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  1. Looking for a used one. Any in S.E. US?
  2. Screw the prebend this isn't race day, and so what if the mast gets stuck with or without the sail on it. If you don't know the technique of getting the mast unstuck your in trouble either way. I call it all bullshit. He's just startin out guys. He will have much less of a chance capsizing with a smaller sailplan. He will learn many of the Idiosyncrasies of the boat. Then after building confidence on light air days try out the 5 oh sails until he gets up to speed on it. And so what if there is no 5 oh fleet in capetown. He asked about the 5 oh and the 420, not racing one design. thats an awful idea. dinghy masts carry a whole lot more prebend relative to the height of the mast than keelboats, and short hoist is just going to cause hell to the sailshape with the different luff curves. At best it wont be efficient or fast, at worst it'll make it harder to learn how to make sails do you what you need them to do or even create more drag/power than forward moment...
  3. Go with the 5 oh and start out with the 420 sails on it. You don't have to use all the control lines on the boat just cause they are there. Its more roomy than the 420 and once you get used to it, you can power it up with the 5 oh sails etc.
  4. Probably the purpose of this thread is to do something about it. Agree with what someone above said, "some one else needs to take it over". I don't know the logistics of how to do it but there is a lot of knowledge here on S/A. Maybe S/A itself could do it. If the UK can do it, why not US.
  5. I bet my questions about which DIYC increased the exposure of this thread and maybe one more sailor will show up because I lifted the thread to the top of the page. . I'm not show'n up. I'm go'n back to the paint shop!
  6. Our local handicap fleet kinda died. We still get the occasional orphan for our 2 biggest events, but the individual fleets are now the organizing authority for season calendars, etc Ours kinda died too. We put so much emphasis on OD that we killed it ourselves. Only a minority of the members can/will sail Lasers so the bar stays busy or the members make a tee time.
  7. A lot of ideas/theories in here but one is obviously missing. First, to get an oldie out dinghy racing an in an OD class, you first have to get them SAILING! This whole thread is focused on oldsters OD.racing and how to fix it.with new designs or whatever. First, I would fix the racing. Take a silver sailor who finally sells his 37' PHRF lead sled because its just too much hassle (upkeep and keeping crew happy) but still would enjoy sailing/racing. His club has a fleet of Lasers and JY 15's. He tries either (both a mistake) and gives it up after a season. He would have been much better off in a Flying Scott or something of that ilk but the OD neandrathals go to work on him with peer pressure and presto, after a season he's gone. I hear Finns, FD, 5 o5's,29R's I-14s, Lasers all mentioned here and to all but their already subscribed supporters except for maybe the Megabyte are part of the problem. To get any numbers you have to have a larger group to attract from. The clubs supporting handicap dinghy racing are doing OK and its easy to add OD racing fleets. Not so much the other way around. It would also help to have a decent handicap system in place like the UK does.
  8. Still a great class for sailing with significant others and G.F. (but not both) Windmill Midwinters Clearwater Community Sailing Center | March 12-13, 2016 [View in Media Format] Windmill (16 boats) (top)Series Standing - 6 races scored Information is final. Regatta results last updated: Sunday, March 13, 2016 11:29:13 AM CDT Click on race number to view detailed race information. Pos Sail Boat Rating Skipper Yacht Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Pos 1 5700 Silly Wabbit 0 Ethan Bixby St. Petersburg YC [1] 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 2 5705 Speedbump 0 Chris Demler Hoover Sailing Club 2 3 2 3 [10] 2 12 2 3 5252 Bella 0 Colin Browning US Sailing 3 2 [7] 4 3 5 17 3 4 5702 Hummingbird 0 Ralph Sponar Rockhall Yacht Club 6 6 3 [7] 2 3 20 4 5 3446 Nome 0 Roy Sherman Davis Island Yacht Club [17/DNF] 4 6 10 5 4 29 5 6 5586 Beauty & The Beast 0 Allen Chauvenet Rock Hall Yacht Club [9] 8 8 5 7 9 37 6 7 5701 0 Nathaniel Plant St. Pete. Sailing Center [13] 7 5 8 11 7 38 7 8 5703 Graffiti 0 PATRICK Huntley Erie yacht club 5 11 [17/DNF] 2 4 17/DNS 39 8 9 4028 Elvis 0 Lisa Fath BYC [11] 10 4 11 9 6 40 9 10 4955 Sojourner 0 Lin Robson SPSC 4 5 [17/DNF] 9 6 17/DNF 41 10 11 5070 pig headed 0 Lon Ethington st petersburg sailing center 7 [17/DNF] 9 6 8 17/DNS 47 11 12 4922 Wimpy 0 Dede Plessner Clearwater Community Sailing 10 9 [17/DNF] 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNS 70 12 13 4886 0 Alex Brown idk 12 [17/DNF] 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNF 8 71T 13 14 4051 Hurricane 0 Alan Taylor Lake Townsend Yacht Club 8 12 [17/DNF] 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNS 71T 14 15 3650 Mariah 0 Bob Poston Rudder Club Jacksonville 14 13 [17/DNF] 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNS 78 15 16 5530 Windcatcher 0 David White Independent [17/DNF] 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNF 17/DNS 85 16 Notes - Scoring System is RRS Low Point 2013-2016 - Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts - Click on race number to view detailed race information. Information is final. Registration Problems or Questions? Visit our Support Desk | View Our Privacy PolicyPowered by US SAILING Regatta Network┬« | Online Sailing Event Registration and Management Services. ┬ę 2009 Regatta Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Regatta Network is a registered Trademark of Regatta Network Inc.
  9. What were the conditions? How'ed it do?
  10. Vanguard did a whole lot more to supporting the class than LP did. Without the support, there wasn't much to keep the class going. It would become another 2 hander in an overcrowded market. ......and did!
  11. Not wanting to hijack but that thing looks like a small keel boat going well.. Is it ballested?
  12. Start out with a portsmouth or open class. Get a mix of some good quality stable boats that have a reliable rating and let the folks go at it. If they change on/off boats soon the first choice will surface (maybe after a season). Keep the portsmouth class going while the transition is taking place. It seems that most clubs with successful race programs have open and od events- with or without seperate starts. If U have just OD events only the folks who can be successful in that class will show up. I was just at an club that took that approach and the bar was full of happy sailors at the finish. Their OD fleet was Flying Scots. The open fleet included MC's Thistles, Lasers, Jy's, a Raider and. a Y Flyer. I've seen so many clubs with a hand full of OD's rotting in the corner because the wrong guess was made at the startup. Get em sailing, then racing and the cream will rise to the top.
  13. By the look at JD's picture (weather leg) and description, the pole is attached all the time. Maybe it dosen't have to be reattached and reset every tack?. Whats the black boomrang or lever looking thing on the boom?
  14. OK, I'll bite. How fast?