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  1. yeahbuoy

    J80 - Spinnaker Help

    Just a few puff's that had us overpowered. Other than that it was real steady and we were able to lay the mark fine. The tack was no higher than the bow pulpit. 1' max. Good to know that hauling in the tack is better for heavier air. Always learning.
  2. yeahbuoy

    J80 - Spinnaker Help

    Thanks for the reply. We were able to carry the large class spinnaker last night on a beam. The wind slightly clocked behind us for a little bit which helped carry it. It had a ton of pressure loaded up. So we had to ease quite a bit. Letting the tack out helped a bit.
  3. yeahbuoy

    J80 - Spinnaker Help

    Hey all, I'm looking for some help with understanding when it is best practice to use the "Reaching" spinnaker vs the larger downwind class spinnaker. I'm fairly new to racing and would love some input. The course is typically a there and back race over 5 miles (occasionally we'll have a triangle course). Putting both legs of the race on a beam reach. In lighter air is it better to use the reacher, class spinnaker, or the 135 genoa? I know there are a lot of variables that help. I'm looking for just a broad rule of thumb so we can start testing things out. Typically we have a southern wind with very little chop. Also is the reacher decent in winds over 10knots? Or is it just a light air sail? Sincerely, Noob sailor.
  4. yeahbuoy

    General fucking recall

    ADD actually is short for Another Dubious Decision. Foreshadowing?
  5. yeahbuoy

    What's your boat beer?

    My favorite post race brew (or mid race float) is something local. Specifically Jucifer by Gnarly Barley. Not as much "bite" that you would think and IPA would have.
  6. yeahbuoy

    What's your boat beer?

    I support this.
  7. yeahbuoy

    It Was The Race Committee's Fault

    The race committee boat was heavily favored. The wind was pretty steady at the start of sequence. Right before the gun it died. Couple that with a really short line and a lot of boats....