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  1. bshores

    J 121

    So how many have been built launched to date? Saw somewhere hull #4 had been splashed and is shipping to the Caribbean for the winter circuit.
  2. bshores

    J 121

    Any insider information on when this thing is launching? Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  3. bshores

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Heard that OV no longer fits within the Fast 40 rule, they made an exception for her last year to increase participation. They still had to recut some sails to measure in. Shame since this is such a great boat, not sure what the future plans are.
  4. bshores


    Anyone know if Phoenix will be back in the Super Series this year? Heard the boat got sold recently.
  5. bshores

    Melges 40 - Ho Lee Fuk

    Have they even built more than 1 boat yet? Noticed there's a racing schedule with the first event in Dubai followed by Sardinia....will they have one design status by then?
  6. bshores

    What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Just noticed Roxanne is for sale and they seemed to be a well sorted program. Checkmate also sold the 2 boats they campaigned. LOCO for sale. Seems like a great boat, but just curious why these programs are already out?
  7. bshores


    Is everyone also using cars on their mainsails like this one? Seems like overkill on a boat this size. Is a regular main track class legal?
  8. bshores


    Nice looking 88, any sailing pics? Are you dry sailing at Jabins and is it just 2 88s in Annapolis so far?
  9. bshores

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Wow, looks great Bill, can't wait to see her go!
  10. bshores

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Nice upgrade Bill, looking forward to seeing the end result.
  11. bshores


    Please share! More pictures the better! Agreed, let's get the thread back on track and see some pics of her boat. If anything like her last few I bet its tricked out.
  12. bshores

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Looking good Bill, those new lifeline pads look comfortable. Has there always been 2 bitch/pit winches or did you add one? Will be following KWRW closely.
  13. bshores

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Bump, any update on the progress?
  14. bshores

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Looks great Bill, can't wait to see her on the water.
  15. bshores


    Curious what you thought of the boat since you were one of the early guys to reserve a hull. Looks great on the water, but wondering about the performance and when she will start planing downwind. Any review you can provide would be great in addition to Blurs existing writeup. Also I guess the size is boarderline for drysailing or a hoist so are owners planning to keep theirs in a slip.