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  1. Moore Play

    Rudders and roundup

    When the foils line up properly, you will know. At that point, you just hold the tiller in your hand, not grab it, but hold it like.........................................................................I'll let your mind wander, because I cannot find the proper words. It's almost better than sex. Once again the two are related; like..... "a good woman holds her man". Sir Jackie Stewart F1 champion, on how to properly grip the steering wheel.
  2. Moore Play

    Rudders and roundup

    If by slog you mean a seaway, then yes, invariably a boat with a genoa, or better yet a No. 2 or a heavy No. 1 with a hollow leach will beat a boat with a blade or No.3 up. Those sails have a lower CE so you can power up more, which is what you want in a seaway. In flat water, you will sail higher and faster with a blade. That's kinda my point! Yes, it was definitly in a seaway (from Barbors Point to Waikiki, short tacking between the trash line current and the shore), wind = 15-20 with 25+ gusts. It was frustration that led me to fly the #1, but it worked!!! If I had had a better reefing system worked out at the time, I probably would have just shaken out the reef and excacerbated the heavy helm. BUT by going to the #1 with one reef I stumbled on to the sweetest trim for that boat in those conditions. The overused cliche, "think outside the box". TBH, I wasn't really, I just couldn't let my opposition sail away and not try and do anything about it. Normally I would never have hoisted the #1 over 15+TWS, but in this case it was magical and led me to a much deeper understanding of that boat. Part of the fascination I have with sailing revolves around this.
  3. Moore Play

    Rudders and roundup

    I experienced a sailing epiphany once upon a time, on a long upwind slog. I had a blade up with one reef in the main, my buddy sailed up from behind and passed me easily and started sailing away, my reefing system was clumsy and not well thought out, but I refused to lose and dropped the blade and instead of going to the #3 we changed to the #1, (Nothing in-between at that time). We instantly gained both height and speed, and the helm went from a hand brake to a nice two to three finger balance. Sailed past my friend and beat him back to the marina by hours. After I had passed him as I looked back he was trying sail evolution after evolution as he had always beaten me before in those conditions. Some boats want or require you to think outside what is considered the "proper trends" of the time. In this case a high roach main with a blade vs. a reef in said main, with a 150% deck sweeper and tada! Beast vs. beauty. The ephiphany = the boat I had was balanced by the foresails, I ended up with six of them over time; storm, yankee, blade, traditional #3, high clew 135 and the 150. Used every single one of them on one interisland frolic + the kite.
  4. Moore Play

    Rudders and roundup

    A lot going on here That is full hoist? Main and Working Jib? To my eye, about the correct SA for a much smaller boat,,,, Beautiful but also very tall dodger, short boom, sheeted in front of the dodger. Can you get to the travelor , easily/quickly? Vang = almost as far aft as the booms sheeting blocks. SA for the main = equivilent of 1+ reef to begin with before any shortening, kinda like a center cockpit boat. Why is the tack for the jib soooo high? And though many of us are advised to sheet in our jib leads as much as possible, in this case you may want to try going outboard and back a bit, with the jib leads to open up the proverbial "slot" to aid flow and lessen turbulence between the main and the jib. It looks like you have so much to play with and have fun improving you boat's performance. 1. Stand the mast up, minimum rake like many have posted 2. You need MORE power!! Could you live with a smaller dodger or without it in nice wheather? Lower the gooseneck and add roach or maybe a fat top main? 3. You're sails look "strapped", too much halyard tension and leechs too tight even though the foot(s?) look good on each sail 4. Rethink your past understanding of where the power in your sails come from, Your boat is POWERED by the jib/genny, increase that SA and think of your main as trim. You may have a revelation or at least be pleasantly surprised by how much this will help with your helm. 5. You do NOT need an old style 150% decksweeper but a nice ~135 with a relatively high clew might do wonders re: overall balance, and with a fairly high cut clew, leave you acceptable vision forward, and you could keep the furler, (maybe just trick it out somehow, to get the tack down lower) I love this thread, and my 2 cents are that the existing sailplan, for multiple reasons, is not balanced with the hull. I can understand why the OP is triming what he has, the way he is, but it seems to me like an underpowered rig trimmed and straped down for anticipated round ups , without giving room for possibly a larger range of more effective adjustments. There is just so much here to have fun with!!!
  5. Moore Play

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    Went out with a couple of mates last year to hang around Diamond Head buoy to watch some TP finishers cross the line. I think Hamachi had already finished but there were a gaggle of other125's behind that finished neck and neck with a couple of SC's 50-52's? If you know the area, right past the buoy there is a funnel of breeze when you clear the wind shadow of Diamond Head and most finishers keep their kites up for a bit and really light it up just past the mark. The 125's are ROCKETS right there, daylight from the bow to the leading edge of the keel!!! Possibly their fastest SOG of the race. Really impressive.
  6. Moore Play

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    Looks to me like they're having fun!!! Stories we'll regret never hearng!! Any echos?
  7. Moore Play

    What is good helming?

    These two, (good helming & sex) are kinda related, you know each when you experience it!!!
  8. Moore Play

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    I'll bet thats a sweet sailing boat. Stffer than most would think uphill and with a decently faired bottom she probably has a surprisiing turn of speed down and all with a nice helm. Not a race winner but a real pleasant daysailor/overnighter. Underwater lines are very similar to an early 60's Columbia Challenger (?) 24 - 25' I sailed alot on in the '90's. Same kind of dimensions but before the latter Columbia's with the signature high freeboard and bubble cabintop. Looked like a Cal 20 on steroids, flat top/flush forward deck. It was a yare little boat.
  9. Moore Play

    what is it?

    I dunno, I owned a Yamaha 25 mkII for more than a few years, 1/4 ton knock off, real pig downwind, but actually decent uphill. That damn treacherous bitch taught me alot about how to balance a boat with sail combinations and trim. The one square foot of rudder in the water was more of a brake than a steering aid. But I went from Oahu to Molokai and Lanai multiple times, and owe that boat some of the best sailing memories I have.
  10. Moore Play

    Coolboats to admire

    Wow !!!! That leads to the question; How would you know and also violates one of the few protocols allowed on this site as in, gee, I wonder who you are? Fan or not DC is who he was.
  11. Moore Play

    Barrier-hard paint-ablative or barrier-ablative

    Most of the advice I've received, and instructions I've read, with what I've used for anti-fouling bottom paints , (Petit & Interlux), recommend not putting one type of paint over the other. Whichever is used you stick with what is put on first, like it or not. Hard over hard, ablative or soft over soft. If you want to change you have to take it back to the barrier. Of course they both also to not use different brands over theirs, regardless.
  12. Moore Play

    Help in Honolulu

    Even in what used to be "normal" times they would need to contact customs first because they are coming in from outside the US, otherwise they would not be allowed to leave their boat before an inspection, or they would face a hefty fine, so they should probably start there. Even in the best of times the DNLR (state agency that runs the state harbors) have been rather difficult to deal with re: visitors, especially if they did not make prior arrangements. And as mentioned above I believe ALL the private yacht clubs are closed and not staffed. Maybe they can try contacting the Coast Guard? As suggested they may have to declare an emergency.
  13. Moore Play

    "Sack Lunch" needs a home

    Thanks for the tidbit on the class site OEJ, and a great summary of what boaters are facing here by Hawaiidart. I really do need to get some pix out, and I can come up with all the other info. Heck if anyone is on Oahu I can meet you and open the boat up. I realize now that I shouldn't have started this thread without pictures. Just so some of you realize how bad the harbor situation is right now, there are more than a few (decent) boats being given away for free! But they are not well cared for Express 27's.
  14. Moore Play

    "Sack Lunch" needs a home

    No, I'm not good at this, but I'll take the bait, for humors sake. Whose Brutus? You?..... Or Popeye? After all Mickey divorced Minney because she was f#@!&ng Goofey!
  15. Moore Play

    "Sack Lunch" needs a home

    One and the same. Was dry sailed out of the "Kona Sailing Club" for years by Gillette and the next owner, who did not sail her much AFAIK. I flew over to Kona to help prep her to ship to Oahu, I did my best to convince my friend to sail her back to Oahu but at that time the standing rigging was of unknown vintage and the sails were bags and bags of rags, but the surveyor was blown away by the quality of the glasswork (vinylester). It was already on the trailer so shipping on the barge was prudent. Upon arrival in Honolulu, New standing rigging, wire & rod, new running rigging & gear (as needed) new two speed Harken primaries, (now an older generation) and new circa mid-aughts North Inventory. Dacron Main & 2 or 3 jibs within a year or two. Trailer is long gone. sails are OK, but now more delivery quality than race, spin gear present but in need of an upgrade. Of course new epoxy barrier and anti-foul was done before she splashed & bottom done every 1 1/2 - 2 years since, not sure if petite or Interlux but ablative. I apologise for the run-on. Was on craig's list for a few weeks, but I believe the broker contracted to sell her, convinced the wife/family to take it off