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  1. yoyo

    Bunk cover material

    The closed cell foams I saw were very pricey and very heavy compared to poly foam. I also don't remember closed cell being as comfortable to lay on as a medium or high density poly. Sailrite has a video with a good comparison of foams. They mention silk film for waterproofing. I havent tried it.
  2. Totally agree on all points. My response was more about it not being a dig at NHYC and why it may be happening.
  3. Wish you luck and safety. I don't see this as a rip on NHYC at all. They knew covid was a issue and decided to run the event anyway. These teams committed money and time for those days on their calendars anticipating Covid would be under control by now but it isn't. Some of these crewmembers might have restrictions for travel outside the US from their employer. So these teams decide to organize an event at the same timeframe that allows on-the water practice time with less stress regarding Covid and travel to MX. The risk is not just the individuals but their families and friends when they get back. Sounds like a reasonable option to me. Especially if these teams need a TPac qualifier.
  4. yoyo

    Luna Rosa out of favour

    So the Fay NZ Dog KZ-1 and MBBC was what again? Mercury Bay Boating Club, the 1988 AC Challenger has stepped up from its former clubhouse - a red Zephyr car parked on the beach to start yacht racing. (sail-world.com)
  5. yoyo

    antal spinners

    Good point on the 36.7 block. I was thinking the odds of the antal ring failing would be pretty slim.
  6. Sad to see them go. It was great to go in with a list of components and see everything first hand. Then leave with everything you needed to build a new PC that same day. Speaking of Porch Pirates ... this is awesome.
  7. What if ETNZ corp has to go offshore so they can keep enough money flowing through an open spigot to keep the team intact and remain competitive? The AC will never be just another regatta, 2 boats or 20.
  8. yoyo

    antal spinners

    I haven't used one but those do look nice. Based on their load rating (maybe the 14mm at 3,800 kg SWL) I would think it will work. I like the idea of having a limiter/failsafe on the backstay cascade (like on the 36.7's - photo from internet). It looks like you might be able to add one through the throat of the Antal SectoRing.
  9. Structural headstay/luff cable
  10. I suggested reducing costs to compete ......proletariat opinion where did that come from. More challengers, multiple defenders, more racing, more drama = better event with exposure, excitement and interest from more countries. I'll take that over what we see now.
  11. yoyo

    Sun Fast 3300

    I think the halyard trap on spreaders will probably be a hit or miss (50%) based on luck and how the head swings on the way down. In Conrads video he dropped the sail under the boom and straight into the hatch bag. A letterbox drop typically drops the kite behind the main, between the foot, over the boom and then into the hatch. My guess is that its a wind/pressure kite size and control decision. Light wind and easy to control go straight into the hatch/bag. When windier use the letterbox where the main will help block the wind on the kite. Looks like at the end of the video Conrad was zipping up / stopping the kite prior to the next set. Makes sense for single handed.
  12. yoyo

    Prada Cup

    If the racing isn't close like almost all races have been so far they wont have much to talk about after the start. Talking to fill dead air space cant be enjoyable. The races have been better to watch as a replay with 2X playback speed initiated shortly after the start.
  13. A week ago I didn't care who won this edition of the modern AC circus. After the ACE crap last week, ETNZ COR discussions with GB and ETNZ drilling for offshore gold I'm hoping LR Italy wins. Hopefully they will find a way to reduce the insane cost to compete and we will see a world class series with at least double the number challengers. Heck if they do it right they could have a few teams from Italy - a defender series would be icing on the cake. One can only hope.
  14. yoyo

    Prada Cup

    Typically no general recalls in match racing.