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  1. 'Bacco

    Things the crew brought on board

    Had a guy bring a fishing pole on a Wednesday night.
  2. 'Bacco

    A real Bar for a real Sailor

    That's pretty awesome.
  3. 'Bacco

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    That would be great! We have one Tripp 26 registered as of now. We usually have a one-design fleet for them. We would love to have the C&C 33's. Even if we don't get enough for a one-design fleet, we do have PHRF fleets as well.
  4. 'Bacco

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    Thanks for all the info guys. I ordered the sail with black lite skin. I'll post pics when it comes in. Should be a cool looking sail.
  5. 'Bacco

    Moving a wide boat across the US

    In NY we pay sales tax on used cars, boats, etc. My boat has had sales tax paid on it 3 different times.
  6. 'Bacco

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    Thanks all. It looks like I will be doing black DP Lite Skin on one side. Should be a cool looking sail.
  7. 'Bacco

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    this is the quote.
  8. 'Bacco

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

  9. I’m ordering a new Quantum Fusion #1 for my Schock 35. My sailmaker mentioned I could do taffeta on one side of the sail to help durability. Is it worth it to spend the extra $400 or is it generally unneeded? We do weekly beercan races and 2-3 bigger regattas a year. I’m also on the Great Lakes so the boat is only in the water and racing from May to October. Is it unrealistic to think I could get 5 season out of the sail without the taffeta? Does it really make that sail that much more durable? I am also not interested in going to a different sailmaker. Quantum is local, and their support and customer service to my area is fantastic.
  10. 'Bacco

    Daysails, Short Cruises for $15K?

    Catalina 30.
  11. 'Bacco

    Go Fund My fuck up.

    It's pretty hard to make a boat that actually looks better underwater
  12. Such a shame. It's a beautiful boat.
  13. 'Bacco

    Daisy Staysail

  14. 'Bacco

    Bulkhead repair with G-10?

    And comes in a wide variety of colors to satisfy the Mrs.