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  1. BOI Guy

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    Would have preferred comment on the issue raised rather than comment on the messenger, takes intellect to go down that track though.
  2. BOI Guy

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    I had hopes that the previous Government might start making inroads into the devastation that commercial fishing has done to our inshore stocks, fat chance. The new lot aren't messing around, let in hundreds of Russian super trawler crew in to get the pillaging underway again, on top of which they bought a whole lot of COVID with them. How this in any way helps the environment, the sutainability of comercial fishing or the local access to fishing and local fishing jobs I'm struggling to see. But thats what you get when you elect a blatant bullshiter and surround her with inexperienced incompetent dreamers. You tell me its what you voted for.
  3. BOI Guy

    This Santana 35 Polar any good?

    Its labeled apparent wind direction, might be source of many arguments and confusion.
  4. BOI Guy

    Caption Contest

    I think its going to crack a woody
  5. BOI Guy

    Marriage Lesson # 5067

    The Lawnmower was pretty good at finding tools that went missing
  6. BOI Guy

    Open Skiff/Bic anyone have one at hand?

    I wouldn't do it.
  7. BOI Guy

    Open Skiff/Bic anyone have one at hand?

    Mast OD at goose neck 52.5mm. Fork is about 55ID, pretty stiff and I don't think it will work on a 60mm mast. The Boom is alloy, 38 OD, can't get to ID. The fork will fit in the 48mm boom but you will need to make a bush.
  8. BOI Guy

    Australian Sailing

    There's that arrogance coming in again, it's not their choice
  9. BOI Guy

    Australian Sailing

    I get that, but thats not what it says, RRS and WS use the term "race". Seems to be missing in the definitions, maybe it should be. Read the article again, WS Prohibited Events and its implications, its the whole point of the article. Affiliated sailors competing in "Prohibited Events" and the threat of banishment. Makes WS look very intersted in sailors sailing in non RRS events.
  10. BOI Guy

    Australian Sailing

    This means that in order to enter your boat in any race in the United States, you must be a member of a club or organization affiliated to US Sailing or you yourself must be a member of US Sailing. It doesn't say that at all, you can be a member of any affiliated club doesn't have to be from the same country as the organiser. The whole article is a PR piece. Quite a lot of the RRS stuff is trying to impose rules on yachts / owners etc that are not affiliated, arrogance? "Rule 75.1 requires the ­person who enters a boat in a race to be “a member of a club or other organization affiliated to a World Sailing member national authority" If you want to race against another boat for whatever reason and are not a member of ..... they can't stop you, you just can't race using RRS The whole bit about "Prohibited Events" who do they think they are? Rules about events that they have no jurisdiction over? Not really the right approach to grow the sport, what am I missing here?
  11. BOI Guy

    Shaw 7.5 “Animal Biscuits” flies

    Thats what you get when you just want your boat to go faster, none of that "how much of a penalty will I get on PHRF? " bullshit. Well Done
  12. BOI Guy

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    Eye usually starts another thread about now.
  13. BOI Guy

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    "But five experts interviewed by ABC News all agreed with Redfield, saying that masks are, in fact, our strongest weapons against the pandemic. During his Senate testimony, Redfield explained that a vaccine might not be 100% effective at producing an immune response strong enough to stave off infection. Masks, however, provide an evidence-backed protective barrier." So why are we still waiting for a vaccine and having lockdowns? Maybe the marketing budgets of the big pharmas are a lot bigger and more effective than that of thousands of little mask manufacturers. Or like here in NZ (or maybe OZ), too busy on the election vote coming up to look at the evidence, take some advice and change the course. So what is it eye, politics? money? stop pretending they have nothing to do with it, vaccines being the only answer just doesn't stand scrutiny.
  14. BOI Guy

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    Hedging your bets a bit there, makes the rest of your argument less than credible, are you worried you will be offered an unsafe vaccine? Go ask your buddies why its taking so long for treatments with results submitted for approval to take so long to be assessed. Then ask them why the treatments that have been approved are so ineffective and were approved near instantly. More money to made if you need a vaccine, don't need a vaccine if the treatments work. Open your other eye.
  15. What eye is trying to say without saying it is that he (or she or something) only wants to hear stuff that supports the theory that a vaccine is the only way to deal with the pandemic and that it will do so safely. Not interested in treatments that make mitigation strategies viable, definitely doesn't like the expert advice that masks are more effective than vaccines, (we actually have masks too but that's irrelevant apparently) Happy to support Herd immunity even though its just a theory with no "scientific evidence" to support it. Plenty of Treatments with evidence of effectiveness but not yet "gold standard" so happy to discredit them too. Follow the money bells are ringing.