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  1. Moore Play

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    The Seventies were And are beautiful, not just the boats but the music and the clothes and the girls and the drugs, (Sopers, methaquualudes, whatever.....). When you see those sleds line up, on the row after they finish, they take your breath away. Ohhhh to be on one for the ride through the Ka`iwi channel..... The Disney's and many others know, Alan Andrews and the owners of his designs know, and even day sailers on small boats, like me know.......They must be beyond cool. I always try to get out and see some of the transpac sleds finish, they light it up passing the DH Buoy. We are living in a great time, foiling IMOCA's, "old" 65-70' reincarnated VO's 100' one trick ponys, L'Hydroptere finally found a home. I think the Seventy footers will always be greeted with enthusiasim and Aloha when they do the Transpac, win, place, or show because they are such a match. Newer, smaller more leading edge designs will eventually prevail re: records and barn doors but that era was and still is magical.
  2. Moore Play

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    If the Unwashed is still out there...My good friend's Express 27 has been on Craig's List for about a month for 16K. My buddy lost a quiet and valient battle against a rare form of a disease we all fear, and cast off his lines and set sail for unknown shores. Her deck looked abit worn the last time I saw her as the paint and non-skid were wearing and her working sails aren't as crispy as when I last crewed aboard her, but I can guarentee she is a sweet ride, worth every penny. Boats like this are hard to find in the Islands and to be honest I'm surprised it did not sell immediately if not sooner. If I could I would buy her, but I can't be a two boat owner. This is hard for me to post as the owner, even though being younger than me was someone I learned alot from, and not just sailing. He was a man of grace, humility, humor and a true friend. It really is a great boat for the conditions here. I'll be glad to fill you in on what I know about her history if you're interested. BTW Les never owned Squad Car, he had the J35 "Urban Renewal". Squad Car used to do the Friday nights regularly along with a bunch of point to point races in the mid 90's - early 00's I think, and yeah, gotta give the guy credit for having great boat ornaments!!! The guy passed away and the boat changed hands a number of times from what I heard. Her topsides and rig were pretty ragged the last time I saw her about 10 years ago, but nothing some TLC and $ would not cure. The boat looked great on the hard and had an interesting well for the outboard kind of like an offset version of what the FT10 came up with years later.
  3. Moore Play

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    The saga may continue, she is not saved yet. When I went in to pay my slip fees two days ago I blundered into a cordial but animated discussion between the Ke`ehi harbormater and a gentleman with a distnct french accent, gist of which was; HM:You need to do a buoy run. FG: What is that? After explanation, FG: You know we can not do that at this time! HM: You also need the $20,000 .00 Insurance Policy. FG:We only need to stay for September and actually only for two weeks! We plan to leave the second week of September you have us trapped! There were only two bidders at the auction!!! If you impound the boat you will be back at the beginning and you will be trapped, again! At this point I could not stay, fascinating as it was, I think it was also implied that L'Hydroptere also needed to pass an inspecton. Those of you whom have had the pleasure to deal with the boating division of the Hawaii State DNLR know exactly what this post is about. They are much nicer than they used to be, however, the rules are the rules.The harbormastes ARE hamstrung. The state gives them absolutely no room for lieniancy or negotiation re: extenuating circumstances. The harbormaster was polite and respectful, the French gentleman was also polite, but obviously frustrated, and exasperated while doing his best not to lose it. And this state wonders why people grumble about it being unfriendly to boaters.
  4. Moore Play

    Buying Hydroptere, fastest ocean going trimaran

    Negatory, still on the mooring. It is near the back of the mooring fleet so I didn't get close enough to see if any work has been done to prep her for a move
  5. Moore Play

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    Trysalt, I have heard people mention there have been other Moore's here, 5 - 10 years ago, but I don't know of any now, & no haven't heard of one named "Succuba" The last one I knew of was Ronnie Simpson's 101, when he did the race to Kauai. He tried to sell it over here but there wasn't much interest. Told me he sold most of the singlehanding goodies from the boat and shipped it back to the Bay area. Doesn't mean there may not be one around somewhere.... For the OP I forgot to mention that there are a few SC 27's scattered around and they do well in the conditions here.
  6. Moore Play

    Cost Of Custom Race Boats

    Thread Drift I think. SLB's OP re: how much to build something similar to a formula/spec, design box like the old lower/mid ton ratings.Two years ago I went looking for a mid 20' foot performance boat that would excel in the islands wind & swell. I should have boughta one-off Dee's designed GP 26. When 1st built I believe the class market was anticipated to be about +/- $125k fitted out. I missed out on getting Mr. Dee's design for somewhere near 30k. Epoxy hull but carbon keel strut & rig. A boat that would probly excel here. So maybe Mr. SLB is trying to get a relative value for the sweet looking boat he has rescued. I loved the old 1/4 ton Yamaha Mk II I owned foe almost 15 years, even with all her obvious faults and flaws, but damn....... I wish I had bought that Dee's GP 26. Value/Cost? I would bet good money that it cost at least neat $100k for Mr. Dees to build that 1st boat, business plan probably looking to lower that in at least a small production run. Price point ~ $ 125k. But as a one-off in a class that never quite took off, $30 - 35k was a steal. Damn.... I wish I bought that boat! I know SLB adressed his post to people in the boat building industry, but I thought this might be relevant.
  7. Moore Play

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    Are you new to the Islands? If you are on Oahu there are the Wednesday nights @ Keehi, I think they still have Thursdays @ Kaneohe & there are the Fridays @ HYC/WYC. Best way to find something that fits your parameters might be to crew for a bit. You have to hunt for what you are looking for over here. A friend of mine "found" his Express 27 by searching all the boatyards on all the islands for over a year. It might be the only one still here. A young military guy had another shipped here but, I haven't seen or heard of it for awhile. There are 2 Antrim 27's in Kaneohe, a guy who crews on one, occasionally sails with me, and word is a new special order / or build upgraded Antrium 27 maybe headed here in the next PAC-Cup but that gets away from short handed and inexpensive. After selling my old Yamaha MK II quater ton replica in 2013 it took my buddy & I almost 5 years to find our current boat. What I believe may the only Moore 24 now here. It was a for real barn find, stored on a trailer, plastic rapped, in a wharehouse, but we paid top dollar. On the other end of the scale there is a J-29 "Reactor" MHIB, I think,that is being condemended (along with Hydroptere, AAHHHHH the humanity!!!!) @ Keehi boat harbor right now, looks really rough but the stck & boom are still in it, first boat I flew a kite and won a Friday night in our class. It has been riden hard and put away drippen wet. but maybe worth a look
  8. Moore Play

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  9. Moore Play

    What to do with an old reaching strut?

    Might be useful to help pole out a jib to windward wing on wing depending on where and how you attach it to the mast, and the height of the clew and the size of the jib. Especially if you are in a seaway.
  10. Moore Play

    Rebuild, replace, repower

  11. Moore Play

    Rebuild, replace, repower

    FWIW, I bought a yamaha 25mkII that had an ancient ysb 8 that was running ok but had a bit of a hard start and would not run up past low rpm without excessve black smoke. After an outer island run return, the engine barely fired on the run into the channel and it sounded like the fourth of july on what seemed every 4th stroke. Hired a local shade tree mechanic to diagnose, and he disappeared after a partial payment, with the high pressure pump and fuel injector, never to be found again. Somehwere along the line of PO's someone had fitted an electric fuel pump as an ancilliary means to supplement the fuel pressure, I had a "good mechanic" pull out and rebuild the top end and replace the hard to find high pressure pump and injecor nozzel with new (old) OEM and the engine would start, but still ran like crap. Out of desperation he pulled the mixing elbow out and at the top where there was a double 90 degree cast iron fitting to the up and down steel pipes it had carbon deposits that took the ID down from about an inch and a half to about the size of a dime. Lucikly (I was told) he just happened to have the same "cleaned out" fitting in stock. When replaced it ran like a champ!!! Easy starting, clean run-up, unbeliveable run time, (easily 4hrs on a liter at 5knts motor sailing on distance runs in light air). It was the best feature of the old fat bottomed girl, until I ruined it by replacing the fixed 2 bladed prop with a folding Martec, but that's another story. I was told that problem was not unusual with the ys (laydown) series, direct cooled (no intercooler) diesels. I'd be surprised if you haven't already checked the elbow itself, but just a thought.
  12. You jest but, she would look pretty in both cases! She was my baptism to bigger boat sailing. The pictures and links were great! Compared to "Rage" the boat I sailed on was almost identical between the waterline and the deck, everthing else = similar but different. Deck on "silverslug", (thanks longi), was grf the only teak, was on the cockpit & cabin sole, parts of the cabintop, coamings and a few other places. Coffee Grinder same location but TWO man and turned 90 degres, we faced each other fore and aft, there were two drums, looked like the same size, & two speeds. It was like going from 3rd gear to first, and you needed someone to tail. A kind knowledgeable helm helped. Alot! Cockpit = way smaller! Could barely fit 4 plus driver, traveler on a post & track near the front and never used. Original Instruments circa the late sixties in the middle of the back of the cabin wall. There was no real companion way. You had to climb on top of the doghouse and go down the ladder. Winches all from Barient, top of the line form an earlier time, and there were a lot of them. SS had substantial (aluminum?) toe rails made sitting on the rail painful. Front hatch was an enormous sliding plexiglass thing that you were not supposed to step on, my guess,..about 4' x 5'. The two spin poles were non semetric and designed for two pole jibes, looked like instruments from the Spanish Inquisition but the fitting for the poles on the mast track was something to just marvel at. A machinist's work of art. Same sort of differences below if anyone is interested.
  13. Boy you guys are good!!!! Everyone of you nailed it..... The pictures must be from a centerboard version, the one I sailrd on had a much deeper but set keel and the owner, we'll call him RC used to love to show how the boat could be tacked, jibed and sailed by the trim tab alone.Worth way more than a second/mile especially when balanced against the rudder. that boat could climb but for it's length and maybe because of it's weight, it could also be very wet. longi you are right on about the sails being old AND in poor shape. We went fom the genny to the storm. Who ever bought the boat from the owner I sailed for pulled bags and bags of rags and other crap and filled up a couple of dumpsters before he sailed shorthanded to somewhere in the bay area. BUT on particlar points of sail, even with older and limited sail selection, balaced right, she was a D9.
  14. That's the point longy, she wasn't supposed to be modern. She was supposedly one of four built from a plug that was sunk afterwards. She's like a 7/8 's 12 meter. Really low freeboard in the center, a lot of overhang at the ends, really nice lines. Siversword ended up on the west coast and won some ditance race from some point in Canada to Tahiti in the late 60's to very early 70's. I think that was before SL aquired her but I'm not sure. hobart my stories re: the boat are lame in comparison to stories about the boat in earlier times. One common one was about when SL would take out friends, or friends of friends Slim would create a "commotion" and fall overboard, the crew would panic about what to do next ..... and meanwhile Slim caught a line they were trolling climbed up the ladder on the transom stepped into the discussion and asked what was going on? I was looking for stories I know are better than te ones I know about
  15. GRS you are correct about her no longer racing in the nineties I crwed for daysails and a couple overnighters, she needed at least 5 crew just for 2 sail daysails. Just trimming the jib took 3 with the two man coffee grinder. Was known by some of Lambert's old crew as Big Mo, supposedly untouchable in the around Oahu races in the 70's. Believe it or not was anchored off Wailupe for a while while Lambert still owned her there is a very small channel there from when the developers dredged the pennisula, Lambert must have had balls like a brass monkey to take her in and out of there.