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  1. Blackjack2

    Capri 14.2 Roof Racks For Honda Si

    Thats what I did to hold my 14.2 to the roof of my Smart car. However I formed the roof racks using paper mache mixed with bat guano. Takes a little longer to dry but the insects don't attack it. The only other thing I did different was to add a S hook to the mainsheet and attach it to my shift lever so the sheet would be tight and hold the boat it place whilst in Drive. Whenst shifting into Park the sheet is loose and cuts launch time by about 4 sec.. Hope this helps.
  2. Blackjack2

    Diesel Inboards For Capri 14.2

    Of course the colored wing would be the way to go especially red, white and blue this week only. I think it would only take a rating hit if the lifting foils would match the colors. Different question however : according to Scuttlebutt a 14.2 from the Czech Republic is entering the Vendee Globe in 2020.. True??
  3. Blackjack2

    Diesel Inboards For Capri 14.2

    I totally don't see the humor at all. BTW, does the 14.2 have a different rating with colored sails vs. the white?.
  4. Blackjack2

    Adding a Reef

    EB, Done properly It works great on most dinghies that are fractionally rigged (which are most dinghies). When reefing conditions are needed, the wind is up and in 99.9% of the dinghies, additional weather helm exists. The reef should cure most of it However, you may be referring to the other .1%. Also jibs on dinghies usually don't have the adjustments to properly trim them in reefing conditions and the % of pressure as in normal sailing as to the main is not achieved . Been there done it.
  5. Blackjack2

    How to find crew

    Run an Ad for hooker/sailor. If she dosen't work out as crew, all isn't lost.
  6. Blackjack2

    Looking for current opinions on the Bongo 15

    Some one mention a Raider? .......+1 BTW, on all your suggestions raising the boom height up to the sail entrance slot usually only requires remounting the gooseneck and a little mainsail rework or in some cases just shortening the leech. If the boat checks the rest of the boxes and the $ deal is right, those changes are not a big deal.
  7. New Laser knock off hulls. Same shape, weight, compairable torsional and panel stiffness, C.G.and more durable. $2800. FOB. Mast extrusions bought by the pound or foot.....tooling paid for after 200 sets. Nothing magic here. In one form or another all other hardware is available. Intensity or whoever sails. The newly formed (not ) North American Laising Class Assoc. could manage the whole thing. I believe there were more lasers sold before they were an Olympic class than after. Correct me if I am wrong. And, how many sales were dependent on the Laser being an olympic class boat. If other countries or the ILCA have a problem with this then open the door to solve it or it becomes their problem.The group posting on here could focus on the NA class staying on the water and not under it. If the N A class would not support itself then, maybe its time is up. All the existing dinghy shops could supply parts. The NALCA could use any of these symbols along with a web site for approval of parts or suppliers. It becomes apparent that the US Laser sailors are not being served by their present association and builders. When the association members are not put first, the class rules are more protective of the builders than the members. This thread has become so stagnant, a revolution would be much more exciting.
  8. Blackjack2

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Only over a waterfall. ................And the 84 for the IC is OK if U multiply the base rating by 1.03 every time the skipper is swimming. The IC is one of the most skipper dependent craft in the whole non- trapping dinghy fleet to base its performance on. Between the two (IC & evo) on a W/L course I'd put $ on a well sailed IC.
  9. Blackjack2

    Is a Megabyte Too Much for Me?

    Trinka 10? It nails rowing, sailing, camping. If it dosen't work out, resales good
  10. Blackjack2

    Is a Megabyte Too Much for Me?

    The Force 5 still sounds like the most applicable choice to cover all your concerns, real or not. Alum. mast sections, a reefable main could apply. You don't have to build it or import one from UK. Good light air performance and form stability for a single hander and plenty of useable room for its size and weight. Add to it Harken's laser clew hook to depower the main almost instantly when close to the dock. Be prepared to jump out of the boat when in shallow water near obstructions and walk it in. All the recent boats described will virtually tack or turn on a dime if you have water depth to keep the board down. If you have more concerns, contact a local small boat sailing instructor.
  11. Blackjack2

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    Where did he go, he was never there! Look at the price of entry (just a smart phone and wifi in your mothers basement) to post on this site to incite a thread or stir the pot. At least to fish you have to use real bait. Interesting perspectives result though.
  12. Blackjack2

    The VX Evo

    Did U forget this is SA? ......Get over it
  13. Blackjack2

    rs aero

    Maybe thirty knots somewhere??? (else)
  14. Blackjack2

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Oh Boy! a new dinghy. But wait..... Hark! OD class assoc. established. No used boats at 1/4 of new price available. How much are replacement sails? Can we use intensity sails for practice? Are the nationals going to be within 15 min from my home? I hope we can have a seperate rating when I'm sailing two up with my 7 yr. old ADD grandson. From the above post maybe we already may have one sold. Wonder what'll it rate? Can hardly wait till the Sailing World mag. test is published. I hope it comes with helmets included. I love S/A
  15. Blackjack2


    Looking for a used one. Any in S.E. US?