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  1. I would rather sit on the dock and order a pizza for everyone than have to tell them "Great race, thanks for coming out. The three of us are going inside, you four can't come" If I where a crew and that was the case, I would find somewhere else to sail where Elihu Smails wasn't the Commodore.
  2. 'Bacco

    Dust Bunnies at 55 +

    After reading the title of this thread, I wasn't sure if this was going to be sailing related. I'm not sure if i'm disappointed.
  3. 'Bacco

    Doyle vs. Quantum #3

    I have both Quantum and Doyle. My Quantum sails are far superior. The Doyles look like dog shit after a year or two compared to the fusions.
  4. 'Bacco

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    At this point, I'm just hoping the lake levels will allow me to even get the boat in the water.
  5. 'Bacco

    New Comedy Boat for 2020

    Have you looked into this?
  6. 'Bacco

    Show your boat not sailing

    Insert sad face emoji.
  7. 'Bacco

    Maintaining Sailing Interest

    This. Big ups to the 35 year old mid level employee racing his mid 80's racer/cruiser with 8 year old sails. They are the lifeblood of weekly beer can racing, and they probably have more fun doing it.
  8. 'Bacco

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    W. T. Fuck? The sport is slowing dying and people charge their crew? Its hard enough to get a steady consistent crew without charging them. I bought my boat because I wanted to race, and I wanted to drive. The way I see it, my crew does me a favor by allowing me to do just that. We rig and de rig at the start and end of the season as a team. I pay for the maintenance, sails, etc for MY boat. If the owner sells their boat, do they split the money with the crew? On Wednesday nights, I put beer and snacks on the boat. 9 times out of ten, someone on the crew brings a bottle of rum, but I never ask. Usually someone volunteers to bring ice. For regattas, I provide beer drinks and sandwiches, if people want more, they are welcome to bring it. Blows my mind that this actually happens.
  9. 'Bacco

    Aussie 18 movie

    I used to love the Ronstan's Awesome Aussie Skiff movie as a kid. It's still a staple at our clubs Jr Sailing program
  10. 'Bacco

    Buying A New Sail

    Google reviews on precision sail loft. You're better off to deal with a real local sail maker in your area. They will know the best combination of size and material for your area and for how you intend to use the boat.
  11. 'Bacco

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    28.8 on Cheyenne (Former PlayStation) The boat was docked in Norfolk for a brief bit and the crew took some of us members of the ODU sailing team out for a spin.
  12. 'Bacco

    When to go out, When to stay in

    "If anything is gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there." - Captain Ron Rico
  13. 'Bacco

    Fduck Foiling!

  14. 'Bacco

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    Correct. Hollandia was a charter. As i said above, its my understand that will no longer be allowed. As the host for the next few CC regattas, RCYC issued new rules and format with the adoption of the IC37.