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  1. dg_sailingfan

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    @MR.CLEAN, I AM ANNOUNCING THAT I WILL LEAVE SA EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATEDLY AND NEVER COME BACK and leave NZL Fanboys who can't take critisism on their own. To Tornado-Cat, Stingray, smackdaddy I hope you stay and at least give some contra to the NZL Fanboys, seriously SA needs you three and keep sticking together
  2. dg_sailingfan

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The SailGP Thread over at Multi-hull Anarchy.
  3. dg_sailingfan

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    It's much more than that mate: There is a concerted effort by Forourselves, barfy, rh3000, Ex-Yachtie, several other NZL Posters (not including you) for almost 2 years to mob me out of this Board. Now For is playing the victim & crybaby card.
  4. dg_sailingfan

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    I have nothing against anonymity but hiding behind it and using it to do clear MOBBING against other people (Users) shouldn't be tolerated.
  5. dg_sailingfan

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    I can give people Warnings when they call me scum & idiot! Period! I will not # 1 Tolerate your insults and # 2 Your radicalism with ETNZ and bitching about other Teams. You're sometimes really as bad as these Liberal Radicals like Warren, Sanders in Washington.
  6. dg_sailingfan

    SailGP 2020

    A lot of Teams, not just China & Japan, will be reshuffled Clew because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For example, Aussie Jason Waterhouse was the Fight Controller for the Australian SailGP Team BUT he has also apparently qualified together with Lisa Darmanin in the Nacra17 Class for the Olympics.
  7. dg_sailingfan

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    I'll give you a Warning: If you call me a scum or idiot or whatever without my knowlege I sent I'll make your life here very uncomfortable. You can't hide forever behind your Anonymus Label and insult people.