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  1. Your wasting your time... https://www.samsung.com/sg/business/tablets/galaxy-tab-active-2-8-0-t395/sm-t395nzkaxsp/ IP68 water and dust resistance Also it' screen rates at 480 nits, which means you can see it in direct sunlight. @NoFortuna Samsung tablets have a feature that allows for a brightness boost that you can set up on "hot key" with the right apps installed, and you don't mind rooting your device. I have mine set up on to activate on long press of the home button. I also set it up so at the same time it will switch to grey scale. I have no issues what so ever, even at high noon. With that being said, the issue BIG with all "on deck" tablets is over heating. So keep it in a case the can shield it from the heat produced as aa side effect of being in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  2. Jubblies


    Our plan is to proceed as normal with spring boat prep. We are doing some pretty heavy work this spring all of which involves small groups of people, respirators, gloves, and tyvek suits, so not a lot of worries from our team. From that point we will look and see what will happen with the Mills Race and Cleveland Race week. I suspect if this lingers into May, we will see these cancelled. Be safe and selfless out there everyone!
  3. Jubblies

    The races must go on.

    I'm a 48 year old otherwise very healthy person that just happens to have severe heart disease. I had my first of 7 heart attacks at 36. This puts me smack dab in the middle of the high risk category. So I say to all the selfish dick knobs "FUCK OFF". And to @darth reapius, why don't you come over to my boat this weekend so i can hack and spit on you. I'll remove the respirator I am wearing while grinding lead off my keel just for you. You're so strong and people like me are so weak, I'm sure you'll be just fine. I mean this is really a ridiculous conversation. I really wish the worst for everyone out there thinking they should be able to just do what they want and the hell with the rest. You all have a special place in hell.
  4. Jubblies

    Trump needs to call off the November election

    Holy shit it took to the end of the thread before I saw it. So while your reading the 20th amendment refresh yourself on the constitutional process for amending the constitution, as that is just the beginning of what it would take to cancel the elections. Even if it got that far, you would have heaps of federal and state legislation to get through. So even IF he were to try to block it...
  5. Jubblies


    Is the spinnaker red, white, and blue striped with little white stars? If so they should certainly be standing.
  6. Jubblies

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    The name of my first boat "Jubblies" J22 hull #33. I lost that boat under some unfortunate life circumstances. Absolutely loved the J22 and if anyone knew where #33 is, and if the current owner wanted to sell I would seriously consider buying it back.
  7. Jubblies

    Runner Block Replacements

    I think you can mostly see it in this picture. The primary backstay is NER 1/4" STS that terminates to a low friction ring The bridle toggles are from Colligo Marine. The bridle itself is 1/4 inch Amsteel. The bridle terminates to a ring. The port side of the bridle is spliced to the toggle. Then there are two cascades on the port side, one is spliced around the toggle and the spliced through the toggle. The last cascade connects to a 45mm Element double the adjuster is a 45 mm single on the starboard side and two 45 mm singles on the port. The adjuster is 8mm poly double braid. You can see the adjuster crosses under the tiller. I plan on diverting that through a cheek block this spring. Both ends of the adjuster lead forward through cheek blocks up to the cam. OHH, and don't forget to put 6-8 ft of chafe protection at the top of the primary backstay where the top batten rails across it. Probably overkill, but no one complained all summer about not having enough purchase. If someone smarter than me would like to calculate the total purchase on this, I would be intrigued!
  8. Jubblies

    Traveler and mainsheet system upgrade

    This is EXACTLY what I am looking for. Thanks for the recommendation. I was able to find a couple of websites selling them so it should not be hard to source. I specifically do not want a windward sheeting car. Our traveler spans close to 5 feet. I don't want crew to get out of position to make adjustments. @LionessRacing thanks for the insight on how you work your fine tuner. The only thing I don't like about having the fine-tuner moving with the gross-tuner is that with our traveler it means the trimmer has to move from the rail sometimes to release, or doing the old release with your toes trick!
  9. Jubblies

    Runner Block Replacements

    A 57mm block really isn't that large, but if you want to downsize and keep a similar load rating you may want to look at the Harken 45 mm Element block. I am not sure what load numbers the runners on a Henderson 30 would be producing, so I can only speak from my own experience with our cascading backstay on an S2 9.1. I set it up with two cascades going through low friction rings, and then the adjuster is two of the 45mm Element Double blocks. I choose them because I wanted a small high load block for adjustment, and for all the same reasons you stated above (turning radius and rope memory) i didn't want to use rings for this application. If you're worried about impact with your mast, just put some aesthetically shaped kevlar tape on the mast, for the same reason you would wrap your carbon fiber spinnaker pole with kevlar tape where it chafes against the headstay foil. Kevlar is the best laminate for impact resistance When the tape starts getting mashed up, pull it off, clean it up, and replace it. Meanwhile the mast finish is well protected. Harken 57mm Single Black Magic SWL: 2500 lb BL: 5000 lb $199.15 Harken 45mm Single Element SWL: 1543 lb BL: 3086 lb $35.99 Harken 60mm Single Element SWL: 2425 lb BL: 4850 lb $49.99 Notice a trend ($$$) comparing the Element Blocks to the Black Magic? Do a good load analysis on the runner. Make sure that whatever block you put there is rated for that load and don't forget that you need to also look at shock loading for anything attached to the mast!
  10. IDK about the difference between professional and amateur committees, but I've seen some pretty crappy ones in both categories. My suggestion to organizers is to organize your way to success. At the end of the day, it's your event and they all have to listen to you! With that being said, things I hate at a regatta that race management could do to improve the sailing experience... *These opinions are largely based on invitational events I have vowed to never return to, and are generally not referring to Wednesday night beer can races. We came to race period. I have seen so many events focused around the social events, to the point where racing is canceled for the day so that they can get us all off the water in time for the party. I don't know about the rest of you, but I rarely need extra drinking time. Worry not, I will compensate! If it's not blowing and it's not gonna blow, get us off the water. If there is enough breeze to race, let us race FFS. If you need a skipper's meeting, you didn't write the sailing instructions correctly. STOP IT! A skippers meeting is just an opportunity for race committee to say something that contradicts the SI's resulting in a protest. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of everything holy take your time in writing the Sailing Instructions. Use unbiased and trained protest committees that actually know how to write a proper decision. There is a particular club in our area (that I will not call out by name) that is notorious in there reputation for all protests involving a club member vs. a non-member going in favor of the member. But I have also witnessed countless protests where the decision was just flat out wrong. Had the protest committee thought about how they were going to write the decision in a proper format it would had lead to a different decision. facts found specific applicable rules decision course of action This last one is the grand daddy. ACTUALLY listen to the competitors. They will tell you (sometimes rather bluntly) what you can do to improve the experience. By and large most of this comes down to two things. Listening and training. Whether you decide to go the professional management route or not, it's race management's responsibility to ensure fair, fun, and competitive racing. Just like the competitors need to take the time to prepare and train, so does the race management, race committee and protest committee. Otherwise the only one to blame for an unsuccessful event and declining participation is yourself.
  11. I am planning on a traveler and mainsheet upgrade this spring. We have a lot of women crew on our boat and one of the big considerations is increasing purchase to give these crew members more leverage. For the traveler I've worked out a way to go from a 3:1 system to a 4:1 system. In the current configuration the free ends of this would actually be going upward through an upright lead bullet block, then to a fairlead and cam cleat just below the deck/seat join on continuous line over the to the other side. I've never been too sure how much I liked this arrangement. The issue I would like to solve would be to have a cam cleat and fairlead set up the was two-way on each side so that it could be trimmed or released from either side of the boat. I don't like windward sheeting cars because it requires people to move out of position to use them. I am just finding a hard time sorting out the right hardware to put this in action. The whole goal here is to keep wait from moving around on the boat. I'm thinking of a setup something like this. Anyone have any hardware suggestions? My initial thought would be something like this...with the fairlead removed with another camcleat on the inside of the seat. The only problem would be that pivot could potentially cause problems. For the mainsheet I want to go from our current 6:1 to a 4:1/16:1 system. Again in my search for a system that would not require people to get out of position, I found what it seems some Olson 30s have done. This would put the traveler and the mainsheet fine tune right in the hands of the trimmer without having to reach in to cleat/uncleat. I am curious to hear from anyone that has used this type of system to hear what the pros and cons have been under real sailing conditions.
  12. Jubblies

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale

  13. Jubblies

    Android app to track and record boat speed

    RaceQs will give you some pretty good performance detail aside from normal tracking when you replay your tracks on their web interface.
  14. Jubblies

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale

    I was just talking about this with a local broker a few weeks back. It seems like in the late 80s and 90s there were a ton of production 30 footers. Now days seeing a production 30 footer is pretty rare. Seems like everyone buying new boats are going either smaller or bigger. 33-35 footers are pretty common in new boats now. That being said... I've had my eye on a few 30 footers from the 90s that are finally falling into the "Club Racer/Weekend Warrior" price range. I see some Farr/Mumm 30s now in the mid 20's. It will be a shame to see the 30 footer become a thing of the past though as older boats get landfilled or cut up.
  15. Jubblies

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    In my neck of the woods there are not many winning PHRF boats for sale. However there are always a handful of not winning PHRF boats on the market. The precise point of my original post!