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  1. Jubblies

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

  2. Jubblies

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    I would say the ad-blocker is working now! In all fairness, I will give my professional opinion on the new home page. It's very much a cookie cutter Wordpress site. There are some pretty solid glitches that are indicative of a DIY, or "my brother's uncles's cousin's best friend's college roommate builds websites, and he can do it for you" type job. With that being said, It's an honest effort. I've never known any very popular sites to not have glitches and complaints on a relaunch. There are better Wordpress templates out there that have much more eye appeal, but I'm guessing the thought was not to stray too far from the old format and confuse the hell out of people. One of the challanges using a system like Wordpress is that for it to look polished, it really takes time and money to take all the little add-ons you need and stylize them to match your theme. You really have to know how to deconstruct some of the HTML/CSS/JS going on and make it your own. This can happen over time of course, if the time or money budgets are tight. Most will work out of the box, but you will get some glitches. Wordpress has it's own commenting system, but Discuss will always beat it on anti-spam and security. So this actually makes sense to me. Now with that being said, Wordpress now allows you to expose it's database to a REST api. Discuss also has a client-side API. I would have to imagine with some work you could expose the Forum's database to an API. With a little more trickery you could fairly easily write a script that ties the three systems together Overall I'll post some screenshots for my review. 1. is the error log, nice to see my ad-blocker is working! 2 & 3. there are some weird blocks here. Something in your setup is generating empty content I suppose. 4. This is really bad placement. Consider moving it below the menu and above the featured stories, and size it so that it is as wide as the fetured section. 5. I would be a little bent if I were paying for an ad and my cover image was chopped off and cropped up. Have the designer look here for how to fix this...https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/o/object-fit/ 6. No need for a dropdown here, there is only one option right? I would expect to just click and go. 7. Lock that baby up. Most hosting systems now will offer some type of free, minimal, signed SSL certs via LetsEncrypt or something similar. There is no excuse now that you can have them for free. Eventually google will start penelizing the site as a result. So that's my 2 cents worth...
  3. Jubblies


  4. Jubblies


    So, I'm in the camp of making comments without evidence. I will say this. How on earth were the Optis any where close to the same race course as the big boats. It's not like they were on a tiny little inland lake. It's Tampa Bay FFS. Keep the kids and the grown ups seperate. Lazy IMHO...
  5. Jubblies

    Sources for Rope by the spool...

    APS is running a 20% off sale right now on all line through mid-February. Have a look at Marlow D2 club line, it's a very reasonably priced Dyneema blend line, and in my experience is a solid budget minded replacement for the club racer/performance cruiser. Keep in mind that Dyneema line has a much higher WL than your old polyline, so just about everything on your boat that was 3/8 can now be 5/16, provided your clutches will hold them. We used the Marlow D2 Club Line last season to redo all of our halyards, lift, downhaul, traveler and backstay adjuster as we were on a budget. I did a lot of research on what would give me the best bang for my buck. I think that worked out to be about $1.30 per foot and with the sale now you would be just a bit over a dollar per foot. For the record. APS, in general, has much better pricing on line vs. West Marine. Honestly West marine was the worst in my research. The best pricing was Defender Marine, but you become limited in size and color options. Also, note that APS has a really reasonable splicing fee. I think $15? That is of course if you feel you don't want to tackle that part yourself. I, however, prefer to use a halyard hitch. Mainly because this means everytime I want to redo the shackle end I am only removing inches from the line vs. feet. Last but not least, I would be suspect of discounted lines. You really need to look at what their working loads are. On a 30' boat, halyard loads are pretty damn high. Not all lines are rated the same regardless of diameter.
  6. Jubblies

    leaky cracked water tanks

    I am thinking you probably should replace or build a new tank for a couple of reasons... 1. Something caused it to crack. Whether that was impact, stress, or fatigue of the plastic it will most likely happen again. Especially now that there is a weak point. 2. Because its a tank, you can only repair 1 side of the crack, while the proper repair would be to bond both sides and the middle seam of the crack. Refer to #1. If the cause of this was from the flexing of fatigued plastic over time. A superficial repair most likely won't hold up very long.
  7. Jubblies

    Epoxies in the winter...

    Yes, I would actully prefer polyester because it's easier to laminate with. I probably should not have used the word "epoxy"... My bad Sounds like keeping the repair areas heated and locallized will work acording to everyone's feed back. Thanks m8s.
  8. Jubblies

    Epoxies in the winter...

    I need to take advantage of our indoor storage this year to get some old hardware holes filled in. The problem is the indoor storage is not heated. I am initially thinking I might be able to follow a process like this... 1. Keep the resin on a heating pad or something of that sort. 2. Warm up the glass where the repair will be done just before filling 3. Mix the catalyst on the upper side of hot. 3. Fill, fair, and then keep steady heat on the spot until it kicks off and hardens (20 minutes or so?) Some suggestions would help. Thoughts?
  9. Jubblies

    Lewmar D1 or D2 clutch

    https://youtu.be/LIDjHHgeDPE?t=264 Mayber "halves" was not the right word. However with any clutch, the stated working load is based on the max recomended line capacity. So if you have a clutch that is designed for 8-10mm, using it on 8mm line will significantly reduce it's holding abilities. This of course can always be solved by putting a sleave on. My bigger concern here is really the working loads. I suppose if the mainsail is producing 1000lbs end boom load then the genoa can't be much more or less, I just don't like not knowing for sure. On a big blow upwind I can deal with some halyard slippage, but would hate to have the whole clutch blow out!
  10. Jubblies

    Lewmar D1 or D2 clutch

    I am looking to replace the clutches this winter. I've narrowed my decision down to the Lewmar D1 or D2, but not sure on the working loads for my spin and jib halyards. It's an S2 9.1 so it has a pretty big headsail, also I have to take into consideration that all our halyards are 8mm so this halves the hold of the 8-10mm D2. The D1 6-8mm has a working load of 1100 lbs which makes me a little nervouse without having a real calculation. I looked on the Lewmar and Harken websites to see if they had a load calculator for this, but it only gives you end boom mainsail load which is about 1000lbs at 30 knots give a or take a few. Any thoughts?
  11. Jubblies

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    I always wondered what a J22 with a retractable bulb keel, cut out transom and a bow sprit would look like, and then the J70 came
  12. Jubblies

    Calling all S2 9.1 Owners

    Just an update here. I had a great and at length (3 hours) conversation with Scott last night. We agreed to go forward with redesigning the site. I think we both came to the same conclusion on some pretty important things... Surveyors and insurance companies tend to frown on a 30-40 year old boat that has no documentation or rescource for repairing and maintaining the boats. As a result, having an updated and active digest of this adds resale value to the boats. The site still sees traffic which means a lot of content is still relavent to current and new owners. Based on the volume of emails, phone calls, and on the dock conversations Scott has had over recent years, there is a pretty strong indication that there is still a lot of actvity around our boats. With that being said, our focus is going to be Use a platform that is somewhat future proof. I think Wordpress will be best for this, but that is more technical stuff that most don't even want to know about! Having it on a platform that is more modern will make updating a lot easier. There is a wealth of information about the boat in the old forums. We want to try to migrate this into more organized digest or library. When the time comes, we are going to be looking for some point people to take on the role as points of contact for the given regions where there are still clusters of boats, ie Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Tampa, etc.. rather than class officers. We are going to attempt to use the database to track down where all the boats are. Obvioulsy some of this will be outdated, but it's a strat. Last but not least, we are going to move all the socail dialog off the site and pass it over into other social media channels. This make sense for trying to organize events, handling questions, and general chit chat. We'll keep you all up to date here as we get more progress. Cheers!
  13. Jubblies

    Calling all S2 9.1 Owners

    I am part of Scoop out of PCYC. I'm sure we know each other
  14. Jubblies

    Calling all S2 9.1 Owners

    Thanks for your help on this. I'll reach out to Scott here in the next week and give an update here. On our little neck of the woods on Lake Erie, there are at least three 9.1s actively racing. Not sure off how many, but there are a few up in Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron and over in Lake Michingan. I am sure there are quite a few scattered around the country too. I agree that loosing this content in the future would really suck for any of us still trucking our 9.1s around the race course, I also think the racing and social aspects are important. These are god-damned good boats, so I am really focused on getting the boats together on a more regulat basis. Several years back when there was a class at Bay View YC OD, we had a blast and I think a more renewed and organized effort would invite some fun events.