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  1. Kellettburger


    Look, now he’s trying to prove you wrong too. Oh, well, maybe one day he’ll come around and decide to accept my olive branch and we can all live in harmony again.
  2. Kellettburger


    That’s terrible. Where is it? Philippines I assume. Doesn’t look like Subic or Manila, I think.
  3. Kellettburger


    Dodged a bullet? Look, I don’t know why you feel the need to be snarky about this, but you keep jumping to uninformed conclusions. Contrary to your post, the data you linked showed the “protected” star ferry station had sustained winds for about an hour of 80 to 90 km/hr. Also, the star ferry station and the yacht club near it we’re not protected for the worst of the storm. When the typhoon approached HK and was at its strongest the wind was coming from the north. Over the next few hours it began rotating to the NE, as typhoons do. All that time the yacht club was taking it directly on the chin. But that only explains my first photo taken at the Kellett Island clubhouse showing the upturned flying 15s jammed onto a yellow dragon (one I’ve always thought was a looker on the water). The other photos showing the dinghy devastation were taken at another RHKYC clubhouse - we have 3 of them - at Middle Island on the south side of HK. A bit of local knowledge presumably not available to you is that MIddle Island is in a natural wind tunnel due to the local topography. It can get hit hard as wind comes down a gap in the mountains above repulse bay. And it’s understandable that in the low rez photos you couldn’t see the wire anchors and tie downs that apparently failed, but you might give the consummate pros here who run our youth and sail training programs the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, sorry for calling names earlier. Under the circumstances, I expected a bit of shared compassion among sailors and just wasn’t amused about the tack you took. Anyway, what do you say we agree that HK took a dose of shit today and let it go at that?
  4. Kellettburger


    I had the impression this was a sailing forum. But you’re right, not everybody is so fortunate and it’s been an even worse day for some people around here who don’t just play on boats. Spare a kind thought for them.
  5. Kellettburger


    Hah! Sort of. Lurked for ages figuring the best way to see the zoo is from outside the bars. Thanks for the well wishes. Wind is finally easing off, at least here on the north side of Hong Kong island. South side is probably still being lashed from the S / SE.
  6. Kellettburger


    This one’s making the rounds. Apparently the moment Mangkhut decided to check into one of the nicer hotels along Victoria Harbour.
  7. Kellettburger


  8. Kellettburger


    Another keyboard hero. Do tell, how do YOU prepare for super typhoons, Jack. We’ve still got trees flying past the windows here, so maybe too soon to confirm, but this may be the strongest typhoon to hit this typhoon pocked island since records have been kept.
  9. Kellettburger


    Hong Kong is taking a beating. These are scenes from the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Club’s dinghy fleets (lasers, 420s, 29ers, Optus) are reportedly all gone from Middle Island. At least one J80 knocked off its cradle. Tough day here.
  10. Kellettburger

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    El Segundo?! You won a couple beer can races and you’re some kind of effing hero sneering at the little people who came in second? And a fashion critic to boot. Hats off to you.
  11. Kellettburger

    Can U Identify These Burgees??

    No 3 is Club Nautique d’Antibes
  12. Kellettburger

    Help me choose my next boat

    If you’re in the market for something with a “broken mast” have a look at this old girl. Sails and epirb in “not used” condition.
  13. Sail4beer, that’s an epic. Wow. Da-Woody, if it’s money that’s clouding his judgment, you might mention to the owner that the cost of repairing damage from a grounding might well be covered by his insurance. I suppose you know this already, but maybe worth saying anyway that you can’t make a proper assessment just looking down the bilge at the crack.