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  1. pond sailor

    Is Kansas City in Kansas?

    "Missouri voted a dead guy into the Senate, better dead then democrat. They won’t let stupidity disqualify Trump." Except Carnahan was a Democrat
  2. pond sailor

    Timing is Everything

    And ordered it withheld 90 minutes after the call https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-official-ordered-aid-ukraine-withheld-90-145314205--abc-news-topstories.html
  3. And the Maine was a boiler explosion!!
  4. This!! We don’t have any tools for this go ‘round, and, it’s frightening.
  5. pond sailor

    This could be it for Bernie

    Bernie’s not a boomer. 2019-78=1941
  6. pond sailor

    Get Fucked, Globalists

    Can you say tariff
  7. Hiaasen was writing about these pill mills 15 or 20 years ago, it shouldn't surprise anbody
  8. pond sailor

    Trump Flips To A New Chapter of Mein Kampf

    Sounds a lot like a "Fairness Doctrine" for social media.
  9. pond sailor

    Unwanted Ivanka

    "How old is she? This photo shows the courage a young lady needed to go where she wasn’t wanted and face off so many racist white girls. It inspired me to go looking for more pictures trying to capture the mindset of the racists, since they keep coming back. Confederate inspired flags reverted to stars and bars. Socialism replaced communist boogeymen. The second photo is especially disturbing, James Brock, a motel manager, is dumping acid to discourage black swimmers. Banning colored people from pools and keeping them from learning to swim half a century ago had a prolonged affect on numbers of black boaters and sailors. This photo inspired tangent showed a lot of shit from before I was born still plays a roll" Don't have to go that far back...protesting school desegregation busing in Boston 1977
  10. pond sailor

    Foxy news out as Dem debate hosts.

    My understanding is broadcasting rights to a debate is limited to the host, it's not like a Presidential Address. Likewise questioning participants during the debate has always been limited to the host or their designated person. I don't know how anyone could restrict another media company, or anyone else, from reporting on an event.
  11. pond sailor

    Foxy news out as Dem debate hosts.

    "Citing a recent article detailing the close relationship between the Trump administration and the Fox News Channel, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced Wednesday that it will exclude the cable news network from hosting any primary debates during the 2020 election cycle." https://www.yahoo.com/news/dnc-ditches-fox-news-2020-primary-debate-host-213003807.html Not sure how you could stop Fox from covering the debates or any other newsworthy event.
  12. pond sailor

    The Cohen hearings

    Likewise Castro and Cuba
  13. Part of the reason behind the level of media coverage maybe related news worthiness of an annual event going on for years and a new event/movement.
  14. pond sailor

    Asset Forfeiture seized!

    Never said it was the same thing. I stated it was the first step in forfeiture
  15. pond sailor

    Asset Forfeiture seized!

    I think impound is the first step in a forfeiture