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    According to the USAF it's a 41' Bali catamaran on a transatlantic from Portugal to the Bahamas. Giving them the benefit of the doubt: Based on the location of the storm track and the route the Hurricane Hunter aircraft took to penetrate the storm (including a loop on the way back to contact the boat) the boat was probably on the Portugal-Azores-Bermuda-Bahamas route. That'd keep them away from the ITCZ where tropical cyclones typically gestate this time of year. They probably had a sat phone - but my guess is they lost use of it which prompted the people that were trying to reach them via sat phone to ultimately have the USCG intervene (which is what probably prompted the SAR rerouting of the HH mission). Luckily their VHF was working. The report said they are running - probably south and away from what would be the stronger quadrant of the storm. I have this picture in my mind of the skipper of that cat holding a mug of morning coffee as the hurricane hunter C-130 buzzes by at low altitude...