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  1. Jubblies

    Android Tablet Racing Software

    I was trying to avoid buying a new tablet and a $1200 license, but I think you're right. Or I just deal with the limitations of either platform.
  2. Jubblies

    Android Tablet Racing Software

    Over the last few years I've bounced back and forth between IRegatta and Sailracer on my tablet. Until this year, I was never really able to take full advantage of either. We added an instrument wifi network to the boat this year and it really made a difference with what each of these apps are able to do. With that being said... 1. IRegatta for Android hasn't been updated since 2015. 2. Sailracer has had patches, but from what I can tell no major feature updates for a long time. I also found that neither are complete packages, but probably would be if you combined the features from both. Are there any other alternatives out there that are actively being developed and updated?
  3. Jubblies

    OCKAM Instruments to WIFI

    There is a data log that can be accessed from the WLN10 browser dashboard. If it's receiving sentences from your instruments, you should be good to go.
  4. Jubblies

    OCKAM Instruments to WIFI

    Check your baud rate on the WLN10 and make sure its set to 4800 baud. When I set up my Tacktick system, I thought I had everything set up correctly and everything had power but I was not logging any data. Once I changed the baud rate, it worked like a charm. BTW the default is 38400 baud, so this has to be changed from the browser dashboard of the WLN10
  5. Jubblies

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    I'm in my first season with Black Widow. We just pulled the boat before our last regatta of the year to have the bottom cleaned and I have to say I was impressed. There were a couple of small bare spots where we either didn't get good adhesion, or we got a little too thin when applying. We pull the boat before major events, so the pictures below represents about a month between cleanings on Lake Erie. As far as performance, I cannot speak for just the Black Widow. We did too many things last year including taking the bottom all the way down to gel coat, long boarding the forward sections, templating the keel and rudder, and then finally the Black Widow. We were blazing fast this year, especially upwind compared to years past. I'm sure the bottom paint had a small something to do with it, but I doubt it was the sole contributing factor. The long boarding and templating was definitely worth it.
  6. For all of us Lake Erie sailors, Fall Bay is happening! http://noticeofrace.net/eventpage.aspx?&ID=972
  7. Jubblies

    Bottom Paint stripping/repainting in Van

    I would ask each what the are considering a "coat". The key to any barrier coat, or bottom paint is the mil thickness of the finished product. Just browsing the quotes, it seems to me that Watertight's service is a little more detailed. I'm not sure if that has any bearing on the end result though. Both the primer and bottom paints you are using are going to be on the expensive side of things, but worth it in my opinion. Shop markup on a coat of IP2000 alone can drive the price up for sure. Now with that being said, neither of these seem out of line. Actually Bluewater's quote seems a bit on the aggressively low side. Having taken on a bottom job as a DIY project,
  8. Jubblies

    Are Genoa Staysails legal in PHRF LE?

    Yea I agree, the big hole being conflicts with I mean someone could conclude that a staysail forms a double luff and double clew, and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to come to that conclusion. That's why I said the rule is a bit cryptic. I know a few people that would line up to protest us the minute we fly one.
  9. I'm progressively trying to up our reaching game. This year we added a jibtop and an A3 to our PHRF inventory. Now I am trying to determine if a genoa staysail under the jibtop is legal. According to PHRF-LE Class Rules: This is all a bit cryptic to me so some interpretation would be nice, and illustrations even better!
  10. Interesting discussion here.... I have tried Navionics and INavX. To be honest I lean toward using Navionics just because it's what I'm used to. I will note that I think my use case is different depending on the type of sailing we are doing. For cruising, transports, etc I only load up Navionics. For racing, I found both apps to be lacking the type of data I need. While racing I'm using Navionics for basic tracking and for depth references since a lot of our racing is around islands. Outside of that I do all our heavy lifting with IRegatta, alsthough I do frequently use the charting apps to set waypoints for a course and then export them into the racing apps. If either app offered even some basic racing features it would be kind to my tablet's battery not having to go back and forth. Things I find missing in both Navionics and INavX that would lock them in as a useful racing app... 1. In Navionics you cannot seem to build routes from stored waypoints. INavX? 2. No ability to add a waypoint on the fly into a route. For example setting a waypoint by heading and distance when a drop buoy is being used by race committee. 3. No layline / apparent wind info 4. No starting line features. 5. No performance trends boatspeed & header/lift trends. 6. Almost forgot this one...Next leg bearing!
  11. Jubblies

    Re-rigging with synthetics

    We've swapped our backstay and baby stay to synthetic, but the 30+ year old rod rigging that still passes inspection won't be replaced until it no longer passed and inspection for a couple of reasons. 1. I can't imagine what my rating hit would be and whether it would be worth it, or whether our local PHRF would even allow it. I would have to run the numbers to see how much lighter synthetic would be over the rod, but I doubt it's enough to justify the rating hit Rod of course being significantly lighter than wire already. 2. Longevity. I'm on the Great lakes. Rod and wire rigging here will last several lifetimes if cared for properly and regularly inspected. 3. I'm not convinced that SK99 will deliver the consistency in tuning that the rod gives me, and PBO and others are just too expensive otherwise. With that all that being said, when the day comes that this 30 year old boat gets retired and relegated to a cruiser, I will probably make the switch then.
  12. Jubblies

    Sailcloth: All things unequal..

    Something not being considered here is the laminated polys that Contender, DP, and North all offer. In the racing/cruising category of sailcloth (leaning heavy towards racing) I have had my last two headsails built from laminated poly (Contender ZZP) and not woven dacron. I've been thrilled with the performance so far. I did a lot of research on sailcloth so that I felt comfortable that I would be getting the best performance to budget compared to an aramid or carbon sail, and this is what I found... 1. By using a cloth designed for a tri-radial cut, I could use mixed weights in the sail which gives them better performance at the bottom range of the sail and reduced weight aloft which will reduce heeling moment. 2. The laminated poly sails would give me better longevity and UV resistance over an aramid or carbon sail with similar initial performance without the weight of a woven cloth. Our #1 was built by Quantum and the last two seasons has been blazing fast, proven to be durable, and showing no signs of UV degrading. Or #2 purchased this year is unproven, but built with the same approach just by a local sailmaker rather than a national brand. When ordering a new main next year this is what we will be sticking with. For all of the above reasons. If North is your loft of choice, ask them about "NPL Sport" which is the comparison to Contender's "ZZP" and DP's "PX Black" https://www.northsails.com/sailing/en/sails/materials/npl/sport
  13. Jubblies

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    Having just gone through applying this to my bottom I will say this. Unless you are prepared for A LOT of work burnishing don't do it. Also be prepared to have a significant amount of paint buildup for the burnishing. This paint is going to show every imperfection in the undercoat, so get your barrier coat (or what ever you are painting over) very smooth first, otherwise you will burn through a lot of expensive paint to get it right. Even after taking these precautions, we still had significant orange peel from rolling with a 1/8 nap roller and the paint reduced between 5-10% depending on the temp and humidity. We did not "roll and tip", but I would certainly roll and tip in the future to minimize this. We applied 4 coats to a 30 foot hull (about a gallon and a half) and after burnishing I still had some spots I had to touch up because we burnt through.
  14. I just spoke with someone down here on Lake Erie that purchased a boat from a local marina and were transporting it to Montreal. No issues for them getting into the US, although they were required to fly in rather than drive. Once they check back in to Canada they have to quarantine on the vessel for 14 days. Their sailing time from Pelee Island to Montreal is included as part of the 14 days, as long as they don't come ashore and no one else boards the vessel.
  15. Jubblies

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    If you think a mask inhibits your ability to breathe comfortably, wait 'till you see what COVID-19 will do for ya! I honestly don't understand why people have such an issue with it, other than it was made to be a very specific political issue. The ONLY reason to not wear one, is because "my tribe says this is bullshit". I hope that none of the anti-maskers, anti-vacc'ers, and anti anything that isn't totally self serving, don't ever have to experience losing a loved one to there selfishness.