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  1. We lost a highlander - Sad to see Sean Connery go.
  2. yoyo

    New Pogo 44 first sailing pics

    Not knocking the boat. I realize the graphics are part of the advertising ploy. But I would rather see a clean understated paint scheme. The boat looks nice from most angles - however I find the side view to be chunky and unflattering (but adds volume below). Handrails on the seat backs are an interesting choice. I'd like to see some photos of how they configured the cabin top and sail handling business end.
  3. yoyo

    Anchors Away?

    Pros - you have an anchor and you are not a cheater. Racing or not why would you leave the dock on anything other than a sailing dinghy without an anchor?
  4. yoyo

    Stripped vs spliced halyards

    Those videos are nice. FYI they have an app you can put on your phone/tablet.
  5. yoyo

    Stripped vs spliced halyards

    Yup - what they said. Patience. Pull a messenger when you pull the old core. Use messenger to pull new core.
  6. yoyo

    Stripped vs spliced halyards

    Any chance your old covers are in good shape but just too short? If so pull the old core and insert a dyneema core through the old cover. Make part of it uncovered (tapered) thereby gaining length you need while saving weight and cost. Something to consider.
  7. yoyo

    Moving Jib Tracks

    That's a bummer. Out of curiosity what class? I assume they don't allow inhaulers.
  8. A 4:1 with 12:1 fine tune works very well. But you still need to muscle that 4:1 to get the fine tune into useable range.
  9. yoyo

    No Eye Splice Rope?

    Maybe we got different batches of XLS3 from Samson. I was surprised that it wasn't a S fight doing the eyes in the 1/4" XLS3. Just for reference here is the samson splice instruction I used. dblbrd_c1_eye_splice_web.pdf FYI - I have had good luck with puller fids made with stainless seizing wire and have made soft fids to pull rather than push when things are excessively tight. I didn't need them for the XLS3.
  10. Mid, I hear you. I'm not sure as I have never tried a triple tapered mainsheet before -- that's why I asked. I have heard that it runs freer in high purchase systems. I am not trying to save weight. I went from a 4:1 with fine tune to just a 6:1 to make the boat more day-sailing friendly for more novice sailors. That extra 2:1 is a bunch more line running through the blocks but is much easier for people to cleat/uncleat/adjust. I am considering 6mm uncovered through blocks to approx 10mm at the fully sheeted position to the close reaching cleated position. Then reduced to 8mm past the close reaching position all the way to the tail. My guess is that crap ton of 8mm should roll through the 6:1 easier than 10mm.