad sad news

    Sad news announced by Key Yachting (UK) this week - Paul Heys passed away this week whilst on holiday in the Caribbean. A great loss to his friends and family and a great loss to sailing especially the J boat fraternity in the UK.
  6. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    If I can find a trailer I will consider. otherwise I will be doing the Scottish in a 707.
  7. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    GBR 9226R formerly "Just In Time" now renamed "Jenesis".
  8. GeoffBow

    J92S sort

    Firstly apologies for the spelling my note should have read "sought" not sort. I have found a J92S on the south coast of England, ferried it up to Scotland and am delighted with it. Thanks for all your suggestions.