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  1. Blackjack2

    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    Only over a waterfall. ................And the 84 for the IC is OK if U multiply the base rating by 1.03 every time the skipper is swimming. The IC is one of the most skipper dependent craft in the whole non- trapping dinghy fleet to base its performance on. Between the two (IC & evo) on a W/L course I'd put $ on a well sailed IC.
  2. Blackjack2

    Is a Megabyte Too Much for Me?

    Trinka 10? It nails rowing, sailing, camping. If it dosen't work out, resales good
  3. Blackjack2

    Is a Megabyte Too Much for Me?

    The Force 5 still sounds like the most applicable choice to cover all your concerns, real or not. Alum. mast sections, a reefable main could apply. You don't have to build it or import one from UK. Good light air performance and form stability for a single hander and plenty of useable room for its size and weight. Add to it Harken's laser clew hook to depower the main almost instantly when close to the dock. Be prepared to jump out of the boat when in shallow water near obstructions and walk it in. All the recent boats described will virtually tack or turn on a dime if you have water depth to keep the board down. If you have more concerns, contact a local small boat sailing instructor.
  4. Blackjack2

    i would sail 500 miles

    Tell him not to forget the rusty pistol with one round in it and the shark chum.
  5. Blackjack2

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    Where did he go, he was never there! Look at the price of entry (just a smart phone and wifi in your mothers basement) to post on this site to incite a thread or stir the pot. At least to fish you have to use real bait. Interesting perspectives result though.
  6. Blackjack2

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Then its really hard to understand your post. Used A cats are well under your price point, sail well and U have a fleet to help you out. Whats really missing here?
  7. Blackjack2

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Whats wrong with the A Cat fleet??? For fun, speed and easy, how can you beat it? Two or fewer? probably U mean ONE
  8. Blackjack2

    New to sailing - open to boat advise

    Paul, if you can score a Johnson 18 at your price, do it. You don't have to sail it using all its power till your ready. A reef in the main & set the jib up for cross sheeting and go. The V 15 isn't a bad choice either. Easier to right than an MC or a J 18 but not the performance either. Also, look at a Raider. Look at all the stuff written on it on S/A..
  9. Blackjack2

    The VX Evo

    Did U forget this is SA? ......Get over it
  10. Blackjack2

    rs aero

    Maybe thirty knots somewhere??? (else)
  11. Blackjack2

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    Oh Boy! a new dinghy. But wait..... Hark! OD class assoc. established. No used boats at 1/4 of new price available. How much are replacement sails? Can we use intensity sails for practice? Are the nationals going to be within 15 min from my home? I hope we can have a seperate rating when I'm sailing two up with my 7 yr. old ADD grandson. From the above post maybe we already may have one sold. Wonder what'll it rate? Can hardly wait till the Sailing World mag. test is published. I hope it comes with helmets included. I love S/A
  12. Blackjack2

    Celebirty Sloop

    Thanks! hopefully test sail coming up.
  13. Blackjack2

    Celebirty Sloop

    I just ran across a roadside sale. Any input.?? nice shape with trailer for under $1K. I would like to single hand her, maybe do portsmouth racing. Sign says '77 but probably early 70's. F'glass hull with good rig and sails.
  14. Blackjack2


    Looking for a used one. Any in S.E. US?
  15. Blackjack2

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    Screw the prebend this isn't race day, and so what if the mast gets stuck with or without the sail on it. If you don't know the technique of getting the mast unstuck your in trouble either way. I call it all bullshit. He's just startin out guys. He will have much less of a chance capsizing with a smaller sailplan. He will learn many of the Idiosyncrasies of the boat. Then after building confidence on light air days try out the 5 oh sails until he gets up to speed on it. And so what if there is no 5 oh fleet in capetown. He asked about the 5 oh and the 420, not racing one design. thats an awful idea. dinghy masts carry a whole lot more prebend relative to the height of the mast than keelboats, and short hoist is just going to cause hell to the sailshape with the different luff curves. At best it wont be efficient or fast, at worst it'll make it harder to learn how to make sails do you what you need them to do or even create more drag/power than forward moment...