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  1. NeedAClew

    European Travel Guesses?

    My issue with flying anywhere from the US is the other US people on the plane. Somebody died of covid on a flight this summer. She got on with covid...and nobody is doing any good screening as to who gets on. Closest is Hawaii but there you can test positive still get on plane pretending no test and expect to quarantine. Nice to sit and shit with them, right?
  2. NeedAClew

    AC36 - The Venue

    Sounds appealing mate.
  3. NeedAClew

    SailGP 2021

    Bermuda is doing a big push to get Americans to go "work from home" there. Modest testing and quarantine restrictions. Lots of resorts are doing that in the US, too.
  4. NeedAClew

    SailGP 2021

    Don't make plans to go until close to an event seems to be the rule.
  5. NeedAClew

    SailGP 2021

    So will there be a schedule shakeup? Last we heard Season 2 reboot started in SF in April, then NYC in June, Plymouth in July enroute to Denmark. But now the Bermuda Royal Gazette says Bermuda in April! They would be there with Inspire a couple of weeks before one reads. So is the US getting skipped? We are still very covid19 ridden. Even Larry Ellison's 98% owned Island of Lanai, completely covid-free until last week, now has soaring cases after his Four Seasons hotels re-opened. Island goes on lockdown stay at home Tuesday. So maybe US venues less appealing...because Amerricans?
  6. NeedAClew

    Will there be a third wave?

    Fortunately I had been living a fairly solitary life and Mr Clew can work from home so we actually are not having a bad time of it. We hike outdoors, don't shop or socialize. So we are not any nuttier than before, which was not totally sane but worked for us, but the zombies and post-Nov 3rd Proud Boys shootups are a worry. If we all masked a few weeks we could restart the economy and save lives. But the zombies are too dumb to follow that logic. They think mask = lockdown. They now want the vaccine, much the same Elway someone keeps eating a bucket of chicken a day because they get cheap stations.
  7. NeedAClew

    Team NYYC

    Serena won the Australian Open when she was pregnant.
  8. NeedAClew

    MLB 2020

    Go Rays
  9. NeedAClew

    Will there be a third wave?

    I have never been clear on WHAT people mean when they talk about protecting the "vulnerable." Do they mean If you think you are at risk go hide while we carry on People in nursing homes or aged care facilities as you politely call old age homes The old and sick People with preexisting conditions (about 1/4 of Amurrica) Or what? I think it's feel good BS.
  10. NeedAClew


    I hope there is no change fee. It's getting worse.
  11. NeedAClew

    COVID-19's effects on the heart:

    I am going to keep washing my grocery deliveries. Using "death" as THE measure has always been misleading imho.
  12. NeedAClew

    New sailor question

    Are there ANY youth sailing clubs or programs near you? Like, what if you buy a sailboat and HE loves sailing but YOU turn out not to. He isn't dependent on your enthusiasm, just your obvious love and effort to find a safe and suitable learning program. There are some suggestions above....
  13. NeedAClew

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    LATEST NEWS: 20 MAR 2019 CANFIELD: CREATING OPPORTUNITIES AND BUILDING A FRESH AMERICAN TEAM © MATT KNIGHTON With less than 2 years until the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada, we caught up with Stars + Stripes Helmsman, Taylor Canfield, in the midst of team tryouts in Long Beach, CA to ask about the latest: You launched the open tryout process looking to find the best athletes in America for Stars + Stripes. What can you tell us about what the process is yielding? "We are extremely satisfied with the foiling camps. While we are sailing GC32 catamarans which will be quite different to the AC75, this foiling platform has allowed us to evaluate the skills, fitness, and decision making needed to become a member of Stars + Stripes. We have also seen how everyone operates in a team environment and how people react to high pressure situations at high speeds." What has struck you the most seeing all the athletes who are applying? Have you watched all the submissions? "I have been keeping up with all the application videos that have come in (not an easy task given the mass of qualified people that have applied) and I love the enthusiasm everyone has shown! We have set up this team to create opportunities for American sailing. It seems the public agrees that it is time for a change. We need more Americans at the top level of the sport." How is the team balancing recruiting for speed vs. power in the tryouts? What are you looking for onboard the AC75? "The team has divided our tryouts into two general roles. We have the speed team that is aimed towards athletes who will be responsible for roles such as helmsman, flight controller, trimmers, etc. and the power team that will be primarily providing the power to the boat through grinding on the pedestals. All athletes trying out are put through the same vigorous fitness testing" You’ve never raced in the AC and most of the people trying out haven’t either. Is that good or bad? "I don’t believe there is a disadvantage to not having competed in the America’s Cup previously. The AC75 we will be racing is like nothing we have seen before. We have the ability to build a fresh American team with no expectations that prioritizes teamwork over individuals. We will of course also be adding in athletes with America’s Cup experience and can really help develop our team into becoming a strong unit." Any message for those still applying to be on the team? There is still time to get those applications in! Be sure to tell your friends! ==================================================== IMHO they owe apologies to those whose time they wasted.
  14. NeedAClew

    INEOS Team GB

    True. Our old homes are pretty new by UK standards. But what passes for old money and new money in the NE US is more likely to spring for a boat race than all the really new but illiquid silicon riche in California. And the rich here drop hundreds of millions in political contributions (public record) so an AC team is not out of reach. Not sure who in UK other than Ineos is ready to write checks for an AC defense. LR forget it. NZ public money is proven problematic even if they succeed.
  15. NeedAClew

    Team NYYC

    What do the foil vectors look like? The foil and arm are what's sailing.