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  1. mikegt4

    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    I had a couple of CBX's, first was a 1980 that I bought with basically delivery miles from the dealer to the PO's home. 17 year old kid's first motorcycle that his rich Daddy bought for him. While trying to do wheelies in his driveway to impress girlfriend the bike flipped back over onto him which saved the bike but put him in the hospital for over a month. The second was a '79 that I bought from my BIL after he got out of the service. I eventually sold both to my brother, they are the 2 bikes on the right side of the photo, the other bikes belong to a friend of his. My brother bought and successfully drag raced a Kawasaki 500 Mach 111 triple when they came out. He sold it to one of my best friends when he stopped racing and bought a first gen naked Goldwing in about 1977. About 15 years ago he traded the '79 CBX to my friend to get the Kawasaki back and did a restoration on it. He kept the Kaw and remaining CBX in his living room until his passing after which his son sold them off to finance his "I will never have a job" lifestyle. I have a 1966 BSA 650 Spitfire Mk11 which I bought from my aforementioned friend 48 years ago when he took a job in another country. The price was a McDonald's cheeseburger, 35 cents at the time.
  2. mikegt4

    Craigslist Finds

    The owner of Strictly Sail has a reputation for buying interesting boats. Over the years his dealership and storage lots always have an array of hyper racing catamarans, skiffs and assorted odd craft. He picks them up for pennies on the dollar after they become obsolete or the racing body/series comes to an end. A benefit is that we get to see them out on the local lake on occasion. His Hobie 33 (he owned it for decades) is probably his most docile boat.
  3. mikegt4

    Craigslist Finds

    It is a US Yachts/Bayliner Buccaneer 180 (not to be confused with a Chrysler Buccaneer 18). Brunswick owns or has owned many boat companies, usually buying up dying brands or bankruptcies. The sellers first line is telling, quoting a "750 pound capacity" says "I am not an experienced sailor". Extolling a Brunswick lineage is another clue. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/buccaneer-180 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brunswick_Boat_Group
  4. mikegt4

    A puzzler? What is it?

    Well I got beat to it while typing. The boat was on CL for a month or more last year with an extensive list of the modifications that had been done. Basically started with a shell and when on from there. You can just see what is left of the original bow just above retractable pole. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/us-22
  5. Yahoo purged all photos from every group that I am on back in December, likely the same for the B25 group as well. To their credit they warned everyone of their plans months in advance so that people could download everything before it was gone foreever. Beachcomers are nice thin water cruisers, I looked at a couple on the past.
  6. mikegt4

    MC Scow Splashrails

    My hiking straps are 2" webbing with buckles, a fairly thick webbing, much more than a seatbelt. Skipper: My boat has a large eye in the center spine below the traveler. Just aft of that a "buckle" is bolted to the top of the spine. The hiking strap goes from there back to a U strap, also on the spine, below the fwd edge of the aft deck. There is an elastic cord from the underside of the aft deck down to the hiking strap to hold it up off the cockpit sole so one's feet can easily slip in under the strap. Crew: My bilge board's have short "handle" to which the control line is attached. When the board is fully up the handle rests on a small metal strip mounted on a small piece of wood. Below the deck is a U strap that is attached with the same bolts that hold the metal strip& wood above. The buckle is retained by that strap and the hiking strap itself goes back to the center spine under the traveler. Same setup on P& S sides. I don't know if this is the original Melges setup but this is the way that the boat came to me from the original owner. My buckles are just just regular steel, now very rusty.
  7. mikegt4

    MC Scow Splashrails

    I am holding the rails for my MC #119 (1974) that I bought from the original owner over 25 years ago. The rail is made from 3/4" mahogany boards with a 3/4" radius on the top aft edge and a 30* bevel on the bottom edge making the fore side approximately 3" tall. The aft side is 3-1/2" tall. The height remains constant for about 18" out from the center then arcs gently down with an increasing radius near the outboard end. The bottom edge of the rail is 38-1/2" from the port/stb joint to the the outboard end. When I refinished mine I used cherry stain to get the same rich color that my woody E scow had on its mahogany parts.
  8. mikegt4

    Gear Heads Only

    A "drag link socket" is my tool of choice for breaking loose big slotted screws on old tractors.
  9. mikegt4

    Repairing holes from obsolete hardware

    I had to fill a lot of small holes (#8-1/4" bolts) left behind by my boat's P.O. I found that if I used a common hole punch (like used for notebook paper) to make a 1/4" hole in a piece of masking tape then place the tape over the hole to be filled effectively masking off the surrounding area, it made final finishing a lot easier. The tape keeps the filler from sticking to areas outside of the hole. Once the filler cures I use an offset pneumatic grinder with 2" disc to carefully sand the material down until I almost break through the tape then remove what is left of the tape for final finishing. For applying the filler I use small flexible palette knives used by artists, available at most art supply and craft stores. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, clean up easily and are cheap. They are excellent for mixing and applying fillets as well, been using them for decades.
  10. mikegt4

    balsa core deck repair

    I bought a Y-flyer with a soft foredeck for cheap. Flipped it over so that I could easily remove the inner skin without working overhead. I replaced the core and reused the inner skin then glassed over the cut lines. A FS under foredeck area would be caverness compared to a Y-flyer so it should be an easy task, relatively speaking. By working inside you avoid the problem of making an aesthetically pleasing deck repair.
  11. mikegt4

    Outboard making me lose my mind

    I have had good luck cleaning carbs using an ultrasonic cleaner. It can break up clogs in the tiny passages better than solvents or compressed air. Most good lawnmower repair shops will have an ultrasonic cleaner and will clean your carb for a modest fee
  12. mikegt4

    Craigslist Finds

    It looked like that when it was for sale on CL last year.
  13. mikegt4

    Craigslist Finds

    I may do that although I don't consider it a "sport boat". I have been on an S2 7.9 Grand Slam and find the 740 to be a slightly smaller (24' vs. 26') version of that boat both in design and execution. It is also much more of a cruiser/trailer sailor than a J24 but with the same performance level, a real cabin and a huge cockpit with real seats. Actually I measured the cockpit when a fellow dock holder commented on how big it was compared to his SJ23. It came out as 5' from seatback to seatback and a little over 8' long. I did a lot of Goggling both before and after purchasing the boat and found the same info. It seems that it was popular in JOG racing but fell out of favor and sort of quickly disappeared from the scene. As I noted in an earlier post I did find that my boat was featured in the factory brochure which was pretty exciting.
  14. mikegt4

    Craigslist Finds

    Do you have any idea of how many Farr 740 Sport where made? Not much info on them. I really like this boat although I have been sailing it almost exclusively singlehanded and all the strings to pull gets a bit tiring. I had running backstays on my E-scow but I had some crew on it. Almost no wind this season so I haven't had an opportunity to see what she can do.
  15. mikegt4

    Craigslist Finds

    Do you have any idea of how many Farr 740 Sport where made? Not much info on them. I really like this boat although I have been sailing it almost exclusively singlehanded and all the strings to pull gets a bit tiring. I had running backstays on my E-scow but I had some crew on it. Almost no wind this season so I haven't had an opportunity to see what she can do.