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  1. History out of context

    That also raises the question of when did the revisionist history take place now or then, and we are just now restoring history
  2. Don't EVER Laugh At Jeff Sessions, EVER

    Having owned a 7.9 #1 is a given!
  3. Using White Privilege to Settle Racism Florida Style

    I'll just say we saw VERY different things in that video. I saw a woman threaten to shoot another woman in the face. Then proceeded to get in her face and grab her by the neck at which time she defended herself. I would actually say the First woman is the violent bully. Judging from the charges laid that's what the cops and witnesses saw also.
  4. Using White Privilege to Settle Racism Florida Style

    A violent bully? She calmly sat there until attacked and then defended herself. What makes her a violent bully? That she can defend herself?
  5. Using White Privilege to Settle Racism Florida Style

    I saw the cause of violence as someone being physically attacked and defending herself.
  6. Trump still licks Putin's boots

    If nothing else makes the spooks harder to spot
  7. So Long Spicey, We'll Miss Ya

    Did anybody else find Scaramucci's comment when wishing Spicer well kind of bizarre "I hope he makes a lot of money"
  8. Morning Joe

    And how did Clinton react to those stories?
  9. Attaching long shaft 40hp outboard to 26' S2?

    we pushed our S2 7.9 with a 3 horse 4 stroke on Lake Michigan
  10. Trump Was Tapped!

    From a guy that knows cover ups....... "When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode," John Dean said regarding the way the Trump administration is trying to lean on the FBI.
  11. Virginia Court Upholds Travel Ban

    It's almost been 90 days so do we need this order? Or can't they start working on the review of policies until the order is in effect, and why would that be?
  12. Reorganizing the Executive Branch

    "Manhattan office tower at 666 Fifth Ave." Can you imagine if Obama had a building with that address?
  13. " I imagine God making a sadist for every masochist and then rolling the dice on whether or not they hook up....just for shits and giggles." That's funny!
  14. "It's most definitely not fake, for better or worse." The only thing not fake about some of these tweets is they come from Trump.
  15. "Rollback" of EPA regulations?

    "Tailings"? Done a lot of off road motorcycle around mine tailings in the foothills, Tahoe National Forest, & lots & lots of riding in the Northern Nevada desert areas, heap big tailings there. One thing to remember, all that dirt came out of a nearby hole, very dangerous. "Slurry"? Yes, that is what they lay down on our streets about every two years, smelly stuff.