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  1. NeedAClew

    Order of Vaccination

    Where I live the bottleneck is scheduling and throughput in the too small places selected for vaccination locations. Not holding back doses won't fix that. We have used less than half the allotted doses.
  2. NeedAClew

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Not a photo but a clip. The white haired gent is Sen. Mitch McConnell for those who don't recognize him with his chin covered.
  3. NeedAClew

    Will Any Team Ever Fly A Code Zero?

    If Barker is A problem, THE problem is that Amway chose him as lead mercenary.
  4. NeedAClew

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Also if they and Fiji can get vaccinated they will be safe places for vaccinated tourists to go spend money instead of the GBR.
  5. NeedAClew

    Dean Barker's Future

    Everybody but ETNZ will be having younger helms next time I would imagine. So especially poignant for the Challenger helms. BTW the YT video with the onboard comms on AM discussed in other thread can't be played in US, lol.
  6. NeedAClew

    AC TV Coverage

    It was a petty limpdick spite to fuck poor little AC fans who wanted to watch reruns from SF and Bermuda. And fans got irate? Guess you're shocked, shocked!
  7. NeedAClew

    AC TV Coverage

    It was well over a year before ETNZ got them back up. Oracle took them all down shortly after losing instead of transferring them in an orderly fashion. What are you on about?
  8. NeedAClew

    Team NYYC

    Ineos video describing duties of each position. Seems effective. People are supposed to look around not all head down.
  9. NeedAClew

    INEOS Team GB

    Good video explaining the sailing positions on Britannia, what each person is responsible for. I think this is part of why they are winning. Look and see what you think.
  10. Republicans are maybe 1/3 of the electorate. If 2/3 of them still think he won and are loyal no matter what, then that's about 1 in 5 who had a Trump-sized and/or Q-sized hole in their hearts all along. Yuck. But I did prefer it when they just ate and drank and drugged themselves to death instead of finding a mission in life.
  11. I am really depressed that I washed delivered groceries for 10 months to stay alive until a vaccine that would let us go out in public, travel, etc. So now we are the next Beruit or former Yugoslavia or something with kluxer qanon terrorists looking to blow up crowds.
  12. NeedAClew

    I've never ever...

    We used to have lunch and a nice walk sometimes at the Trump open to public golf course in Palos Verdes. We ate dinner at Jean Georges in one of his NYC hotels. I've never ever has as bad a haircut as the one Mr Clew just did. He did great the first time a few months ago. This was supposed to be the width of a business card shorter all around, maybe 1.5 inches off. It's like 4 inches shorter in uneven ugh for my illusions of hotness.
  13. NeedAClew

    Inauguration Fuckery

    Nah I'd rather it kept festering another 20 years so as not to inconvenience me.
  14. NeedAClew

    Inauguration Fuckery

    CNN says bombs and violent protests will continue throughout the country for 2021 on. Great, we are the new [name fucked up place] no point in defeating covid cuz we'll ever want to be in crowd again due to bombs and shooters. Airport lines longer than after the shoe bomber guy. Might as well die now. Am I depressed? Very.
  15. NeedAClew

    Team NYYC

    So what is the deal or no deal with the runner? Not eased, never eased, failed, or....?