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    Caption Contest

    Did they really placed the porthole in front of the toilet. If this is the opening to the cockpit the whole crew will know more about you than ever expected.
  2. braunle

    Fduck Foiling!

    In your opinion a sportcar isn‘t a car and a camper as well. But as the driver you still drive a car, don‘t you? Well the keel and the ruder of most sailboats even the classic ones are foils. Trimming a sailboat the right way (e.g. explained in The Art and Science of Sails) on a beating course means balancing the aerodynamic setup of the sails with the hydrodynamics setup of the hull, keel and rudder(s). My definition of sailing is to have a sail/wing with a mast, a hull and the need to trimm the sail in relation to wind and course. Thus, for me kite-surfers not belong to the group of sailors. They kite, not sail. If my hull is on foils or not makes no difference to me.
  3. braunle

    what am it?

    Alex Thomson‘s new toy sponsored by Mindcraft ;-)
  4. braunle

    what is it?

    Sure, it is the interior of the shuttle of space ship Orville:
  5. braunle

    stuff your boat in a truck

    Seascape 24. the four screws at the stern are the outboard motor mount. Event the Seascape 27 fits into a container. Pretty cool for such a great nutshell.
  6. braunle

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    I am not joking... in Germany they really work on person over board (POB) for some years now. Guess what... nearly nobody is using it.
  7. braunle

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    Wow! Hmmm thought Scotland working on another election of staying in EU while England is leaving... who knows... maybe it is more important to take care about gender mainstream first. I guess Scotland has bigger problems to solve than gender naming topics. Might be a positiv signal that everything else in this country must be so satisfying that they have time to deal with such minor bullshit. Well, let’s get some popcorn to be prepared watching the self destruction.
  8. braunle

    Ocean Signal MOB1 fails to activate

    I must confess I shot to quick. Blame on me :-( I read the post on the SA entry page and the first keyword jumped in my eyes was Spinlock. I own a deck vest by myself and thought about to buy a PFD therefore the post got my attention. See the post in the forum is different to me. The subject line is clear.
  9. braunle

    Ocean Signal MOB1 fails to activate

    Many thanks for this report! Honestly the next time you might check first not throwing brands up in the air like spinlock deck vest and describe malfunction of a device which isn‘t part of this product.
  10. braunle

    Sail or Bail?

    Nice slim hull, but the boom is unacceptable, way too short! Andt the kerl... did the yacht fall off the crane? The keel is a joke. I guess the owner wants a fast looking yacht but easy to sail for two with possibility to anchor in low waters near the beach. A bad compromise.
  11. Well, ocean regatta sailors use weather routing tools. There are a lot discussions about the usage of those tools due to real saling. But it is saver and sailing is more than reading the weather. I think it is similar to the usage of AIS.
  12. Just because I crawled over some messages like ‘it is normal practice within the rules to shut off AIS transmit while racing’. 1. This is Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta. Participants spent weeks to meet the entry criteria. Serious stuff, not fun on the fishing lake next door. 2. The sailing instruction are clear: AIS turned on, transmitting and receiving during the whole race.
  13. Comeon this is a big fairytale! We’re not talking about an inshore Optimist regatta and the sailors and crews are not dumb idiots never put at step on a boat before. I participated in a few of unfamous ocean regattas and our AIS was always checked on the gate entering the start field. We got approval via radio. BTW this happenend as well when I participated in Rolex Fastnet Race. They had 3 gates to enter the starting field. a) I wonder how WOXI could enter the race ? b) I wonder that nobody recognise this from race controle. Even when WOXI ran down Derwent river. c) since it is part of sailing instructions that AIS must be active there seems to me no space for interpretation. I wonder that there are any discussions. WOXI was still the fastest boat in 2018 but not by following the rules. If anybody is convinced that WOXI is a fair winner than this nothing else than giving a shit about rules. Keep in mind that all others follow the rules. I have the impression that race committee won’t hurt WOXI after the history of last year. Others in this forum still mentioned favouritism. Bad, worse, worst decision! Now this world famous regatta has a flavour of untrustworthy. Applause, applause to the race committee what an outstanding job!
  14. braunle

    what is it?

    IMOCA 60 3D Puzzle in ratio 6:1
  15. braunle

    what is it?

    New VOR inshore race kat. Missing foils at this stage of prototyping.