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  1. Some.Rando

    NBC are cunts

    A VPN costs less than that.
  2. I just finished the Corinthian Yacht Club's Fall Series. The J/70 class was double-handed this whole season. After 10 races double-handing it we managed to land in second, so I'm pretty stoked about that. The J/70 is a fantastic boat for short-handing, there's a healthy (and growing) fleet here in the SF Bay, they're not overpowered in heavy air, they're light enough in light wind to sail circles around the big boats (especially while double-handed), they look great, and they're not all that expensive. I couldn't tell you if they're going to keep the DH fleet going after covid, but I hope they do.
  3. Some.Rando

    Kids Books about Sailing

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I shopped on and bought pretty much all of your recommendations. Jeff Bezos is rich enough, so shop somewhere other than Amazon this holiday season.
  4. Some.Rando

    Kids Books about Sailing

    My niece is finally old enough to read, so I want to get her some books for the holidays. Does anyone have any kids books recommendations that might get here interested in sailing? Cheers.
  5. Some.Rando

    LA 28 and other 8 meters with style

    I find the Tofino Alphena One a rather compelling option. That said, if I were ever in the market for a daysailer the Chantier Des Ileaux Troll 26 would be a pretty compelling option as well. Unfortunately I live in earthquake country, so the sailboat will have to serve dual duty as the emergency fallback position if my house is somehow rendered uninhabitable, so it's gotta have at least basic facilities. Still fun to fantasize about though.
  6. Some.Rando

    LA 28 and other 8 meters with style

    Rosso 28 evo another wooden beauty
  7. Some.Rando

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    You're right, the J99 and SF3300 were nominated by the same publication in 2020, with the J99 winning the best Performance boat over 31ft.
  8. Some.Rando

    Dehler 30 OD price? The Dehler 30 OD is on that list. Surprising that the SF3300 isn't on that list, but I guess group Beneteau is represented well enough with 4 nominations.
  9. Some.Rando

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    Yeah, they were doing really well up until Snoghøj, then the wind died and anchors were needed. The fastest Dehler 30's seemed to be able to maintain a 1-1.5 knot advantage over the rest of the small keelboat field... while there was enough wind for sailing. You know it's going to be a tough sailing race when an anchor is critical kit.
  10. Some.Rando

    Dehler 30 OD price?

    Who else is planning on watching the SilverRudder tomorrow? I know that the Dehler 30 OD was designed specifically for this race, and that becomes clear when you see that it's the biggest boat in the Small Keelboat class. Furthermore, it's rigged to perform well in the light wind that's predicted by my various weather apps, so I'm eager to see how it performs.
  11. Hill Blackett and Jim Antrim seemed to manage just fine when they won their class in the Island Tour Regatta last weekend in a carbon Antrim 27.
  12. Some.Rando

    SSS Round The Rocks on

    I'm surprised about how many competitors were marked DNF. Was it that y'all forgot to call/email in your self-reported finish time?
  13. Some.Rando

    SSS Round The Rocks on

    Yeah, the beat from the Brother to Red Rock was BRUTAL. 20 knots (ish, no anemometer on the J70) with the wind at 90° to the current made for some nasty chop when on port tack.
  14. Some.Rando

    Dehler 30

    It's 200 Kg less than a Figao III which also just so happens to be how much water ballast it comes with. It's pretty much the same weight as a Pogo 30.
  15. Some.Rando

    Chartering Minis / Fig IIIs in Europe

    I don't know about those specific boats or that specific race, but I know that there are numerous performance sailboat rental companies that will rent you a Pogo, Dehler 30, or similar for various races. Here's a few:,,