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    Too bad if you pinned your hopes on Mueller

    "The only "moral authority" the Republicans can now muster is to fine black men for kneeling during the anthem." or to fine them for peacefully protesting injustice done to black men"
  2. Thanks for that! I knew I remembered reading that somewhere and couldn't remember where. They really aren't doing anything.
  3. pond sailor

    Ivanka Trump

    Jensen Triaxials?
  4. pond sailor

    Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    I think there is "implied Consent". Where, if you accept/pay remuneration and abide by the agreement it becomes a valid contact. Sol?
  5. pond sailor

    irresponsible gun owners?

    Not that I personally would, but yes I can see some justification. I guess given a bad enough neighborhood and no ability to re-locate there is some justification at home. I just don't think ( I could be wrong) RTLD lives in that type of area or lacks the resources to re-locate
  6. pond sailor

    irresponsible gun owners?

    To each their own, I won't ever understand that mind set.
  7. pond sailor

    irresponsible gun owners?

    You really walk around your home with a holstered weapon on your hip?
  8. pond sailor

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    "The difference between a Salesman and a Conman is belief in their product".....J. Douglas Edwards. There is nothing at all wrong with a true professional salesman, nothing happens until something is sold.
  9. pond sailor

    House Dems release rebuttal memo

    "Comey's leaking of classified information to trigger an investigation of Trump." Honest question....does Executive Privilege mean Classified? Does Attorney Privilege or Doctor Patient Privilege make something classified?
  10. It's not about affecting the membership....it's about removing any affiliation between their brand and the NRA. The NRA brand is becoming a pariah
  11. pond sailor

    Ex-RNC Chair Tells Evangelicals To Just Shut Up

    Sounds kind of legal to me.......public accommodation and all. He can spend where he sees fit.
  12. pond sailor

    Stormy Daniels to appear on Jimmy Kimmel

    I was there Austin, took 10 (really fun) years, but the right one came along and 15 years later I could not be happier
  13. pond sailor

    skids under Sessions - next week I reckon

    "The difference between a con man and a sales man is belief in their product" J. Douglas Edwards.....ya gotta be able to look yer self in the mirror