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  1. 'Bacco

    Spinnaker Material ID...

    It looks like mylar spectra scrim. I have never seen a spinnaker built that way. I have a kevlar scrim staysail that's built similarly.
  2. 'Bacco

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Could be a great business plan. I read a report yesterday that some girls on OnlyFans were pulling in over $1.5Mil a month, with the top earner at $20 million a month. What a time to be alive.
  3. 'Bacco

    Another reef

    I only have one reef in my new main. Never used the reef in my old one. We do some distance stuff on Lake Ontario, so I felt it best to have one. We also carry a J4 that I'm pretty sure is made out of the same material used to make Carhartt jackets. My tuning guide says something along the lines of "If you have to reef, go home. They will probably race tomorrow."
  4. 'Bacco

    New sail order headache

    I guess I don't understand why the weight matters to you for that type of boat. Especially on a racer/cruiser that you say you only occasionally race. I get it if the only intention of that sail is to race and your cool with replacing it every two years. Proper shape, trim and durability will be much more important.
  5. 'Bacco

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Tom Sullivan is a local artist to me. I have always enjoyed his watercolors. https://www.facebook.com/TLSullivanArt/
  6. 'Bacco


    The 99 has a fixed sprit. I also think its an option on the new J/9
  7. 'Bacco


    I have always thought C&C's were very attractive boats. If anything, the new 45 looks like Beneteau and Hanse had an awkward love child. To me, hull windows are a terrible look.
  8. 'Bacco

    this pic needs a thread of it's own... have at it

    Robert Redford could have fixed that from a bosuns chair.
  9. 'Bacco

    Learn to splice recommendation ?

    I've use a bunch and premium ropes seems to be the best for me. I also bought their pro splicing kit.
  10. 'Bacco


    I would rather my wife sat on the $250 bag instead on the $5,000 bag.
  11. 'Bacco


    "My teacher told me real beauty is one the inside" "That's just something ugly people say."
  12. 'Bacco

    Saphire 27

    Super cool boat but that "dodger" looks likes it came off a 1994 SeaRay
  13. 'Bacco

    A Really Cool 30' Daysailer

    A challenger emerges.
  14. 'Bacco


    Exactly. Dad sounds like a dick, kid suffers.
  15. 'Bacco

    Fattest boats

    No tumblehome, but the Shock 35 is a Fatty McFatfat.